The 10 Cutest Pokemon In The Entire Franchise [Ranked]

With over 1000 Pokemon, there are a whole lot of cute Pokemon to choose from. But which one is the cutest Pokemon? Is it Meowth? Let's find out!

Updated on Sep 14, 2023
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The 10 Cutest Pokemon In The Entire Franchise [Ranked]

1 /10


Part of the Mew Duo, Mew is a super cute cat Pokémon! One of the cutest cats in the Pokémon world, Mew has a totally sweet look with a super adorable face.

With its long tail, cute face, and pink fur, Mew is easily one of the cutest Pokémon. It doesn't evolve from or into any other Pokémon, but that's totally okay because it's the perfect cute little baby just as it is!


This cute Pokemon even has a shiny form where its usually pink fur is a light blue instead, so if you've got both it's double the cuteness!

It's no surprise that Mew also features on this list of the best cat Pokémon too!

2 /10


Eevee takes the spot as the second mascot of Pokémon, even getting its own game! The adorable Pokemon is one of the cutest Pokemon in the games and it even evolves into many different kinds of Pokemon!


Eevee is one of the most popular Pokemon ever, and its serious cuteness and evolutionary potential makes it a firm favorite of many fans.

First introduced in Pokémon Red and Blue, Eevee has gone on to appear in many games and other parts of the franchise.

It doesn't get much cuter than Eevee!

3 /10


The most recognizable Pokemon in the entire world, Pikachu didn't get where it was by being unremarkable.

This adorable Pokemon is the face of the franchise and was even featured in this list of the best Pokémon of all time.


This iconic Pokémon was the stalwart companion of Ash Ketchum throughout all his journeys, and is a favorite Pokémon of many fans.

Its popularity even spawned an army of so-called Pikachu clones, Pokémon designed to look like and capture some of Pikachu's many charming qualities!

This fan favorite Pokémon is an absolutely adorable addition to the Pokemon franchise and it's no surprise to see it so high on a list like this one!

4 /10

Alolan Vulpix

Although original Vulpix is a cute Pokemon, its Alolan form Alolan Vulpix kicks it up a notch.

Said to have adapted to cold climates while in island region Alola, Vulpix swapped its Fire type for the Ice type - and a cute new design!

Alolan Vulpix

With its blue eyes and white fur Alolan Vulpix is a real cutie-pie! With its fluffy tails and curly puff of hair it manages to have a very distinct design from Kantonian Vulpix while still being easily recognizable as its original form.

This Pokémon is totally adorable and has to be counted as one of the cutest creatures in the franchise.

A-Vulpix also features on this list of the best fox Pokémon!

5 /10


The quintessential cute little teddy bear, Teddiursa also won a spot on this list of the best bear Pokémon! And it's easy to see why, as this little guy is a super cute Pokemon.


Introduced in the second generation, Teddiursa will eventually evolve into the fearsome Ursaring - and, in the right game, Ursaluna!

But if it's cuteness and adorable vibes you're after, you'll want to keep your cuddly little teddy around just a little longer!

6 /10


No list of cute Pokemon is complete without Clefairy! This pink Pokémon is one of the original 151 introduced in the original games, and when it was first created was a Normal type Pokémon.

With the introduction of Fairy type, though, Clefairy was given a makeover and swapped its Normal type to become the fabulous Fairy type it was always meant to be.


Clefairy is a super cute Pokémon that's had a lot of love in the franchise. It's appeared many times in the games, including as the model for the Poké Doll item, in the anime, and elsewhere.

This adorable little guy has certainly earned its place in our hearts, and on this list!

7 /10


Meowth is a totally adorable Pokemon which is also one of the most recognizable Pokemon in the entire Pokemon franchise.

Featured prominently as a member of Team Rocket in the anime, Meowth is a cute fan favorite Pokemon.


Not content with being the adorable little baby that it is, Meowth has two alternative forms! Its Alolan form, Alolan Meowth, is a sassy Dark type kitty, while its Galarian form goes a completely different direction and turns it into a Viking berserker!

Alolan Meowth

But it's in its Kantonian form that Meowth is the cutest. It looks like a sweet little kitty cat, and that makes it purr-fect for a list like this!

8 /10


One of the Pikachu clones, Emolga is a flying squirrel Pokémon with a seriously cute look. With its giant eyes and smiling face, Emolga is one of the most adorable creatures to come out of a Game Freak game!


This Pokémon's Flying type gives it an immunity to Ground type moves, eliminating Electric type's one and only weakness! So it's not just a cute face.

Emolga has featured in the Pokemon anime as one of Unova Champion Iris's Pokémon!

9 /10


A haunted pumpkin might seem an odd choice for a list of the cutest Pokemon, but hear me out.

With its tiny feet, adorable face like a cat, and its pumpkin body, Pumpkaboo is spooky-cute. Although it does evolve when traded, it's way cuter than its evolved form.


Pumpkaboo in game has a cool mechanic where it can be one of four sizes, so you can get a tiny little one or a super sized haunted pumpkin!

Almost too much cuteness!

10 /10


One of two Psychic types on this list, Espurr is a little cat with giant eyes and short arms. Its wide eyed look and charming body make it an easy choice for one of the cutest Pokemon the franchise has to offer.


Espurr evolves, but its evolved form is cool and sophisticated rather than cute and adorable.

Not the cutest Pokemon on this list, Espurr is still one of the most adorable creatures featured in game! That's why it has to have a spot on this listing, even if it is the last one!

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