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How to Record Roblox Gameplay? Ultimate Guide

If you want to learn how to record your Roblox gameplay, then worry not. We bring you the best ways of recording your game, whether on PC or mobile.
How to Record Roblox Gameplay? Ultimate Guide

Roblox, like any game, can sometimes have moments that you want to share with others, may that be your friends, family, or random people on the internet. Trust us. We wish we had recorded all the sick no scopes we hit in No-scope arcade.

Recording gameplay is important also for any up-and-coming content creator who might want to record Roblox videos to share on social media platforms such as TikTok, Youtube, or Instagram for all their followers to see. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to record your Roblox gameplay, both for a PC and for mobile.

Keep in mind that the resolution of your recorded video will not go higher than the resolution of your game. If you feel like it’s too low and you don’t know how to change it, then, fortunately, we already have a guide on how to change the resolution on Roblox.

Recording Roblox Gameplay on a PC

If you're looking to record Roblox gameplay on a PC, there are three leading methods depending on what you want to use for recording. One of them, however, can only be used if your PC has Windows 10 or 11 installed.

Method 1: Using the Built-in Screen Recorder for Roblox

The first and easiest method is simply using the built-in screen recorder that comes with Roblox. To record Roblox gameplay this way, you'll have to

First, boot up Roblox and load in any game. If you aren’t able to join a game, then read our guide on what to do when unable to join Roblox.

Roblox Screen Recorder
  1. Click the Roblox icon on the upper left corner, which will pause the game.

  2. You'll see five subheadings on your screen (Players, settings, report, help, and record). Click on the 'Record' one to bring up two options for you to choose from. You could either take a normal screenshot or click on the screen recording button to start recording.

  3. You'll know you're in recording mode, as there will be a red outline surrounding your entire screen telling you your gameplay is being recorded.

  4. To stop recording at any time, simply pause, go to recording, and instead of 'start recording' you'll see an option to 'Stop recording'. Press it, and you'll find the recorded video in your files.

While this method is the easiest, as everyone can do it, there are certain cons. The first and most apparent is that the video recording quality leaves a lot to be desired, as the other methods we'll be showing are much better in that regard. For example, this built-in recorder Roblox provides its players with records in only 15-20 fps with 480 resolution.

Additionally, this recorder is limited when it comes to recording options. You can't include your voice while recording, and you can't display a webcam. However, sharing your recorded gameplay video becomes easy if you link your YouTube account.

Method 2: Using Xbox/Windows game bar

Our next Roblox screen recorder method is only for players playing Roblox on a PC with Windows 10 or 11 installed, as having access to the Xbox or Windows game bar is crucial for this to work.

  1. First, load in any Roblox game.

  2. Then, press Windows+G to bring up the Xbox game bar.

    Windows Game Bar

  3. If the recording box isn't there, press on 'capture' to make it pop up.

  4. From all the options you get, click on 'record' to begin recording your gameplay. Alternatively, you could press Windows+alt+R.

  5. While your Roblox gameplay is recording, you could press Windows+alt+M to toggle your microphone audio on and off if you want to record Roblox with voice.

    Roblox Windows Capture

  6. When you're done recording, bring up the game bar again and press 'stop recording'. Alternatively, you could press Windows+alt+R as well.

The Xbox game bar gameplay video recorder is much more preferred when compared to the built-in game recorder Roblox provides. Not only is the video quality better, but you could also record Roblox with voice via your microphone.

Method 3: Use OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) to Record Video

The final method for recording Roblox gameplay on a PC is downloading a software called OBS studio. Many Roblox players consider this to be the best screen recorder for Roblox out there, especially when taking into consideration the fact that it's completely free!

  1. Download and install OBS studio

  2. Launch both OBS studio and Roblox game

    Download OBS

  3. In the 'Scene' box of OBS, hit the '+' button and enter any title such as 'Roblox gameplay',

  4. Go to the 'Sources' section and click the '+' again, where you'll want to choose 'Game Capture' from the drop-down list, opening a new window. Game capture ensures that you record only the gameplay screen and nothing else.OBS Game Capture
  5. In the new window, select the source name you created previously. Tick the box beside 'Make source visible' and hit OK.

  6. Click on the box next to 'Mode' for a drop down menu with multiple options. Here, select 'Capture specific window.'
    Properties Game Capture
  7. As long as you have Roblox running, it will be shown as an option in the 'Window' drop-down menu. Click it, and the game will preview on OBS' interface. Hit OK to save the changes.

  8. Finally, click 'Start Recording' and play Roblox as you normally would. Once you're recording for the day, select 'Stop Recording', and your recorded video will be saved in your files.

Probably the most used feature is the one that allows users to directly stream the game on platforms such as Twitch, making this a very useful program for content creators especially Finally, OBS studio offers users many settings that can be freely customized, such as the recording path, recording format, encoder, etc.

Recording Roblox Gameplay on Mobile

If you have an iOS 9 or greater device or maybe an Android 5.0 or higher one and want to record your Roblox gameplay, then we have you covered! There are two recommended methods for recording the game on both iOS and Android devices, and we'll be going through all of them.

Method 1: Using the Built-In Screen Recorder

Typically, all newer android and iOS devices have a built-in screen record feature that records the entire screen, regardless of what application or game is playing. To use it,

  1. Open Roblox and load in any game.

  2. Go to Control Center on iOS or Quick Settings Menu on Android and click the record button.IOS screen record
  3. Continue to play the game as you want.

  4. When you're done, go to the Control Center or quick settings again and press 'Stop Recording'.

Similar to the built-in recorder Roblox provides to PC players, this recorder is also extremely easy to use. However, the resolution is much better, and you're able to use your microphone's voice.

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