10 Best Friendship Evolution Pokemons [BFFs For Life]

These Pokemon can only be evolved by unlocking the true power of friendship! But which one is the best friendship evolution, and why isn't it Snorlax?

Updated on Jan 10, 2024
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10 Best Friendship Evolution Pokemons [BFFs For Life]

1 /10


Blissey makes an absolutely phenomenal support Pokemon thanks to its tanky Special Defense and totally insane HP stat. Slap a Soothe Bell onto a Chansey, raise friendship to max, and reap the rewards!

With a proper support set Blissey is an immovable object, ready to support its teammates with any number of different moves. This is the core of what makes Blissey such a good Pokemon.


With moves like Life Dew, Helping Hand, and even Fairy type move Charm, Blissey is an expert healer and is a great choice in double battle formats, although its role as a special wall in game is less necessary.

Blissey's strong supportive role, cute design, and awesome utility make it the best friendship evolution Pokemon!

2 /10


One of the best bear Pokemon, Snorlax is one of the original 151 and it's always been a super popular Pokemon. But Snorlax evolves from Munchlax when leveled up with high friendship.

Featuring an impressive bulk and a great defensive typing, Snorlax has long been a feature in competitive play although its role has dwindled somewhat due to power creep in recent generations.


But Snorlax is a great Pokémon with a simple yet instantly recognizable design, and its high Attack stat paired with its fantastic array of moves in many different types mean Snorlax is often a great pick for any team.

It's even got a cool Gigantamax form in Pokémon Sword and Shield!

Gigantamax Snorlax

For me, its enduring appeal, making it a firm feature of many teams over the years, prove that it's a fantastic pick for second place!

3 /10


Lucario was an overnight success, easily one of the standout Pokemon introduced in its generation thanks to its cool design, awesome strength, and rarity.

Lucario evolves from Riolu at high friendship, which was easy for many fans to reach because Riolu is a cool little Pokemon they want on their team. And boy, is it worth it!


Lucario can work as either a physical or special attacker thanks to its stat spread. I personally prefer it as a Special Attacker, but with its nice, varied, movepool it can really make the most of its advantages.

It can even Mega Evolve into Mega Lucario, getting a swish new design and a major power up. Lucario is one of the best Fighting type Pokemon, but its accolades don't stop there, as it's also one of the best Pokemon of all time and one of the best wolf Pokemon.

Mega Lucario

Lucario is absolutely one of the top three friendship evolutions and more than deserves its spot on this list. Get your Riolu a Soothe Bell right away!

4 /10


Crobat is one of the best Poison type Pokemon thanks to its literal toxicity, but one thing that Crobat isn't is a toxic friend.

Crobat can only evolve from Golbat when its friendship stat reaches maximum! So Crobat is quite literally the best of friends with its trainer. High friendship can be achieved in lots of ways in game, but one of the best is to never let your Pokemon faint, and at least with Crobat's pre-evolutions, this isn't so hard!


Thanks to moves like Leech Life, Absorb, even Giga Drain Zubat, Golbat, and Crobat have a little bit more survivability which can really help in raising their friendship level.

I really like Crobat as a battler, and its design is simple yet iconic. It's a powerful Pokemon with a great dual typing, and its fantastic Speed stat is a real help in battle. It's got a flexible movepool featuring many different types.

It's one of my favorite Poison type Pokemon, and it's one of the strongest friendship evolution Pokemon too.

5 /10


Eevee and its evolutions have always been popular, even in Generation I, but Sylveon was catapulted right to the forefront of this phenomenon at its release.

Evolving from Eevee with high friendship and while knowing a Fairy type move such as Baby Doll Eyes, Sylveon is a pure Fairy type Pokemon with a whole lot of charm. Literally, if it has the Fairy type move Charm.


And Sylveon is definitely charming. Its design is super cute and adorable, being exactly the type of thing people expect from the Fairy type. Admittedly, Sylveon isn't my favorite Eevee evolution, but it has a solid design theme and legions of fans, and its type is powerful enough that it's great in battle.

Sylveon's sheer popularity, its usefulness in battle, and great design theme make it a top 5 friendship Pokémon!

6 /10


Silvally has a great arc in its debut games, really drawing on its lore. Type Null was created to fight the fearsome Ultra Beasts, but it was deemed a failure by its creators and shelved. But, after being stolen by Sun and Moon rival character Gladion, Type Null experiences the true power of friendship and evolves into Silvally.


Few Pokémon exemplify the power of friendship like Silvally do, making it perhaps the quintessential friendship Pokémon.

Unfortunately for Silvally, its only availability on the Nintendo Switch is in Pokémon Sword and Shield, but it's a great Pokemon and is more than worthy of reaching the max friendship stat!

7 /10


Umbreon is one of the most popular evolutions for Normal type Pokemon Eevee, and it's easy to see why. I love the sleek, cool design of Umbreon, and it really symbolizes its buttociation with night time and the moon well.


It evolves from Eevee when leveled up with high friendship at night time, making it slightly trickier than some Pokemon to evolve. But catch an Eevee in a Luxury Ball, slap on a Soothe Bell, and reap the rewards!

It's even available on every single Nintendo Switch game from Pokémon Sword and Shield onwards, including Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

8 /10


Yet another popular Pokémon which evolves from Eevee, Espeon is a counterpart to Umbreon which evolves when leveled up with a high friendship stat during the day time.

Espeon is my favorite Eevee evolution due to its simple but effective design.


A Psychic type Pokemon, Espeon is a great evolution for little Eevee and is one of my favorite of its evolutions thanks to its simple, sleek design.

Available in every Switch game from Pokémon Sword to Pokemon Scarlet, Espeon is a fantastic choice of partner.

9 /10


Leavanny evolves from Swadloon once its friendship stat reaches a high friendship level. This is actually really cute, since its lore states that it's a caring, nurturing Pokemon - suggesting that it becomes that way because its trainer lavished care and affection on it and it wants to repay the favor.


A Bug and Grbutt type Pokemon, Leavanny has a surprisingly high Attack stat and gets a good spread of physical moves in its movepool along with some very nice support moves.

Leavanny can be very fun to use in battle, making the somewhat annoying friendship evolution mechanic worthwhile. And as it's a final evolution, evolving it feels almost like the culmination of a journey rather than an annoying step to get past like evolving Pichu into Pikachu or Azurill into Marill.

10 /10

Alolan Persian

Unlike its Kantonian counterpart, Alolan Persian evolves from Alolan Meowth once the Pokemon gains high friendship with its trainer. This gives Alolan Persian a different feel to Kantonian Persian, which evolves at a set level.

Alolan Persian

A pure Dark type Pokemon, Alolan Persian has balanced stats and a mixed movepool meaning it can be useful in a variety of contexts in the games.

And it knows Pay Day, which is great for getting a bit of extra cash after battling!

Alolan Meowth is available early enough in Alola games that it doesn't really need a Soothe Bell to help it reach high friendship, so it's a welcome surprise when its friendship level is high enough for it to evolve.

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