[Solved] How to Fix The Avatar Page Error in Roblox Quickly

Do you keep running into Avatar Page Error in Roblox and have no idea what is causing it? Well read this guide fix the issue in no time.

Updated on Nov 28, 2022
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[Solved] How to Fix The Avatar Page Error in Roblox Quickly

More than a handful of users have now reported random errors popping up on the Avatar page of Roblox. While this doesn't necessarily stop you from actually playing the game, it will prevent you from accessing the avatar page and editing your Roblox character.

The fact is that without the ability to access the avatar page, you won't be able to personalize your character the way you like. This is one of the best features of Roblox, which allows every user to create their own avatar that's specific to their taste and personality. The Avatar error will hinder your experience and take away the customizability, which is the core aspect of Roblox.

Avatar page roblox

But this brings forward a few questions. What exactly is the Roblox avatar editor page error, and why does it occur? More importantly, how do you fix this error? Let's find 0ut.

What is the Roblox Avatar Editor Page Error?

When you open the Roblox app and sign into your account, you'll find your avatar's image on the banner at the left. If you click on this page, you'll get the avatar customization page, which will allow you to change your character's appearance.

When this error occurs, you won't be able to see your avatar on the customization page and will see a red banner that says "The avatar page is temporarily unavailable" at the top.

avatar page error

What Causes This Error?

You'll be glad to know that this error isn't due to anything you did. In fact, it happens when there is an issue on the part of the Roblox team. When the Roblox Servers are down for some reason, users won't be able to access the Roblox avatar page and will face this error.

This page depends on the official Roblox servers, and everything it displays is actually sent over by the server to your Roblox app. That's why when the servers aren't communicating with your computer, the error page shows up.

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If the servers aren't actually causing this problem, then the cause could lie with your internet connection, or your internet service provider.

How To Fix the Roblox Avatar Page Error?

There are a few ways that you can try to fix this error. It is important to note that it the error is due to the Roblox servers, then there isn't much you can do about it. Just wait for the Roblox team to get their servers running again, and you'll be good to go.

Try Using a VPN

VPN applications are a lifesaver when it comes to most other Roblox errors, especially the Roblox is down for maintenance error.

A VPN effectively changes your IP address from your country to any other country of your choice. The Roblox server that is connected to your computer is located in your country and communicates with every other user of your region. If this server is the root of this issue, then the best solution would be to change it to one that is working and is located in another region of the world.

It is a bummer that Roblox doesn't allow you to change servers manually from inside the game, and it would obviously be impossible to relocate to another country just to connect to a working server. That's where VPN applications come in. These can fool the Roblox game to think that you're actually from another region of the world. This would automatically connect you to the server communicating with the people of that region.

Most good VPN applications for Roblox Game are not free, and you'll have to pay for a monthly or yearly membership. But if getting rid of Roblox errors is actually important to you, then go ahead and get a membership plan for access to all the features of the VPN application.

How to Use a VPN on Roblox

In order to change your IP address using a VPN, just follow these steps:

  1. Download A VPN: Pick any VPN of your choice and download the application onto your computer. Consider buying a membership as well if you want to, but even a free version should work if you can handle the ads and limited bandwidth allowance.

  2. Run the VPN: Once you have downloaded the VPN and bought it's membership, simply run the application. From the VPN application, select your preferred location of proxy and click on start. This will change your virtual location to spoof Roblox servers. Knowing the location of Roblox servers will help a lot.

  3. Run Roblox Game: From your computer's desktop, double-click on the Roblox Game's avatar to run it.

  4. Go into the Avatar page: Once you have launched Roblox and signed into your account, go into the same avatar page that had been showing errors prior to running the VPN. If Everything went well, the error message will disappear and the Roblox avatar page will load normally again.

If you start to experience the same error again after some time, even with the VPN turned on, then it's quite possible that the server of the country you chose in the VPN is now down. In that case, try turning off the VPN and check if that resolves the issue.

Fix your Internet Connection

There is a slim chance that the cause of this error lies on your end. This could be due to a feeble internet speed, or bad internet cache settings. You should also check your ping in Roblox, which is a clear giveaway for bad internet. The fix for this is slightly complicated, but try to follow through.

How to Clear DNS Cache

To fix our Internet settings, we will have to clear the DNS cache, which should allow us to get the Avatar page working again. This is how you pull this off:

Step 1: Open Command Prompt

Press the Windows key on your keyboard to open the start menu. Type "cmd" into the search bar and the command prompt application should show up.

Command prompt window

Click on run as administrator, and press yes when a pop-up window opens. The command prompt should now open up.

Step 2: Flush the DNS

Once the command prompt is open, enter the following commands into it in this order and press enter:

  • ipconfig /flushdns

  • netsh int ipv4 reset

  • netsh int ipv6 reset

  • netsh winhttp reset proxy

  • netsh winsock reset

  • ipconfig / registerdns

Make sure that you press enter after putting in each command. The command prompt will show a positive response after each command.

Once the final command has been entered, the command prompt should show that your DNS and proxies have been cleared.

Step 3: Start the Game

After clearing the DNS, start the Roblox game again, and you should now be able to access the Avatar editor page again, without any error. In case the issue is still persistent, then try creating a new DNS server using the following method.

Create A New DNS

Another good way to fix your internet is to create a new DNS server. Just follow these steps:

Step 1: Go into the Network and Sharing Center

Open the control panel from the start menu. Click on the Network and Internet options and a screen should open up. From here, simply click on the Network and Sharing Center.

Step 2: Open The Internet Properties

Once the Network and Sharing Center screen is opened, locate the "Change Adapter Settings" that's on the left side of this screen. On the screen that opens up, right click on your Connection Type and click on Properties.

Step 3: Change The DNS Server Settings

In the properties panel, find the "Internet Protocol Version 4", which is also called TCP /Ipv4. From here, enter the following DNS settings:

  • Preferred DNS Server:

  • Other DNS Server:

Once you enter these values, click on "Verify Settings" and then press OK to apply the changes.

Launch the Roblox application after the changes have been applied. With any luck, your game should start working properly now.

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