How To Get Free Robux On Mobile Roblox [2 Legit Ways]

This article will show You all available legitimate methods of getting free Robux in Roblox mobile.

Updated on Feb 19, 2023
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How To Get Free Robux On Mobile Roblox [2 Legit Ways]

What Is Robux Used For In Roblox?

Robux is a premium currency used for purchasing microtransactions, game pbuttes, and other premium content from the avatar shop in Roblox. Besides buying Robux directly, players can also purchase a Roblox Premium, a monthly subscription to this game that grants various benefits.

There are few membership tiers, and each one is distinct, but they all share a common trait - they grant free Robux, a bonus of 10% when buying Robux, as well a Robux discount.

How To Get Free Robux For Roblox?

In one of our previous articles, we wrote about getting free Robux in Roblox, and most of the ways we mentioned there can't be achieved on a mobile device.

Unfortunately, players who'd like to get free Robux using their mobile devices will have a hard time because none of the "official" methods are available there, and they will simply need to use a PC or a laptop if they wish to use these methods.

Fortunately, there are still two available ways of getting free Robux on a mobile device, so check them out below.

Method #1: Freecash

The first available method is Freecash, a get-paid-to service with only an Android app (sorry, Apple fans). Freecash is probably the only method you can use to get free Robux on Android devices, but despite that, it's still the best way to achieve it, which you'll soon realize.

In addition, using Freecash is also a completely safe and genuine way to get Robux, which is demonstrated by hundreds of daily users who are getting not only free Robux but other stuff as well, completely free!

4.8 / 5

Freecash is an entirely safe and legal offer wall and get-paid-to site that offers various payout options and a really attractive coin exchange rate compared to its competitors.

Payout Options
5 / 5
5 / 5
Coin Exchange Rate
5 / 5
Methods for Earning Money Available
4.5 / 5
User Experience
5 / 5

You're only four steps away from getting the free Robux, believe it or not, so without any more delay, check them out:

Sign Up On Freecash

To be able to use Freecash, you'll need an account first, which you can easily create by tapping the "Sign Up" option in the app. There, you'll only have to enter the basics: username, pbuttword, and email address.

The only two alternative ways to sign up are Google and Steam.

And if you'd like to get the chance of winning up to $250, which is basically more than 70k Robux (discover the latest Robux prices), make sure to use our bonus code "TGG" once you register, and maybe you'll be a lucky winner!

This is where you can type

Collect Freecash Coins

The next thing to do is to start collecting the Freecash Coins - a virtual currency received upon completing online tasks, which is later exchanged for Robux (or any other rewards). To begin, tap on the "Earn" panel in the app.

These offers are always based on your current location, and are different for everyone.

This screenshot is taken on a PC browser for the sake of cleaner UI, but it looks nearly identical on a mobile app. In any case, you'll find various offers below the "Offer Walls"; every single offer will contain various online tasks. Some of the online tasks may include completing the surveys, and quizzes, watching videos for a specific amount of time, completing mobile game achievements, and many more. 


Cash In Freecash Coins

As soon as you complete a sufficient amount of tasks and receive Freecash Coins, you'll be able to cash them in and get a Roblox gift card - which is how you'll get free Robux! Tap on the "Cashout" option in the app, and you'll find more than available options for cashing in, including Roblox. 

Other than Roblox, you can use Freecash for many other stuff you can see on this screenshot.

You’ll find Roblox between some other games, so tap on it.

Of course, there aren't any limits on how many times you can withdraw Roblox gift cards from Freecash.

Then, you'll be able to pick between four different denominations from $10 to $50, but you'll only be able to make a choice based on how many Freecash Coins you've accumulated so far. 


Redeem Roblox Gift Card Code To Get Free Robux

After taping on the sum of your choice, all you'll need to do is tap on the "Withdraw" option.

Redeeming Roblox gift cards on mobile is much more challenging than doing it on a PC.

After that, you'll immediately receive a Roblox gift card code, which you can redeem to top up your Roblox account. Then all that's left is to purchase Robux! The current prices of Robux are: 

  • 400 Robux for $4.99
  • 800 Robux for $9.99
  • 1700 Robux for $19.99


Method #2: Idle Empire

Another comparable but much less practical method than Freecash, Idle Empire is a reward-based service that you may use to get free Robux. Unfortunately, this service has no dedicated mobile app, but you can use it directly on a mobile web browser without any issues. 

Of course, Idle Empire is also a legitimate service, or we wouldn't have included it in this article. 


Idle Empire is just an okay-ish alternative to Freecash.
4.5 / 5

Idle Empire is one of the hottest offer wall websites with multiple ways to earn some money in a gift card, cryptocurrencies, or PayPal funds

Payout Options
5 / 5
5 / 5
Coin Exchange Rate
3.5 / 5
Methods For Earning Money
5 / 5
User Experience
4.5 / 5
4 / 5

So have a look at the four necessary steps before you get your free Robux using Idle Empire:

Register On Idle Empire

The first step towards getting the free Robux is signing up and entering only three required details, which are name, email address, and pbuttword.

There are six alternative options of signing up, which is always a great addition.

Alternatively, you can do it using your Steam, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord accounts!


Earn The Idle Empire Coins

Idle Empire has its own virtual currency called Idle Empire Coins, which you can also earn by completing various online tasks. It goes without saying that you can exchange them for Robux. Simply head to the "Earn" page on their website to begin.

Feel free to choose whatever you want here.

This is where it gets interesting; you'll now be able to choose between offers, surveys, promotions, watching the videos, or even invite your friends through the invite link to receive Idle Empire coins.

The choice is ultimately yours, and whichever task you complete will grant you some currencies as a reward.


Exchange Idle Empire Coins

If you've been using Freecash, you know the drill; completing the tasks will grant you a virtual currency you can exchange for some of the available rewards.

Select the "Withdraw" option on their website, and you'll find a few pages of available rewards. Roblox is at the bottom of the first page, so you won't miss it.

Make sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the first page to find Roblox gift cards.

Tap on the Roblox option, and you'll only have one option: exchange 105,000 Idle Empire Coins for a $10 worth of Roblox Gift Card.

Obtain Roblox Gift Card Code To Get Free Robux

Once you select the Roblox Gift Card, you'll need to confirm the withdrawal, after which you'll receive a gift card code.

You can just copy and paste Roblox gift card code into this field and redeem it.

And when you do, you'll be able to redeem it right away and top up your Roblox account, so you can get Robux!


Things To Avoid

If you ever tried looking for methods of getting free Robux, regardless of whether it was on a mobile device or a PC, there's a big likelihood that you've stumbled across the free Robux generators.

At first, they may seem appealing, promising you codes for Roblox that will grant you Robux.

But when you took a better look, you've probably realized that they are a scam, and if it were possible to obtain Robux through some free generators, everyone would be doing it, and no one would ever have to spend a dime on Robux anymore.

Yeah, this must be 100% legit.

Unfortunately, you'll either have to pay out or complete tasks to get Robux, and there's simply no way around it. And if you're on a mobile device, it's even more challenging, especially since you aren't left with many alternatives.

The entire point of this article is to prove that these are the only available legit methods of getting free Robux, and before we wrote it, we had to do in-depth research first to determine what's what.

The second point is that you should definitely use Freecash as your primary choice for getting free Robux on mobile devices because it’s the most superior choice and has a mobile app.


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