The 8 Most Adorable, Best Baby Pokemon [Ranked]

Baby Pokémon are a cute and adorable mechanic with a lot of charm. But which ones are the best baby Pokemon?

Updated on Nov 27, 2023
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The 8 Most Adorable, Best Baby Pokemon [Ranked]

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A great addition to any team, Riolu is one of only three babies introduced alongside its mature forms. Riolu is one of the cutest Fighting type Pokémon and evolves into Lucario, a super popular wolf like Pokémon with mbuttive utility in game.

Although Riolu is a pure Fighting Pokémon, it evolves into the Fighting and Steel type Lucario, which gives it some great resistances and good options for moves.


Riolu's Attack is pretty high for a baby Pokémon, so it can be used in game until it evolves into the much better Lucario. A solid choice!

Riolu was originally received as an egg during Gen IV, with the only way to get more being to breed Lucario, but in later generations it's been much more available.

Its final evolution Lucario can even Mega Evolve, so it's the only baby whose final evolution has a Mega Evolved form!

Mega Lucario

Riolu takes the top spot by being an absolute cracker of a Pokemon which was an instant favorite and has had an enduring appeal in the games and in the Pokemon anime.

Other babies can't hold a candle to Riolu (for me at least)!

2 /8


Elekid is a great baby Pokémon that really adds a lot to its family. Elekid evolves into Electabuzz and really rounds out the family by giving Electabuzz a pre-evolution that just makes sense.

Electabuzz itself evolves once more into Electivire when traded holding an Electirizer. Electivire is a truly ferocious fully evolved Pokémon with a great design and powerful Attack.

And Elekid ties it all together! This little dude is the perfect combination of cute, cool, and charming to be the favored baby Pokémon of many fans.


Its eye-catching yet simple black and yellow design is a real winner. It's my personal favorite baby Pokemon.

It's even a bit more useful in battle than many baby Pokémon are, with actually quite good stats for a baby Pokémon - a whopping 360 base stat total!

Which, okay, isn't very much at all, but it's great in Little Cup because of its great stats all around, and is pretty useful in game until it evolves, too.

It has good Attack and Special Attack, and while its Defense stat is its worst, it's really not that bad, making it one of the best baby Pokémon.

3 /8


Togepi is a cute little baby bird Pokémon, still wrapped up in its little egg for maximum cuteness. Originally a Normal type Pokemon, Togepi was given the Fairy type in Generation VI.

Togepi was the very first baby Pokémon introduced in the entire Pokemon franchise, being featured in the original Pokemon anime first as an egg, and then as Togepi once it had hatched.


Players of Pokemon Gold and Silver also got Togepi as an egg, which they had to carry around until it hatched. And for a baby Pokémon, Togepi's defense stats are actually pretty good.

It can even be pretty useful in the Little Cup battle format!

This adorable little guy evolves into Togetic at high friendship, which is a totally adorable if slightly annoying evolution mechanic.

But it doesn't stop there, because in Gen IV in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Togetic got the ability to evolve into Togekiss, which is a fantastic Pokemon all around, and one of the best Fairy types.

Although I am biased since it's one of my favorite Fairy Pokemon!

4 /8


Many trainers don't like baby Pokemon, but Munchlax is the perfect example of baby Pokemon done well. It just makes sense as a pre-evolution for Snorlax, which is a great big dopey bear Pokemon.

Most people didn't get to use a Munchlax until after its introduction in Gen IV thanks to its annoying encounter mechanic involving specific trees and a Honey item, but in later generations it's been much more available.


And of course it's possible to breed one using a Snorlax. A great option for trainers looking to add a happy little dude to their team.

Munchlax is one of the better baby Pokemon in terms of its stats too, having great Attack and Defense stats (for a baby Pokemon!), suffering only due to its extremely low Speed of 5.

But Munchlax is a solid Pokemon with good HP making it a good choice even while waiting for it to evolve!

5 /8


Toxel is the latest addition to the baby Pokémon family, being first received as an egg in Gen VIII's Pokemon Sword and Shield. Toxel has a really cool dual typing of Electric and Poison types, which is a unique type combination given only to Toxel and its evolved form, Toxtricity.


Toxel has a great design featuring a grumpy look and bold purples, and it even looks like a baby. Unfortunately for Toxel, it's incredibly weak and has an abysmal moveset, making it not especially useful even in Little Cup.

But it's a totally cute and adorable baby form, and it's one of my favorite babies to feature in the franchise.

It does have a decent Special Attack stat when compared with other babies, so it does have that going for it. And its evolution Toxtricity is simply fantastic with two awesome designs and even an exclusive Gigantamax form.

6 /8

Mime Jr.

Mime Jr. is a divisive Pokémon that nevertheless still has its legions of adoring fans. Being a cute little baby clown, Mime Jr. looks right at home in its evolutionary family - although is maybe a bit less creepy and more fun.

Mime Jr

Mime Jr. can evolve into both Mr. Mime and Galarian Mr. Mime under the right conditions, making it a versatile choice even if it didn't get its own Galarian form - which I felt was a bit of a shame especially since it's not possible to breed a Galarian Mr. Mime in game.

But Mime Jr. is a fitting baby form for either of its evolutions even if it does lack the icy theming.

As a pre-evolution Mime Jr. is pretty great, with its design being spot on. It even has a reasonably high Special Attack at 70, meaning Mime Jr. can actually be somewhat useful before its evolution unlike some other baby Pokémon.

7 /8


A pure Fighting type Pokemon, Tyrogue is a great baby Pokemon which ties together its mature forms perfectly. Introduced in Generation I, Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee were counterpart Pokémon which were seemingly separate.

It wasn't until Generation II with Tyrogue's introduction that they were formally linked together as being related, both evolving from Tyrogue. Tyrogue can even evolve into a third Pokmon, Hitmontop, a Fighting type Pokemon whose fighting style is based around capoeira.


Tyrogue itself has totally balanced stats, reflecting how it can evolve into three different, specialized, forms each with a different approach to battle.

Tyrogue is a tough Pokémon whose Pokedex entry says it even gets stressed out if it doesn't train every day. The perfect companion for any dedicated gym-goer!

8 /8


A pre-evolution for beloved fan favorite Pokemon Jigglypuff, Igglybuff is one of the best baby Pokémon because it's simply too adorable not to be.

This little pre-evolution has an incredibly simple design that still manages to exude cuteness. Both a Normal type and a Fairy type, Igglybuff has two type immunities, to the powerful Dragon and Ghost types.


But don't mistake that for being useful in battle, since as a baby Pokémon it's still pretty weak with especially bad defense stats. Its evolutions fare much better, though and are easily worth a spot on many a trainer's team.

Spiky-eared Pichu

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