The 10 Pokemon Best Against Ice Type Pokemon [Ranked]

A strong offensive type, Ice is considered one of the worst Pokémon types for common weaknesses. But which are the best counters, and why isn't it Lucario?

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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The 10 Pokemon Best Against Ice Type Pokemon [Ranked]

1 /10


A powerful Legendary Pokemon, Heatran as a Fire and Steel type Pokémon is a great choice against Ice type Pokemon.

Heatran takes only a quarter of the damage from Ice type moves, and is able to dish out double damage in return!


Heatran is a really good option because of how well it targets Ice type's weaknesses, and with Heatran's wide movepool it has a lot of options to counter Ice type Pokemon with another secondary type.

With moves like Heavy Slam, Flash Cannon and Power Gem, Heatran has a lot of good options outside its Fire and Steel types.

All this combined makes Heatran the best counter to Ice type Pokémon!

2 /10

Urshifu Rapid Strike Style

Fighting type Legendary Pokémon Urshifu is one of the best bear Pokemon, but it's also a really good counter to Ice type Pokemon. Its secondary Water typing gives it a resistance to Ice type moves, while its Fighting type gives it STAB with super effective Fighting attacks.

This makes Urshifu into a real nightmare for Ice type Pokémon.

Urshifu Rapid Strike Form

Rapid Strike Urshifu has good access to a range of different types of move, including Fire and Steel type moves like Fire Punch and Iron Head, so it has everything it needs to be one of the best counters to Ice type Pokemon. It can even use Aura Sphere!

With its exclusive Gigantamax Form and G-Max moves, Rapid Strike Style Urshifu is a good Pokémon to use against Ice types.

3 /10


One of the best wolf Pokemon, Lucario is an effective counter to Ice type Pokemon. Its Steel type and its Fighting type are both effective against Ice types, and Lucario is a powerful Pokemon with a good movepool.


Its Steel type gives it a resistance to Ice type attacks, while its powerful Fighting type means it has all sorts of effective moves to use against Ice type Pokemon.

Between its access to great moves like Aura Sphere and Meteor Mash and priority move Bullet Punch, Lucario has everything it needs to crush ice!

Including a Mega Evolution!

Mega Lucario

4 /10


A dual type Pokemon with both the Fire and Fighting types, Blaziken is a powerful Pokémon with a whole lot going for it.

Its Fire type is resistant to Ice type attacks and thanks to Blaziken's great stats it has access to a wide range of moves to counter Ice type Pokemon. Blaziken even has some good coverage moves like Rock type Stone Edge just in case!


With its Mega Evolution into Mega Blaziken, Blaziken is even more effective at clearing the Ice, as it gets a massive power up.

Blaziken is also one of the best Fire Pokemon!

Mega Blaziken

5 /10


Infernape is a great choice of Pokemon to use against frosty Ice type Pokemon because both of its types hit for super effective damage!

As a Fire and Fighting type Pokemon, Infernape gets some great attacks it can use to give any Ice type Pokemon a meltdown! Its Fire type even means it takes half damage from Ice type attacks!


A popular final evolution for a popular starter Pokemon, Infernape has what it takes to battle Ice type Pokemon. It's even been made readily available on the Switch, appearing in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, as well as in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Infernape has an all around great design, with all its legendary design influences clearly on display for the world to see. Coupled with its good stats, great typing, and nice movepool, it's a fantastic choice!

6 /10


A popular Pokemon with a great theme, both of Empoleon's types give it a resistance to Ice meaning it takes quarter damage from Ice type attacks! This is a great asset in battle.

Coupled with Steel type's resistances to other Pokemon types, Empoleon is a great Pokémon to use against Ice type Pokémon.


It has a relatively varied movepool with access to a range of moves covering other types, meaning it has a lot of options for dealing super effective damage to Ice Pokémon.

7 /10


A pure Rock type Pokemon, Lycanroc is a good option for dealing with many Ice type Pokémon. Rock type moves are super effective against Ice types, and are possibly one of the weaknesses least exploited due to Rock type's own defensive weaknesses.

But against Ice type Pokémon Rock types are often better than other types, as they have access to powerful moves like Rock Slide and Rock Blast. Just maybe not against Ice and Grass type Abomasnow!

Lycanroc Midnight Form

With three different variants to choose from, each with access to some different moves, Lycanroc is a good choice to use against Ice types.

And since it has three forms, it's easy to pick one which looks good, too - although they all look great!

It has good Fire move options in Fire Fang, and Fighting options like Close Combat, to exploit Ice type's many weak points. It's even a good choice against Flying type Pokemon!

8 /10


One of the best tadpole Pokemon, Poliwrath is a good choice to use against Ice type Pokémon. Its Water type gives it resistance to Ice, while its Fighting type gives it STAB for a range of super effective moves including powerful Fighting move, Close Combat.


Making a new appearance in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's DLC, Poliwrath is also very easily available to players wishing to make use of its charms.

Its angry, grumpy charms. But make no mistake, Poliwrath is a great Pokemon with a lot to give, and its dour look is part of the fun.

Water and Fighting is one of the rarest type combinations, too, giving Poliwrath a little extra something!

9 /10


Rock and Steel type Pokemon Aggron is a rock solid option to use against Ice types!

With access to powerful Rock type moves like Stone Edge and Rock Slide, as well as Steel moves like Iron Head and Flash Cannon, Aggron is one of the great Ice type counters.

And it does it all while being one of the best heavy metal dinosaurs of all time!


Aggron has a super high Defense stat meaning it can takes hits, so it's a great choice to use against Ice types. Especially with its Mega Evolution!

With its Steel type helping to mitigate some of Rock type's weaknesses, Aggron is a good choice! Plus it only takes half damage from Ice moves!

Mega Aggron

10 /10


A long forgotten hero of Generation V, Emboar is a Fire and Fighting Pokemon with legions of adoring fans despite its unavailability in recent Pokemon games.

Emboar is a great counter to Ice Pokémon because it takes half damage from Ice attacks while being able to deal double damage in return!


And as Emboar is set to return to the games in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's Indigo Disc DLC, now is the perfect time to use it against Ice Pokemon!

Although its movepool is currently unknown, Emboar excels with Fire and Fighting moves, and it seems reasonable to assume it will be given a great selection of moves to use against Ice types!

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