The Best Crocodile Pokemon of All Time [Top 9 List]

The nice little spread of crocodile Pokemon are some of Game Freak's best designs with awesome utility. So let's get listing!

Updated on Dec 14, 2023
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The Best Crocodile Pokemon of All Time [Top 9 List]

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In my opinion Krookodile is the best crocodile Pokemon yet to be created. Its simple yet recognizable design is fantastic, showing off its menacing features really well. Its lore says it waits patiently under the sand for its prey, and conceals itself within sandstorms Flygon whip up, and you can easily believe it since it just looks like an ambush predator.

Krookodile with the Moxie Ability get a Moxie boost every time they knock out a foe in battle, raising its Attack stat. Or if you're feeling lucky, Krookodile gets the Anger Point Ability as its Hidden Ability. Anger Point maxes out its Attack stat if hit by a critical hit.


Krookodile is also one of the best Ground type Pokemon!

Krookodile has a great moveset including other moves like Crunch, a powerful Dark type move, and some fantastic coverage options like Thunder Fang for Water types and Gunk Shot for Fairy types. Its strong Dark type makes it a great option to use against Ghost type Pokemon as well along with Rock type moves like Stone Edge, too. 

With access to powerful moves like Dragon type Outrage for neutral coverage it can be hard to decide on a moveset, but Krookodile is always a good option!

Some trainers like to use risky Choice Scarf strategies with Krookodile. Choice Scarf gives a nice boost to the user's Speed, but locks it into using only one move. If chosen well, the Choice Scarf is a great way to make use of the Moxie Ability and allows Krookodile to outspeed much of its competition, giving it the chance to sweep opposing teams.

All these advantages mean Krookodile is the undisputed king of crocs, easily the best crocodile Pokémon.

2 /9


The final evolution of cute little Fire type starter Pokemon Fuecoco, Skeledirge is awesome. It became an easy favorite for me when it was revealed, with two powerful types being a Fire and Ghost type Pokemon with a colorful, fiery design.

Skeledirge has some nice resistances and is totally immune to Normal and Fighting type moves, meaning it has some nice utility in battle. Its Speed is pretty low, but its Defense and Special Attack are nice and high, making into a powerful and bulky Pokemon.


Skeledirge has awesome options for STAB, including its fantastic Signature Move Torch Song, a Fire type STAB move which inflicts damage and raises Skeledirge's Special Attack. But as a Ghost type Pokémon Skeledirge can also use Shadow Ball, a powerful Ghost type move with STAB.

These are great choices for super effective damage, making Skeledirge into a fantastic fighter. Its Hidden Ability Unaware is a useful option too, letting it ignore the stat changes of its opponent. Very useful!

And its design is absolutely lit too. Literally.

Musicality is everywhere in its design, from its facial patterns to the theming of its Signature Move. Skeledirge might be a new Pokémon and vulnerable to some powerful types, but it's an absolute monster and is great to use in game. It only narrowly misses out on the top spot to Krookodile.

It's also great to use against Psychic type Pokemon!

3 /9


The OG crocodile Pokemon, Feraligatr is the final evolution for cute little Totodile, the Water type starter Pokemon from Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Although technically an alligator, it's close enough, and its pre-evolutions are both themed around crocodiles.

Feraligatr looks menacing, its simple design the perfect evolution from the cutesy look of little Totodile.


Feraligatr is a strong physical attacker with great Attack and Defense stats, perfect for its great physical movepool. And it gets Sheer Force Ability as its Hidden Ability. Sheer Force lets it power up its attacks at the cost of removing their secondary effects. Very nice to pair with its powerful Attack.

Feraligatr can use Water type moves like Waterfall and some more unusual moves like Dragon Claw and Shadow Claw. Even the Ground type move Earthquake!

But one very nice move it can use is Superpower, a high power Fighting type move that is fantastic in the right hands.

Feraligatr has an impressive bulk, especially in comparison with the pre-evolved crocodiles on this list, but it's just not quite as useful as Krookodile or Skeledirge. So it gets firmly into third place.

4 /9


Krokorok has many of the same advantages as Krookodile, just a bit weaker. It's a great Pokemon with good Attack and Defense, and gets access to most of the same moves as Krookodile - including Earthquake and Stone Edge, powerful tools in its arsenal!

It gets good options for coverage, such as Flying type move Aerial Ace for dealing with Grbutt and Bug types.


I really like Krokorok's sleek design which is a nice contrast from Krookodile's bulkier look. It looks a little aloof, but that's all part of its charm. Krokorok can use many of the same strategies as Krookodile, but at a lower level, so it's good in lower-tier Pokemon Go Leagues since its max CP is lower than Krookodile.

It slaps hard with the Intimidate Ability, too, which is one of the best Pokemon Abilities.

5 /9


Croconaw is the perfect midpoint between menacing Feraligatr and cutesy little Totodile. Looking like a prehistoric monster, Croconaw gives great vibes and is one of my favorite middle stage starter Pokemon.

It's tough as a middle evolution, since it's essentially just a transitional state, but Croconaw does it really well.


For me, Croconaw just looks less awkward than Crocalor, which is why it edges it out here.

6 /9


Crocolar has big middle child energy. Its design isn't quite as tight as Skeledirge, while it lacks some of the charm of Fuecoco. But it's absolutely a great Pokemon, showing off the musicality of this evolutionary line really well with its fiery sombrero.


Its movepool isn't nearly as good as Skeledirge's, which hurts it a bit when it comes to movesets, but that's okay because Crocalor is more of a transitional form anyway.

It gets its place above its lesser evolved cousins because the extra power gives it a nice boost when it comes to fighting, although its Speed is still pretty bad.

7 /9


For Totodile it's really not about the stats. It's a first stage Pokemon, so it's never going to be as strong as some others. But that's okay, because it's super cute and evolves into the fearsome and powerful Feraligatr.

For me, Totodile just has much more character than its fellow unevolved crocodile Pokemon, which gives it an edge. It's a great little Pokemon and a fantastic choice of starter.


The simplicity of its design along with its charming portrayals make Totodile better than its fellows in my opinion.

8 /9


Fuecoco is a cute little dude. From its adorable little fiery hairs, to its dopey smile and bold color scheme, Fuecoco has an awful lot to love. Its stats are less than mediocre, with an abysmal Speed, but Fuecoco is so much more than its stats.


It's the promise of greatness to come that makes Fuecoco such a charmer, and with its evolution into Skeledirge, Fuecoco meets its potential. It was pretty hard to choose a starter Pokemon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, but Fuecoco just edges the others out as my favorite!

But that's not it for little Fuecoco, which is also one of the star Pokemon for the new Pokemon anime as new protagonist Roy's Pokemon.

9 /9


Although Sandile gets powerful moves like Earthquake, Stone Edge, and Foul Play - two of which are STAB moves - it can't use them all that effectively because its stats aren't that great. But that's kind of the point, since it evolves into the much more powerful Krookodile.

But the fact that it can't deal mbuttive damage doesn't matter, since this Pokemon is cute and offers just enough utility in early game to be worth it. It evolves into Krookodile, so it's absolutely worth waiting for.


With a nice and varied movepool, Sandile has good options for coverage like Krookodile, with many of the same moves! It can use Crunch for Dark type STAB, or the fantastic Earthquake, too.

Sandile can be useful in situations where more powerful Pokemon are banned, such as in Pokemon Go's lower tier Leagues, since its max CP is lower but it still has a lot of strong moves and the Moxie Ability.

In my opinion it's not as cute as Totodile, and not as charming as Fuecoco, but it's still a solid crocodile Pokemon.

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