The 10 Coolest and Most Useful Mega Pokemon [Ranked]

Mega Evolution is a fan favorite mechanic with lots of cool Mega Evolutions - so many it's hard to pick the best! Let's have a go anyway.

Updated on Nov 27, 2023
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The 10 Coolest and Most Useful Mega Pokemon [Ranked]

1 /10

Mega Rayquaza

Mega Rayquaza is the best Mega Evolution thanks to its bold design that improves on the original design in every way, giving it a much more ancient and ferocious look, while also boosting its stats to insanely powerful levels.

Mega Rayquaza is a Pokemon that looks every bit as important as the lore says it is, with a truly iconic look.

Mega Rayquaza

For me, its stats are spread very nicely, enabling Rayquaza to make full use of its movepool by giving it a phenomenal Attack stat as well as Special Attack stats to go with its superior Defense and Special Defense stats.

Put simply, Mega Rayquaza is a truly awesome Mega Evolution. It doesn't even need to hold a Mega Stone to evolve! Instead, it can Mega Evolve if it has the move Dragon Ascent, meaning it can even equip a held item to make it even more powerful.

It's also one of the best Flying type Pokemon!

2 /10

Mega Mewtwo Y

Mewtwo is one of the best cat Pokemon, but it's more than just a pretty face. Although Mewtwo has two Mega Evolutions, Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y, Mega Mewtwo Y is the more useful of the pair.

Although both are still two of the most powerful Mega Evolutions to feature in the franchise.

A pure Psychic type Pokemon compared with the dual Fighting type Mega Mewtwo X, Mega Mewtwo Y is a beast with Psychic type moves thanks to its absolutely insanely high Special Attack stat, but it can even hit out with physical moves too, since its stats are pretty well balanced.

Mega Mewtwo Y

The perfect Pokemon for using same type attack bonus! But Mega Mewtwo Y's movepool is so wide and varied that it gets a whole bunch of great moves, including Ghost type move Shadow Ball, so it's an absolute terror in battle.

It suffers a little from a relatively poor Defense stat, but its high Speed and high Special Defense stats mean that doesn't really matter.

Its design is pretty cool too, de-emphasizing the more physical aspects of Mewtwo's design and giving it a much more cerebral makeover. Almost like a little alien cat!

3 /10

Mega Charizard X

Like Mewtwo, Charizard was given two Mega Forms, Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y, each with a different use and design theme.

Mega Charizard X gives Charizard the Dragon type it always wanted, transforming it into a bona fide Dragon for the first time in the Pokemon franchise, while Mega Charizard Y enhances the Flying type.

Mega Charizard X

And what a transformation it is! Swapping its useful orange-and-yellow color scheme in favor of an equally striking but completely different blue and black, Mega Charizard X gains blue flames and a spiky draconic look - as well as the Tough Claws Ability.

The Tough Claws Ability powers up contact moves, so it's useful for physical builds.

Its Dragon type gives it STAB for many powerful Dragon moves, and it can even use Dragon Dance to raise its already great Speed to seriously strong levels.

Mega Charizard X's winning design, great dual typing, and excellent stats make it a firm fan favorite, and it's easy to see why. It even gets the powerful Drought Ability, boosting its Fire type moves even further!

An absolute winner. And it's one of the best Dragon Pokemon!

4 /10

Mega Gengar

One of the original 151, Gengar is an absolute terror of a Pokemon and is easily one of the best Ghost type Pokemon.

Gengar has seen a lot of love in the franchise's history, from the anime to the games, and it even has an exclusive Gigantamax Form to go with its spooky Mega Evolution into Mega Gengar. And it's easy to see why Gengar is so beloved, since its iconic design is simple yet easily recognizable.

Mega Gengar

Nerfed somewhat by the removal of its Levitate Ability, Gengar is nevertheless a powerful Pokemon, and its Mega Evolved form Mega Gengar is one of the strongest Mega Evolutions thanks to its high Speed and Special Attack stats.

It even has a sick new design to go with its great utility. Mega Gengar is a really cool nod to Haunter, Gengar's pre-evolved form, in a way that nicely merges the two designs without being a tired rehash.

Definitely one of the best Mega Form Pokemon in my opinion!

