How to Check Playtime in Roblox (3 Working Methods)

If you’ve ever wanted to keep track of how long you spend playing any game on Roblox, then you’re at the right place. Learn how to on both PC and mobile

Updated on Nov 28, 2022
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How to Check Playtime in Roblox (3 Working Methods)

Don't you love getting addicted to a game and then, after losing yourself in it for weeks or sometimes months, going to the settings or your user profile and checking how many hours you've actually played it? After all, it's so easy to do so in games like Minecraft, as well as any game you play through Steam.

Well, many players read, "You can check how many minutes or hours played in the game by clicking on the "My Statistics" GUI found in the bottom right corner." written on the Roblox official website, and think it's that easy when it comes to checking the time spent playing Roblox. However, upon checking the bottom right corner, they aren't able to find their playtime statistics.

This is because there's no official way to know how long you've played Roblox. Fortunately, there are various extensions and other methods to see how much time you've spent playing this game, even if you do so while appearing offline. Didn’t know you could do that? Well, fortunately, we have a guide for how to appear offline on Roblox.

How to Check Playtime In Roblox?

There are many browser extensions that track the time spent playing games on Roblox. However, we have found that none of them are as effective as RoPro, a browser extension for both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Of course, if you use the system application version, then this won't work. Therefore, you'll have to be playing on the browser version.

Roblox RoPro

All you have to do is search and add RoPro to your browser, enable it, then go to the Roblox site. There, you'll have to verify your user, and the extension will now track the time you spend playing any game. Unfortunately, this does not track the hours you might have spent from your join date till the present and only starts keeping track since the time you add the extension.

Unfortunately, some browser extensions might malfunction from time to time and give you a connection error. If this happens to you then go through our fix for the ‘connection failed’ error on Roblox.

DeskTime Roblox

Additionally, if you don't play on the browser version, then you can install software such as Desk Time and Work Doctor. There are many computer software available to download that track how much time you spend on games and other applications installed on your computer, both free and paid. Just be sure to view comments and reviews first.

Check How Many Hours Spent Playing Roblox on Mobile

If you play Roblox on a phone or tablet instead of a PC and want to track your hours played on Roblox, then there are a few ways to do so.

Method 1: Built-in Screen Time Tracker

Something that both Android devices as well as iOS devices have in common is that they both come with a built-in screen time tracker. The second thing they have in common is that they run out of memory way too quickly. If this issue stops you from playing Roblox, then check our guide on what to do when you get error 286 because of not having enough memory to run Roblox.

Android (Digital Wellbeing)

In the case of Android devices, it's called Digital Wellbeing and typically comes pre-installed with most android phones. If that doesn't apply to you, then you can simply search for it on the Playstore and install it from there.

Digital Wellbeing

What it does is track the time spent using an application, as well as allow you to set specific hours as "work time" where you won't be able to use specific apps. Very handy to get rid of any social media or game addiction you might have.

iOS (Screen Time)

Similar to its Android counterpart, iOS' Screen Time can be found in the settings, where it's constantly tracking the time your screen spends displaying specific applications. What's more, is that it's possible to access graphs and further statistics on your application usage.

Screen Time comes built-in with all iOS devices, may they be mobiles or iPads, and don't require any further installations.

Method 2: Digital Balance

An extremely useful app found in Chinese smartphones is digital balance. First introduced in EMUI 9, this app, when enabled from the phone settings, tracks and shows the total screen usage time spent on all applications installed on your phone.

What's more, is that you can tap 'more' in the Digital Balance app to access more detailed usage statistics with data and graphs for each of the apps during the day or in the last seven days.

Digital Balance

This application also has screen time management, so if the reason you want to know how much time you spend on Roblox is so you can limit your screen time, then this will help you with that.

Finally, similar to on PC, there are multiple screen tracking applications and software you can install on your mobile devices to check how much time you spend playing Roblox. For example, DeskTime, the software we mentioned on PC, is also available to download on both Android and iOS devices.

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