The 10 Best Pokemon Books for Both Kids & Grownups

See the ten best Pokemon books, from the updated Pokemon Encyclopedia for young fans to the immersive Pokemon Adventures manga series for older readers.

Updated on Sep 14, 2023
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The 10 Best Pokemon Books for Both Kids & Grownups

Pokemon Encyclopedia Updated and Expanded 2022

This comprehensive encyclopedia is a must have item for any fans. With updated information on the Galar region, a Pokemon region based around the Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales) and the Isle of Man.

This bumper book is filled with cool art and key info. It's aimed at kids aged 6 to 10, so not suitable for a much younger audience. Featuring Ash Ketchum's journeys, this is a super fun Pokemon book for any young Pokemon fan.

Pokemon Encyclopedia

Pokemon Encyclopedia Updated and Expanded 2022 is the perfect upgrade for fans of the previously released Pokemon Deluxe Essential Handbook, which although updated in 2015, is a bit behind the times.

As of 2023 this kids' encyclopedia is the most up to date character reference, and as such is one of the best Pokemon books for kids available for purchase.

This list of the best Pokémon of all time is a must-read for all serious Pokéfans!

Pokémon Adventures Manga Series

The Pokémon Adventures manga series is a series of Pokemon books aimed at a slightly older audience than some of the other books here, which are mostly aimed at kids.

Pokémon Adventures is a really long manga series with books spanning every generation of games up to Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Adventures Logo

More games focused than the Pokemon anime, this Pokemon manga series has a slightly more mature tone than its animated counterpart.

Each of the central characters here is based on the game characters, making this series hit differently than the anime.

With a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar characters, this manga series has some fantastic stories and great artwork by some wonderful manga artists.

This is quite possibly the best Pokemon manga series available, and it's a must have buy for Pokemon fans. Each of the stories is available as a boxed set, so if you want to pick up a whole bunch at once, you can!

Ash's Quest: The Essential Handbook

This book is all about Ash Ketchum and his journeys through the Pokémon world! Featuring Ash and Pikachu as they travel the world, this official companion to the anime by Scholastic takes its reader through Ash's many marvelous adventures.

Ash's Quest

Complete with cool battles, a new friend or two, and hundreds of amazing Pokémon, this book is a great choice.

Up to date through to Alola, this series only really misses out the Galar region covered in the Pokémon Journeys anime series.

Mew's Mythical Journey

Mew's Mythical Journey is a really sweet picture book aimed at a younger audience.

Featuring Mew, a type of Legendary Pokémon known as a Mythical Pokémon, and a whole host of its Mythical companions, Mew's Mythical Journey is a real treat for kids aged 5 to 7.

Mew's Mythical Journey

Bright and sparkly, with bonus press-out Pokémon and fold-out glittering backgrounds, Mew's Mythical Journey is a fun addition to playtime!

Fans of cute Pokémon may enjoy this list of super cute Pokémon!

Pokémon Origimi: Fold Your Own Pokémon

Published by Pikachu Press, the Pokémon Company's own publishing imprint, this origami book is a really fun activity book for children and adults into the Japanese art of origami.

Pokemon Origami

This book is a fun choice because it comes with instructions for 10 origami models as well as 16 special sheets of origami paper to make them! With 48 full color pages this activity book lets readers create their own Pokemon!

It even comes with a little list of Pokemon facts about each of the Pokemon in the book, so it's a really cool choice for fans of Pokemon and paper craft!

Pokémon Primers: Shapes

The Pokémon Primers series is a series of books aimed at readers of a much younger age - ages 2 to 4.

These captivating books are the perfect choice for Pokémon fan parents of young kids, as they're fun and educational!

Pokemon Primers Shapes

The Shapes series has a bunch of different entries, offering something for every child! Featuring an exciting adventure with Pikachu meeting all sorts of new friends in every shape and size imaginable!

With lots of interactive flaps revealing all sorts of shapes and Pokémon, the Pokémon Primers: Shapes line of books is a truly wonderful series of books for parents and children alike!

Pokémon Primers: Colors

Another Pikachu Press book, Pokémon Primers: Colors is a really good choice for younger kids, kids aged 2 to 4. Readers will join Pikachu on an adventure to find lots of different colors in the Pokémon world!

Pokemon Primers Colors

And no doubt make at least one new friend along the way!

Featuring dozens of colorful Pokémon and a cute story line, this is the perfect book for any young Pokemon trainer!

The Official Pokemon Early Reader 8 Books Box Set Collection

This boxed set is simply fantastic. With a all 8 books in the Early Reader series, this fully illustrated set of books is the perfect choice for a young reader.

With eight different stories all set in the tropical paradise of Alola, the Early Reader collection follows Ash Ketchum and his friends in the Alola Region.

Official Pokemon Early Reader Box Set

Featuring the Ultra Beasts, Legendary Pokemon from another dimension, more than one high-stakes battle, and even a school trip to Kanto, this collection has something to offer everyone.

This series is perfect for all young Pokemon trainers looking for a bed-time treat or something to read during the day!

Legendary and Mythical Guidebook: Deluxe Edition

Another fine book by Scholastic, the Legendary and Mythical Guidebook is a really good choice for fans of the mysterious and powerful Legendary Pokemon!

Legendary and Mythical Guidebook

Featuring the origins of Legendaries and Mythicals from Kanto all the way to Alola, this book also includes a really neat pull-out poster.

With information on super popular legendaries like Mewtwo, Solgaleo, and Arceus, this book is a really good addition to any Pokéfan's library!

Fans of Legendaries in the games might also enjoy this list of the best Pokémon gods!

How to Draw Pokémon

This book by Tracey West is the absolute best in book recommendations for anyone looking to learn how to draw Pokemon!

With step-by-step tips on how to create some of the most popular Pokemon in the Pokemon universe, How to Draw Pokémon was literally created for budding artists and Pokemon fans alike.

How to Draw Pokemon

With guides on drawing Pokémon like Cyndaquil, Meowth, and Lugia, How to Draw Pokémon will have anyone drawing Pokémon like a pro - even in battles!

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