The 10 Best Frog Pokemon [Ranked Best to Worst!]

The Pokémon Company loves using real life animals for its iconic monsters, and frogs are no exception! Can Politoed take the top spot? Let's find out!

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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The 10 Best Frog Pokemon [Ranked Best to Worst!]

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The final evolution of Froakie, Greninja is a seriously popular Pokémon. Greninja, with its extreme frog features in the form of a massive tongue, is a scarf veiled ninja frog with attitude.


This final form of Froakie even got its own special form in the Pokémon games, the Ash-Greninja form, based on its appearance in the anime as a key member of Ash Ketchum's team.

This Water type Pokémon gains the Dark type upon evolution and eschews the cute aspects of its first form in favor of a seriously cool ninja look. With all its advantages it's no surprise this frog Pokémon is well loved!

Greninja takes the very top spot on this listing and it's easy to see why! Cool, popular, and with a seriously interesting design, Greninja is definitely the very best frog Pokémon!

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The final form of Bulbasaur, this beastly bullfrog is the first and only Poison type final form of a starter in any of the Pokémon games!


Introduced in the first generation of Pokémon games, Venusaur has received a unique Mega Evolution and a special Gigantamax Form! Not content with just that, Venusaur has even been featured in the Super Smash Bros. franchise!

Gigantamax Venusaur

This popular frog Pokémon is beloved by fans and although its not the cutest Pokémon, it's easy to see why. Venusaur's unique design makes it one of the best frog Pokémon in the entire Pokémon franchise, clinching it the number two spot on this listing!

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A Water and Ground type Pokémon, Seismitoad trades its weakness to Electric types for a double weakness to Grass type moves.


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With access to powerful moves such as Earthquake and Hydro Pump Seismitoad can really use its great dual-typing!

With a design based around its vibrating lumps, Seismitoad also shows off the life stages of frogs as it is the final form of the tadpole Pokemon Tympole!

For all these reasons Seismitoad has won itself a top three spot in this listing!

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This Fighting type Pokémon is the final form of the tadpole Pokémon Poliwag. For a long time Poliwrath was the only Water and Fighting type Pokémon in the entire Pokémon franchise!


With transparent skin showing off its stomach and great big fists, Poliwrath has an evocative design based on the real world appearance of visible intestines of tadpoles.

Showing off the life cycle of the frog, tadpole Pokémon Poliwag evolves into frog Pokémon Poliwrath after exposure to a Water Stone. Poliwrath is a truly worthy evolved form for little Poliwag, and it more than deserves its top spot on this list!

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New frog at the pond Bellibelt was introduced in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet as the Electric type ace of Gym Leader Iono!


This rotund frog Pokémon evolves from tadpole Pokémon Tadbulb when exposed to a Thunder Stone! This list of the best tadpole Pokemon is a must-read for fans of tadpoles!

With a base stat total of 495, Bellibolt isn't the strongest Pokémon nor is it the strongest frog Pokemon on this list. But its unique design with its false eyes and belly-buttondynamo made it a swift favorite of many fans.

Bellibolt earns its top five spot on this list by being a quirky little frog with a lot to love!


A Poison and Fighting type frog Pokemon, Toxicroak is famous in the Pokemon world for producing a poison so powerful even a scratch can kill.


This frog based Pokémon is has a striking design which really shows off its dual typing and real world influences.

With a high Attack stat and some great Abilities Toxicroak packs a powerful poisonous punch.

With a winning design, great utility, and seriously cool lore, Toxicroak beats out some of the other frog Pokemon on this list!

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As the very first Pokémon in the Pokédex, Bulbasaur and the Bulbasaur line are well-known to fans. Although there's some debate on the frog Pokémon status of Bulbasaur, it does look like a horned frog.


Introduced in the first generation, Bulbasaur is the oldest frog Pokémon in this list! With its squat stature this frog like Pokémon is one of only three Pokémon starters to have the Poison type!

Bulbasaur is a classic frog Pokémon, easily one of the best, so its inclusion on this last was guaranteed!


A member of the Poliwag evolution line, Politoed takes the family in a slightly different direction than older brother Poliwrath.

Where Poliwrath is a serious boxer, Politoed is just a cute little happy frog. This little frog Pokémon with its slimy body is a breath of fresh air and it's easy to see why it's popular with Pokémon fans.

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According to Pokedex entries the curly hair on its head makes it a king! Whatever the case, this cute happy frog Pokémon is the king of our hearts and more than deserves a spot on this list beating other Pokémon with its sheer exuberance!

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This Water type starter Pokémon is a cute little frog Pokémon gifted to players of Pokémon X and Y. Fans of starter Pokémon may enjoy this list of the best starter Pokémon too!


An instant favorite for its cute features, Froakie is a must-have frog Pokémon for any frog team!

A beloved Pokémon of former anime series protagonist Ash Ketchum, Froakie has made many appearances in the Pokémon anime!

Although just a frog, Froakie is a great Pokémon and its early appearance in its game means it's a firm friend to many players starting out on their journeys in Kalos!

Froakie is a frog Pokémon that's really earned its spot on this list of the best frog Pokémon, beating out its bigger brother Frogadier!

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The evolved form of Froakie, Frogadier has a bit more grown up look than its predecessor. This middle stage evolution has the cool look the Pokémon Company no doubt intended it to have.


As a middle stage Pokémon, Frogadier perhaps isn't the most popular of frog Pokémon, but its frog like qualities and the sheer popularity of its evolution line especially its final evolution mean it snatches a spot on this list.

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