(Solved) How to Fix Roblox Something Went Wrong Error Quickly

While the Roblox mobile applications have fewer errors when compared to the PC version, the something went wrong error is an extremely common one.

Updated on Nov 28, 2022
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(Solved) How to Fix Roblox Something Went Wrong Error Quickly

The mobile Roblox app is one that over a million players use every month. However, despite all that activity, it isn't without its faults and errors. Take the 'something went wrong please try again later' error message, for example, that might show up on the mobile app when someone's trying to log in to their account (although it might occasionally show up mid-game as well)

Fortunately, when it comes to mobile errors, pretty much every problem has the same set of potential solutions. Error 280, for example, will have the same solutions as this specific error when it comes to fixes.

Method 1: Do a Connection Test

As with most server connection errors, this one can also be a result of your own network connection being too slow or unstable. To ensure this isn't the case, try using the internet in different places and applications.

Something Went Wrong

Additionally, if you have access to some other internet connection, try connecting to that and trying to log in using the same account. Finally, try doing a speed test from any third-party site such as Ookla to see if your download speed and upload speed are both as they should be.

Method 2: Check Roblox Server Status

Oftentimes this specific error could be a result of either the server being under maintenance or going through some issues. To ensure this isn't the case, go to the official Roblox status page, and check the most recent entry. Here you'll also see the estimated server downtime.

Roblox server status

Additionally, you could go to some third-party sites such as downdetector or even Twitter to see if others have reported similar network connection problems. In the case that it turns out the servers actually are under maintenance, here's our article on what to do when Roblox servers are under maintenance.

Method 3: Uninstall and Reinstall Roblox App

So you've confirmed there aren't any server or internet-related issues going on. This means you're left with only one thing to do: uninstall and then reinstall the Roblox app. By doing so, not only will the issue go away if it's only a minor glitch, but if it turns out you were having storage issues, you won't be able to download it again, in which case you'll have to look for a secondary storage option.

Uninstalling roblox

Most phones that use the Android operating system allow you to uninstall applications in the settings app.

The settings application has an 'app manager' option, where you'll have to look for the Roblox application and then click on uninstall. For iOS users, you'll have to long press on the Roblox widget on the home screen, click on remove app, and then tap delete app to uninstall it completely.

Finally, go to either the Google Play Store or App Store, search Roblox in the search bar, and click on install. Once the downloading and installation process is complete, boot the application and attempt to log in to your Roblox account.

Method 4: Try Using a Different Roblox Account

If nothing thus far has worked, there's a chance the issue isn't because of anything else but your own Roblox account being banned, suspended, or caught in a glitch. If you have a secondary account then use that, otherwise, make a new temporary account and see if you're able to log in.

If the screen doesn't tell you to please try again later, then you'll have to contact Roblox support to get the issue fixed.

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