3 Easy Methods To Make Roblox Fullscreen

If you are not into playing in Windowed Mode, we have a fix!
3 Easy Methods To Make Roblox Fullscreen

No one likes playing games in Windowed Mode. It can be boring, less immersive, and extremely distracting. Plus, if you’re playing an intense shooter game, then you’re likely to accidentally press the toolbar and thus lose the match.

This is annoying. We know. So let’s talk about the solution. Going fullscreen on Roblox can improve your gaming experience and give you a better chance of aiming guns and spotting enemies in Roblox. But how does that work? Fret not, because this guide will answer everything you need to know about how to make Roblox fullscreen Roblox.

Essentially, there are three ways of playing Roblox games on fullscreen. And yes, we won’t just be covering Microsoft OS but also Apple’s Mac.

Roblox Fullscreen

You can either press keys together on your keyboard, change settings from the game menu, or permanently change it to default.

Shift + F11 or Ctrl + ENTER

This is possibly the easiest of all three methods, but the downside is that you’ll have to manually toggle the settings each time.

To go fullscreen on Roblox, simply press the F11 key along with the Shift key or try to press Ctrl + Enter. You’ll instantly switch from the Windowed Mode to Fullscreen Mode.

fullscreen binds

Similarly, to go back from Fullscreen mode on Roblox, you just need to press the Shift and F11 keys again. This method works for both Mac and Windows.

Use Hamburger Icon

It may be that the previous method does not work, or maybe your F11 key isn’t working. After all, what are the odds of that happening

Either way, an alternative method to move into Fullscreen on Roblox is by first launching Roblox and clicking on the icon, which will resemble a hamburger. This will likely be on the top left corner. 

Afterward, simply go to the “Settings” tab and locate “Fullscreen”. By default, this option will be turned off. Therefore to enable full-screen mode, you’ll have to click to toggle the settings.

For the case of the Mac, you can also go full-screen mode by simply clicking on the “Maximise” option.

Fullscreen On Roblox Permanently

While everyone likes their options, some Roblox players prefer saving time instead toggling settings from the taskbar each time they have to play the game.

If you want to permanently change the mode to Fullscreen by default, then you’ll just have to keep a focus on how you leave the game for next time.

Fullscreen Roblox

Basically, after changing settings to Full screen using the above two methods, don’t toggle to Windowed Mode to close the game. Instead, always opt for the “Leave Game” option. Alternatively, you can also use the escape key on your keyboard.

This way, every time you run Roblox Studio Application, you’ll automatically be in Full-screen Mode. In this guide, we discussed PC-related issues, but what about smartphones? Click here to learn more about how to get Robux on your smartphone.

Going Fullscreen On Roblox When Using A Browser

roblox browser fullscreen

As you may be aware, Roblox can also be played on popular browsers such as Google Chrome.

If you’re someone who prefers to play Roblox games on a browser, then you essentially have two ways to go fullscreen. The main method is to use the shortcut keys that are F11+Shift.

However, you can also do the following:

  1. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of Chrome

  2. Navigate until you find the zoom option

  3. Now, click the square which you will see beside it

And voila, you should now successfully be in fullscreen mode. Note that this is specifically for Google Chrome, but other browsers will have a similar interface.

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