The 10 Best Lizard Pokemon [Ranked Best To Worst!]

There's a lot of really cool lizards in the Pokemon franchise. But which lizard is the best lizard? Can Kecleon take the crown?

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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The 10 Best Lizard Pokemon [Ranked Best To Worst!]

1 /10


The mascot Pokemon for Generation 9's Pokémon Violet, Miraidon is a super cool robot lizard Pokemon. It's also a a flying motorcycle.

Miraidon is one of the more out there Pokemon designs, but it's hard to deny this dragon lizard looks powerful and cool in its Ultimate Mode.

Miraidon Ultimate Mode

Also known as Iron Serpent, Miraidon is a shockingly cool addition to the ranks of lizard Pokemon!

Miraidon is one of the best lizard Pokemon because of its eye-catching design, its in-game utility, and its major importance to the story of Pokémon Violet.

Both a Paradox and Legendary Pokémon, Miraidon is one of the best lizard Pokemon to feature in the entire Pokemon franchise. That’s why it takes the top spot on this list.

Miraidon also features on this list of the best Dragon type Pokémon!

2 /10


Salazzle is a Poison and Fire type Pokémon introduced in the Generation 7 games in the island region of Alola, encountered on a large volcano.

Salazzle evolve only from female Salandit. Clearly inspired by salamanders, Salazzle has a smooth look with patterned skin.


Male Salandit apparently spend their entire lives in service to their Salazzle leaders, giving them all the best food and ensuring only female Salandit can evolve.

With a good spread of Fire and Poison type moves, a great Special Attack and a monstrous Speed stat, Salazzle is a real terror in battle.

Salazzle one of the best lizards in the entire Pokemon world. Its cool look and utility elevates this sophisticated creature above the ranks of other lizards on this list and gets it a great number two spot!

3 /10


This Fire type starter Pokémon from the very first generation of games is beloved by many. Charmander is the perfect marriage of cute and cool, and its evolved form Charizard even turns into a dragon!

With a burning tail and an evolution into super popular fully evolved form Charizard, Charmander has a lot going for it.


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Charmander is a fan favorite lizard Pokémon with a whole lot of love in the franchise. Its evolution Charmeleon is maybe less popular than Charmander or Charizard, but it takes the cool factor even further!

Charmander is definitely a lizard to love, and it deserves its top three spot on this list!

4 /10


The final evolution of Treecko, Sceptile has a unique look with inspiration from dinosaurs and geckos, complete with a leafy, bushy tail!


A solid choice in any of the games, Sceptile gets a Mega Evolution in the Generation 3 remakes. Mega Sceptile is a truly formidable lizard Pokémon that gets a sharp new look and even becomes a Dragon type Pokémon!

Mega Sceptile

Sceptile even features on this list of the best Grass type Pokémon!

It’s definitely one of the best lizards in this lineup.

5 /10


Like its counterpart Miraidon, Koraidon is the mascot for Generation 9's Pokémon Scarlet.

With a much more monstrous look than its counterpart lizard, Koraidon is heavily inspired by a whole bunch of real world reptiles, giving it a super-unique look taking its cues from many different scaly creatures!

Koraidon Apex Build

A Paradox and a Legendary Pokémon, Koraidon with its sharp claws and cool look was an instant fan favorite. Its alternate name Winged King really shows off its pure power and regal look, especially in its Apex Build.

Koraidon has a big role in Pokémon Scarlet as a ride Pokémon, a team member, and in the story of Pokémon Scarlet.

It certainly deserves its top five spot!

6 /10


The final form of Sobble, Inteleon is a Water type Pokémon heavily inspired by real world and fictional spies and secret agents. While also being a chameleon.


Introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield, Inteleon also boasts its own Gigantamax Form in which it becomes a sniper perched atop its own massive coiled tail!

Gigantamax Inteleon has the unique G-Max Move G-Max Hydrosnipe, as well as being the only Pokemon which can use the Water type move Snipe Shot.

Gigantamax Inteleon

7 /10


Heliolisk is a lizard Pokémon with a seriously unusual inspiration! With its frilled neck and color scheme this Pokémon looks like the sun - which is great because its frills are also solar panels!

But the unusual theme doesn't stop there! This Pokemon's name comes from 'Helios', a figure in Greek mythology representing the sun, as well as the word basilisk, suggesting an inspiration in the common basilisk.

Real life inspiration is everywhere in this Pokémon as it also resembles a species of salamander which can photosynthesize!


This unique lizard Pokémon has a weird and wonderful design that clearly had a lot of thought put into it. But it's also got a unique type combination of Electric and Normal type!

Fans of type combinations may enjoy this list of the best type combinations!

Heliolisk is a truly unique Pokemon which that deserves a bit of recognition.

8 /10


Another popular starter Pokémon, Treecko is the base form of Sceptile. Treecko is a fun and cute little gecko creature with a whole lot of personality.


Introduced in the third generation of games, this lizard Pokémon featured on Ash Ketchum's team where it eventually reached its final evolution!

With varied Pokedex entries suggesting it can walk on walls and never panics, Treecko is a great addition to the ranks of lizard Pokémon!

9 /10


Cyclizar is a Normal and Dragon type lizard from the newest games, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Able to stand on two legs or run on four, Cyclizar certainly an adaptable Pokemon!


Said to be related to both Miraidon and Koraidon, in lore this lizard Pokémon is commonly used as a ride Pokémon by the people of Paldea.

Its stats aren't the best, with a measly Defense stat of 65, but in keeping with its purpose in world, it has a great Speed stat at 121.

Cyclizar avoids the bottom spot through its connection much cooler Paradox Duo, Koraidon and Miraidon!

10 /10


Kecleon is a Normal type lizard Pokémon inspired by a real life species, the veiled chameleon. With its funky geometric design this reptile Pokemon is loved by many.


Kecleon isn't very strong, though, with a poor stats overall except its Special Defense stat.

Kecleon is probably most well known for its camouflage mechanic in Generation 3 games and their remakes, where it blocked off paths near Fortree Town.

Its iconic look gets Kecleon a spot on this list, even if it is the last one!

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