The 10 Best Psychic Type Pokemon [Ranked]

There's a whole lot of Psychic type Pokemon which means there's a whole lot to love! Which Psychic type is the best? Is it Gardevoir?

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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The 10 Best Psychic Type Pokemon [Ranked]

1 /10


The monster at the end of Cerulean Cave, Mewtwo is a real beast of a Psychic type Pokemon! This Legendary Pokemon is one of the strongest Psychic types out there.

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With a truly monstrous Special Attack stat and great Speed, Mewtwo hits like a freight train. Mewtwo excels with damage dealing moves and its high HP stat gives it some good survivability.

Mewtwo is a Psychic type Pokemon opposing Pokemon fear!

Mega Mewtwo X

Mewtwo even has two Mega Evolutions! It can evolve into either Mega Mewtwo X or Mega Mewtwo Y. Both these forms can deal massive damage and make a formidable foe!

Mega Mewtwo Y

Mewtwo in any of its forms is an easy choice for the top spot as the best Psychic type Pokemon!

2 /10


In its base form Cosmog, Solgaleo was a major part of the story of Pokémon Sun and Moon. It of course evolves as part of that story into the fearsome and powerful Solgaleo, a mighty lion Pokemon!

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A Steel and Psychic type Pokemon, Solgaleo is totally immune to Poison type attacks used often by Poison type Pokemon. This Legendary Pokemon has nine type resistances, too.

With its high Attack stat Solgaleo is firmly in the realm of physical attackers.

Featuring heavily in the games and the Pokemon anime, Solgaleo is a popular and powerful Psychic Pokémon with a lot to love. For that reason it takes a high spot on this list!

3 /10


This Fairy and Psychic type Pokemon was introduced as a pure Psychic type, but in Pokémon X and Y it got given the Fairy type too!

With its beautiful design, high Special Attack stat, excellent Special Defense and great moves, Gardevoir is many fans' favorite Pokemon!


Easily one of the best Psychic Pokemon, Gardevoir even has a Mega Evolution where it can Mega Evolve into Mega Gardevoir! Mega Gardevoir gets a proper glow up and takes the elegant look even further!

Mega Gardevoir

Gardevoir also features on this list of the best Fairy type Pokemon!

Easily one of the best Psychic types, Gardevoir twirls into third place on this list of the best Psychic type Pokemon!

4 /10


Elegant forest witch Hatterene is a Fairy and Psychic type Pokemon introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

This Psychic Pokemon has a feminine look complete with witch's hat, but what looks like its body is actually its hair! Hatterene is the only known Pokemon which can learn the Magic Powder move!


With access to great moves like Calm Mind, Hatterene gets good type coverage with moves like Mystical Fire, and has recovery options using Draining Kiss! Hatterene even has a Gigantamax Form!

Gigantamax Hatterene

Hatterene has seen good use in competitive play, so she's not just a pretty face!

That's why she took a top-five spot on this list!

5 /10


One of the ever popular Eevee evolutions, Espeon is a slick and sophisticated cat Pokémon!

Not necessarily the strongest Pokemon out there, Espeon has great Special Attack and Speed stats. With its great movepool full of support moves and hard hitters such as Psychic and Future Sight, Espeon a good option for any team!


It even has a great recovery move, Morning Sun, which lets it recover HP!

Easily one of the more popular Pokemon out there, Espeon has to be considered among the best Psychic Pokemon too!

6 /10


The most powerful Psychic type Pokemon in the original games - apart from Mewtwo! - Alakazam is still a popular choice of partner!

Alakazam has a great Special Attack and a fantastic Speed, making it a swift, hard-hitting attacker. Holding its iconic spoons, Alakazam has a cool and almost humanoid design.


Alakazam can Mega Evolve into Mega Alakazam, a Psychic type Pokemon with five spoons and a very wizardy beard!

Mega Alakazam is a truly ferocious force in battle, with an almost absurdly high Speed and Special Attack stats!

Mega Alakazam

Mega Alakazam is a great offensive Pokemon with a versatile movepool including heavy hitters like Psychic, Fairy type Dazzling Gleam, and coverage moves like Shadow Ball and even Fighting type move, Focus Blast.

7 /10


A Fire and Psychic type Pokemon, Delphox is a popular Pokémon with a lot to love.

The final evolution of base form Fennekin, Delphox is a kind of Japanese folklore witch complete with its own wand.


Learning moves like Psychic, Mystical Fire, Shadow Ball and Future Sight, Delphox is fun to use in battle.

With decent speed Delphox is able to use its good Special Attack stat, although its other stats aren't the greatest.

But Delphox has a fun design based on the fox, and as the final evolution of a popular starter Pokémon it's popular with the fans, too. 

Delphox even got itself a spot on this list of the best fox Pokémon!

Delphox's many great qualities combine to give it a spot on this list above some other Psychic type Pokemon!

8 /10

Alolan Raichu

Raichu in its Kantonian form is a pure Electric type Pokemon, but in Alola, Raichu gets access to the Psychic typing and becomes a Psychic type Pokemon!

Not as popular as its world-famous little brother Pikachu, Raichu still has its own legion of fans. With a fun design based on surfers, Alolan Raichu is a speedy special attacker with some good coverage moves.

Alolan Raichu

Alolan Raichu gets to use powerful Psychic type moves such as Psychic and Psyshock, as well as utility moves like Dark type Nasty Plot, and even recovery moves like Draining Kiss.

Alolan Raichu is a fun choice for fans of Raichu as it shows some love to Raichu, which often goes forgotten in favor of Pikachu! That's why it has a place on this list of the best Psychic type Pokemon!

9 /10


Orbeetle is a Bug and Psychic type Pokemon introduced in Pokémon Sword and Shield.

With great Special Defense and Defense stats, Orbeetle is more of a tank than an offensive choice. Even so, its special attacks hit decently hard, although its physical attacks are more of a wet noodle.


Orbeetle has a unique design theme focused around UFOs, something even more apparent in its special Gigantamax Form!

Orbeetle also features on this list of the best Bug type Pokémon!

Gigantamax Orbeetle

10 /10


This Fire and Psychic type Pokemon is brand-new to the Pokemon franchise, having been introduced in recent games, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.


Armarouge evolves from Charcadet, a pure Fire type Pokemon, when exposed to the Auspicious Armor. Armarouge is one of two evolutions for little Charcadet, the other being Ceruledge, a Fire and Ghost type Pokemon!

Although a new Pokemon, Armarouge has an eye-catching design and a high Special Attack stat which means it's found itself many fans!

That's why it has a spot on this list of the best Psychic Pokemon!

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