5 /10

Mega Lucario

Lucario is an absolutely iconic Pokemon, a real and enduring fan favorite. One of the best Pokemon of all time, Lucario also gets a super cool Mega Evolved form into Mega Lucario. Back in the days when I was playing Pokemon Pearl, the base Lucario was my favorite, so i might be a little biased.

As Lucario wasn't already cool enough! But Mega Lucario is absolutely a step up, revamping Lucario's simple design without taking anything away from it. The new design gives Mega Lucario a much more interesting look, which for me makes it stand out.

Mega Lucario

But it's not all about the rizz, as Mega Lucario is a fantastic battler too. With its high Attack stat, its high Special Attack stat, and its great Speed, M-Lucario hits hard and fast to devastating effect! It even gets the Adaptability Ability which boosts its STAB even higher!

It's easy to see why Mega Lucario is one of the all time favorite Mega Pokemon, and it absolutely deserves it.

6 /10

Mega Swampert

Swampert with its goofy design is one of the best Water type Pokemon thanks to its great dual typing, good movepool, and charming design.

But Mega Swampert is Swampert on steroids, and in my opinion looks amazing. Featuring a brand new, brutish and ferocious design, Mega Swampert is ready to smash other Pokemon to pieces!

Mega Swampert

Swampert's high Attack gives it great effectiveness with Ground type moves, many of which are physical, while it has a nice movepool for other kinds of coverage too, such as Ice type moves or even Fighting and Steel type moves.

Mega Swampert is an adaptable Pokemon with a great overall design and utility, and its Swift Swim Ability lets it boost its low base Speed stat in the Rain weather effect.

7 /10

Mega Venusaur

Probably the most forgotten member of its starter Pokemon trio even by Game Freak, Venusaur saw some love with a brand new Mega Evolution.

Mega Venusaur has the Thick Fat Ability which reduces damage from Fire and Ice type moves. This is a big deal for a Grbutt type Pokemon like Venusaur, and Mega Venusaur is the only Grbutt type Pokemon with the Thick Fat Ability.

Mega Venusaur

Although it's pretty slow, Mega Venusaur's high defensive stats make it into a great tank. Its movepool isn't the best but it does have some great utility moves like Poison Powder and Sleep Powder, as well as Leech Seed and even HP restoring moves like Giga Drain.

Mega Venusaur's main downfall isn't in its stats or movepool, but in its relatively lackluster design. Mega Venusaur didn't really change that much from the original design. I personally prefer its great Gigantamax form, which is easily one of the best Gigantamax forms.

8 /10

Mega Gyarados

Mega Gyarados has a sharp, vicious design befitting its evolution into a Dark type Pokemon. Mega Gyarados has high base stats, with an absolutely phenomenal Attack stat - perfect for its movepool!

Mega Gyarados

Its Mold Breaker Ability lets it hit Pokemon that ordinarily can't be hit by certain moves, like an Eelektrik with Levitate being hit by Earthquake.

This is a pretty useful Ability to have, and Mega Gyarados uses it well. Its Attack stats are great, even though its Special Attack is much weaker than its Attack stat.

9 /10

Mega Ampharos

Mega Ampharos is an unusual addition to the family, but it's an absolutely welcomed one! Although Ampharos is a pure Electric type Pokemon without any draconic features, Mega Ampharos is a dual type Electric and Dragon type Pokemon.

Ampharos loses its wool upon evolution, but Mega Ampharos gets it back, in full fabulous flow, giving this Mega Evolved Pokemon a nice bit of flair.

Mega Ampharos

Its high Special Attack makes it an absolute monster with moves like Dragon Pulse, Focus Blast, and Discharge, although its low Speed makes it a bit vulnerable to speedy attackers. Still, it's is a stylish and weird choice and its varied movepool gives it some interesting utility.

It even gets some Fairy type attacks!

10 /10

Mega Kangaskhan

The Mega Form of Kangaskhan, Mega Kangaskhan is a sweet addition as it features mother and child working together. Notable for being the only time the baby Kangaskhan is seen outside of the pouch during the games, Mega Kangaskhan slaps hard.

Mega Kangaskhan

Using its Parental Bond Ability Mega Kangaskhan can usually attack twice with every move, making this Mega Form an interesting strategic choice.

Mega Evolution boosts its base stats to very nice levels, with its worst being its Special Attack - which it doesn't really need!

I like this one because it's sweet, but its great utility is pretty nice too.

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