The 10 Best Pokemon Against Water Type Pokemon [Ranked]

Pokémon types and Pokemon type effectiveness can be a real headache! Knowing the best counters is essential! Shockingly, it's not always Electric types!

Updated on Oct 27, 2023
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The 10 Best Pokemon Against Water Type Pokemon [Ranked]

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Rotom Mow

Rotom Mow is in some ways one of the perfect counters for Water Pokémon. As the only weaknesses for Water Pokémon are Grbutt/Electric types, it can be hard to choose.

Fortunately, Rotom Mow has the brilliant dual type of Electric and Grbutt to take advantage of Water's two weaknesses.

Rotom Mow

Originally a Ghost type Pokémon, Rotom can combine with certain objects to change its type, giving it type effectiveness for a multiple types!

Its Levitate Ability makes it immune to Ground, and its Grbutt type gives it great options for fighting Ground types.

In Mow form Rotom even gets access to powerful Grbutt type attack Leaf Storm, meaning it has the toolkit to succeed.

Rotom has one of the best Pokémon types for fighting Water Pokémon, and that's why it's the best counter to Water Pokémon.

With a full range of Electric type moves like Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt, to its Grbutt type coverage, Rotom is definitely one of the right counters to Water Pokémon.

2 /10


Ludicolo is an interesting choice in battle because it has the great dual type of Water and Grbutt. This typing means it's doubly resistant to Water type moves, so they hit for a measly quarter damage.

Ludicolo has a wide enough movepool to make use of its type effectiveness against Water type Pokémon, including heavy hitters like Grbutt type Solar Beam and Giga Drain, as well as Grbutt Knot.


Water is one of the best secondary types for Ludicolo to have here as it eliminates the weakness to Fire types while also upping its resistances to Water type Pokémon and their moves.

Although Ludicolo isn't the strongest Pokemon, it's more than good enough to exploit the weaknesses and resistances of Water type Pokémon, and that's why it has a spot on this list!

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It's also got a really unique look that makes it a truly standout choice!

3 /10


One of the first Grbutt types, Venusaur is a great option for fighting against Water type Pokemon. It gets great access to utility moves like Poison Powder, recovery moves like Mega Drain, and clbuttic damage moves like Razor Leaf, Vine Whip.

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Its dual typing of Grbutt and Poison type means it's immune to the Poison effect, which can be really useful in battle!

As type matchups go, Grbutt against Water is a clbuttic, and is usually a good choice except in cases like Toxapex, whose Poison type resists Grbutt type moves.

But for really tricky customers like Swampert, Gastrodon, or Seismitoad, which are Water and Ground type Pokemon, Grbutt types are king.

Venusaur can even Gigantamax and Mega Evolve in the right formats, so it's a great option.

Gigantamax Venusaur

4 /10


Sceptile is a solid choice of Pokemon to use against Water type Pokémon. A pure Grbutt Pokémon in its base form, Sceptile has some brilliant options for tackling Water types.

Sceptile is also one of the best Grbutt Pokemon!

Sceptile has a great Special Attack stat meaning it excels with special attacks like Solar Beam and Giga Drain. It even gets Grbutt Knot to use against heavy targets!


Sceptile is a really good option against most Water type Pokémon as it gets STAB for Grbutt type moves and has a flexible movepool with lots of good coverage options - even Electric type attacks like Thunder Punch!

Sceptile is a decently powerful Pokémon with wide availability in Pokémon games. It even has a Mega Evolution into Mega Sceptile, giving it the Dragon type and boosting its power even further!

Mega Sceptile

Mega Sceptile is a real terror for Water type Pokémon as both its types have resistances to Water type moves.

It also looks every bit as cool as it is powerful, making it a solid choice!

5 /10


Another pure Electric Pokémon, Ampharos is a popular choice with Pokémon fans and is widely available in the most recent Pokémon games.

Ampharos is a good choice to use against Water type Pokémon because of its super effective type effectiveness, but also because it has access to a good spread of utility and coverage moves.


Ampharos can learn Fire type move Sunny Day, which creates a sunlight effect in battle that powers down Water type attacks!

Not only that, but Ampharos can Mega Evolve in the right formats into the powerful Mega Ampharos! Mega Ampharos gains the Dragon type too, which is resistant to Water type Pokémon

Not bad for a weird electric sheep/kangaroo!

6 /10


Breloom is a really good choice of Pokemon for many different situations. Its cute and adorable look belies hidden power!

This fungal kangaroo has a flexible movepool with access to some great moves, from utility moves like Spore to attacks like Seed Bomb which hit Water Pokémon for double the damage!


With its powerful Attack stat Breloom is a great choice! Breloom is a good counter for Water and Ground Pokémon too!

Breloom also appears on this list of the best Fighting type Pokémon too!

7 /10


Eelektross is an unconventional Electric Pokémon. Based on a giant eel, Eelektross eschews a weakness to Ground type moves with its Ability Levitate - take that, type chart!

This means Eelektross is weak to nothing at all, and is a great choice for tackling many Water Pokémon in the Pokémon games.


Lacking somewhat in coverage options, Eelektross is still a great choice because it can use some powerful moves like Wild Charge.

Although shockingly, not Thunder Shock! But the super effective moves it does get a really good.

Introduced in Pokemon Black and White, Eelektross is somewhat unavailable in other Pokémon games, but made a recent comeback to mainline games in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

8 /10


Leafeon is a great choice against Water Pokémon as it's a pure Grbutt Pokémon - just look at the type chart!

Being an evolution to the super popular Eevee, Leafeon has a whole lot of fans.

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But Leafeon is more than just a pretty face. With a solid Attack and Defense, Leafeon is a great physical attacker!

With powerful attacks like Leaf Blade, Razor Leaf, and utility moves like Swords Dance, Leafeon can pull the plug on any Water type Pokémon!

9 /10


Electric Pokemon like Electivire are super effective against most Water type Pokemon and only take half damage from their Electric attacks, so it's a really easy choice to include Electivire here.

Electivire is a really good choice against pure Water types since it has a great Attack stat and can use some powerful Electric type moves like Thunder Punch and Wild Charge.


But be warned - Electivire is lacking in some good coverage options for Ground Pokemon and attacks, so deploying it in battle is sometimes a risk. But as it's only weak to Ground type, that's not so bad.

It always pays to know the type chart!

10 /10

Appletun / Flapple / Dipplin

These three Dragon Pokemon all evolve from Applin. They have the same base stat total, although allocated slightly differently, but share the same dual types of Grbutt and Dragon type.

This is useful against Water type Pokémon because Dragon resists Water types, giving these Pokémon a double immunity to Water type attacks.

These two types are a great choice to face off against Water Pokémon - although they'd better watch out for Fairy type.

Appletun is more of a special attacker, excelling with powerful attacks like Apple Acid and Solar Beam.


Flapple is more of a physical attacker and uses moves like Grav Apple and Seed Bomb.


New addition to the family, Dipplin, is somewhere in between, but gets its own Grbutt type signature move Syrup Bomb, to hit Water type Pokémon for double damage!


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