How Long Can Pokemon Stay in Gyms in Pokemon Go?

If you want to get more Pokecoins, defending gyms is one way to do it. But how long can you keep a Pokemon in the gym?

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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How Long Can Pokemon Stay in Gyms in Pokemon Go?

Defending a gym is a key part of Pokemon Go. Apart from using Freecash to get Pokecoins for free, defending a gym is one of the only ways you can get Pokecoins in game.

Using Pokecoins, you can get Pokeballs, incubators, new outfits, and even increase your pokemon and bag storage. It's an excellent way to improve your enjoyment of the game without spending real cash.


How long can I keep a Pokemon in a Pokemon Go gym?

A pokemon can stay in a gym for as long as it's CP isn't depleted and it isn't defeated. You can keep healing your defender to maintain its CP and essentially hold up a gym forever.

This however can't be recommended as you only obtain Pokecoins when your defender returns. The longer a defender is able to remain active, the more PokeCoins you'll get.

How do I get my Pokemon to return from a gym?

Once your Pokemon's CP drops to 0, it will automatically return from defending a gym. There is no way to recall your Pokemon manually, which can lead to Pokemon being trapped in the gym for days.

This is why strategizing your defense can become important to maximize your earnings. Using tools like a Pokemon randomizer can help you choose a diverse and effective team for gym defense

Where to check how many Pokecoins I earned today?

Trainers can check their Pokecoin earnings by tapping the binoculars at the top right corner of the map. This brings up the Today View page, scroll down to find your Pokecoins earned section.


How do Pokecoin rewards work in Gym Defense?

You get 1 Pokecoin for every 10 minutes your defender is actively holding a gym, so in an hour you'll get 6 Pokecoins per defender.

Niantic limits the max Pokecoins you can earn per day to 50, which is equal to 8 hours 20 minutes of holding a gym with one defender.

How many gyms can I hold at the same time?

You can occupy up to 6 gyms at once in Pokemon Go.

Ideally you should be holding gyms in a location where attacks are moderately frequent. This allows your defenders to be defeated and return with your coins.

How many Pokemon can I keep in one gym?

You can only buttign 1 defender per gym, and the gym must be occupied by your faction (Mystic, Valor, Instinct).


How many Pokecoins can I get per hour, per day?

There is a hard limit of 50 Pokecoins you can per day in Pokemon Go. This includes Pokecoins earn from completing daily activities and also defending gyms.

Once your daily limit has been hit, returning gym defenders will not generate additional Pokecoins.

How many Pokecoins can I get per week?

With the daily limit, you are able to obtain 350 coins in a week by doing in-game tasks.

This is equivalent to 3 Premium Battle Pbuttes, 40 Pokeballs, 4 Lucky Eggs, 1 Super Incubator, and so on.

Considering it only takes 200 coins to upgrade your bag inventory space, or increase the number of Pokemon you can hold, this is a fantastic way to improve your quality of life in Pokemon Go. Alternatively, you can bypbutt Pokemon Go's Pokecoins limit by using Freecash App to get more Pokecoins.

How to bypbutt the 50 coin per day limit in Pokemon Go?

The first way to get more Pokecoins is by spending real cash. A small pack of 100 Pokecoins would cost around $0.99USD, and a big pack of 5,200 Pokecoins can cost up to $39.99 USD.

Obviously, this is a huge commitment to make if you want to obtain Pokecoins quickly; however, there is a way to get Pokecoins for free beyond the 50 coin per day limit.

A method available worldwide is Freecash, a legal offer wall that's one of the largest and most trusted GPT (Get-Paid-To) services right now. It's a verified rewards service with over 2 million+ monthly site visits, and is free-to-use for gamers to redeem Pokecoins.

This is an excellent way to earn additional Pokecoins per day, allowing you to bypbutt the limit set by Niantic without needing to defend a gym.



Gym Defense Strategies to Optimize Pokecoins

Due to the current hard limit and potential to get your Pokemon trapped in a gym (if no one defeats them), you should employ an intelligent strategy to optimize your defenses.

Here are a few ways to optimize your Pokecoin gains:

Aim to hold at least 8 hours 20 minutes in a day with your defenders. With multiple defenders, this can be accumulated fairly quick. For example, with 6 defenders you only need a defense time of 1 hour 25 minutes per Pokemon, to generate 50 coins.
Choose a location where attacks happen, you don't want your Pokemon to be trapped. This allows your Pokemon to be defeated and return to you with the coins.

Team up with a friend or local Pokemon Go group. Joining a local group will allow you to schedule attacks and defenses together, and ensures your Pokemon can be cycled out of the gym.

If you do end up trapped, request help from a friend or on social media. There are plenty of pbuttionate players who'll buttist you.
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