How to Show Ping in Roblox? (Easy and Quick Working Methods)

Here's everything you need to know about displaying ping in Roblox!
How to Show Ping in Roblox? (Easy and Quick Working Methods)

Roblox is an online gaming platform where you play and create games with other users worldwide, with it depending on immersion to maximize the online gaming experience. However, online gamers will know there’s nothing quite as immersion-breaking as going through connection issues when playing a game but not knowing how to check if the issue is because of high ping. Well, worry not, as we’re here with every possible way to check the ping in Roblox!

Essentially, there are three ways to display your ping in Roblox. The first way uses shortcut keys to do it, while the other one involves going into the settings and turning on the feature manually. The final way, meanwhile, asks for you to open the resource manager and check your ping from there. Unfortunately, if you’re a Roblox Mobile player, then there’s no way for you to show your ping.

Method #1 - Using Shortcut Keys (Quickest method)

The first and easiest method to show your ping in Roblox is by using a keyboard shortcut to bring up a menu displaying all network statistics, including your current ping stats. To do this, simply:

  1. Load in any Roblox game

  2. Hold down the shift key and press F3

And it’s that simple! If done correctly, you should see the menu at the bottom left of the screen, showing not only your ping but more network activities and statistics related to your current internet connection status as well.

Roblox Ping Shortcut

As long as you keep the shortcut key combination held down, the performance stats window should stay, with it disappearing as soon as you let go of the same shortcut keys, making this specific method extremely useful when you want to run a quick little reliable ping test.

Roblox Ping

Alternatively, many Roblox players prefer to use the shortcut key combination 'Shift+F5' to bring in a window at the top left of the screen. This window shows fps, physics, render, network receive, and other network-related information. Unlike the F3 one, this window stays up even without holding down the shortcut keys and only goes away when pressing the shortcut combination again.

Method #2 - Enabling Performance Stats in Settings

Now comes the second method, which, while not as easy as the first one, actually might be more convenient depending on the circumstances as it constantly shows your ping stats on screen without you having to hold anything down. All you have to do is:

  1. Load in any Roblox game

  2. Go to the settings menu

  3. Scroll down till you find ‘Performance Stats’

  4. Click the arrow pointing right to turn it on

Roblox Performance Stat

You should now be seeing the performance stats menu, or performance panel, at the top of your screen constantly, which includes not only your ping but your CPU usage as well. A good tool if we do say so ourselves.

Similar to how you turned it on, if you don’t want to see the menu anymore, then simply go to settings, scroll to ‘Performance Stats’, and this time instead of turning it on, click on the arrow pointing left to turn it off.

Method #3 - Using the Resource Monitor

By using this method, instead of the ping being shown on the game's screen, you will instead see it on the resource monitor window. To do this:

  1. Open the resource monitor by pressing the windows key and searching it in the search box

  2. Tap on 'Network' from the top of the window, which will display all programs consuming your internet connection.

    Roblox Resource Monitor

  3. Expand the 'TCP Connections' menu to see the latency, or ping, of your current Roblox session.

This method, while passable, is neither as quick nor as easy as the other two we mentioned. Hence, we recommend that only a true game nerd goes for this one.

Roblox Ping Resource Monitor

It is recommended that when playing an online game, the ping be less than 45. Lower ping will result in less latency, which will lead to you having a better gaming experience. On the other hand, higher ping might cause delays and stuttering, which, when playing online games, is a recipe for a complete disaster.

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