How to Change Keybinds Controls In Roblox [Step-By-Step Guide]

Are you having trouble setting custom keybinds for your favorite Roblox game. Well, fret not, as this guide will help you set your controls in no time.

Updated on Nov 28, 2022
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How to Change Keybinds Controls In Roblox [Step-By-Step Guide]

Players from all over the world, at different stages of life, enjoy Roblox's plethora of games. It has a game for everyone. Casual titles, social games, shooters, and so on, there seems to be no end to the variety of games that Roblox has.

But having so many different genres means different controls for each. One of the major advantages of being a PC gamer is the fact that the input devices that you use, namely the keyboard and mouse, can provide you with countless options to mix and match the controls of the game. This is not the case with controllers or users that play with mobile devices.

Let's suppose you really like a game in Roblox and want to invest more time in it. Unfortunately, the PC controls for that game are downright awful and difficult to use. In such cases, how can you change the controls for that game to something that makes more sense and doesn't leave cramps in your wrists? Let's find out!

What Are The Default Controls For Most Roblox Games

Roblox has default controls that make sense for most games. These controls are in use in every game out of the box without any changes. It's best if you get on board with these, as they'll help you out whenever you start playing a new Roblox game. Do watch out for some of the worst games on Roblox that aren't worth your time.

Default Roblox Keybind

Basic Movement Controls

If you have ever played any computer game, you should be familiar with the standard WASD controls that most video games use.

For new users, it may seem awkward at first because the arrow keys make perfect sense for basic movement controls. However, on closer inspection, you would realize that the WASD keys are right in the middle of a sea of various other keys. This allows easy access to most other keyboard controls without having to move your fingers or hands around too much. On top of that, when you use your left hand for movement, your right hand is free to use the mouse for camera controls. The controls are as follows:

  • W key: Move Forward

  • S Key: Move Backward

  • A key: Move Left

  • D key: Move Right

Someone who isn't familiar with these controls, or simply wants right-handed movement in a game that doesn't have camera controls, can simply go ahead and use the arrow keys as well. You won't need to change the controls as both sets of movement options are activated as default. The controls are as follows:

  • Up Arrow: Move Forward

  • Down Arrow: Move Backward

  • Left Arrow: Move Left

  • Right Arrow: Move Right

That's quite simple, but you might be wondering what buttonacts as a default for Jump. Regular gamers would know this, as the spacebar key acts as the jump button . Its easy access using your left thumb makes it the perfect key for this action.

In certain games, it might help to know how to walk slowly in Roblox on pc.

Camera and mouse sensitivity

Camera and mouse sensitivity denotes how the responsiveness of your mouse to the movement of the camera. In short, a higher mouse sensitivity gives you more camera movement on even the slightest of mouse motions.

Roblox Camera Sensitivity

Roblox uses two GUI elements to allow tweaking of this setting. The simpler one is basically a slider with ten boxes. You can choose between no boxes, which sets the sensitivity to 0, or you can set it to 1, which can be done by getting all 10 boxes blue.

For more advanced editing, you can use the input box to set any value between 0 to 1. This allows for infinite possibilities, as you can use non-integer values to specify the exact amount of sensitivity you want. As default, this is set to 5 bars or 0.5 in the input box.

Users with gaming mice or mice that have a changeable dpi setting should also consider changing that setting. A higher dpi would give you more sensitive mouse controls, so it's worth changing that to anywhere between 800-2000 dpi before you change in-game sensitivity.

How to change keyboard controls in any Roblox Game?

Changing Roblox PC controls for games is a fairly simple process. However, you should remember that not all Roblox games allow you to change the key bindings. For such games, you will have to play around with the default keys or maybe try a third-party app that soft-swaps one key for another. Opting for a controller might work if you can't find any suitable solution to this.

If it is a game that allows you to change controls, just follow these steps.

Step 1: Open Roblox

Double-click on the Roblox PC app on your desktop to open it, and sign in to your account. If you proceed as a guest user, you may lose any changes you have made to the controls. Knowing how to fix the Roblox not loading issue might be of help if it occurs at this stage.

Step 2: Open a Game

From the main screen, find the game you want to change to controls for and open it. Knowing how to make the Roblox go into fullscreen mode might be helpful at this point.

Step 3: Open Settings

Change Controls Roblox

Once you have entered the game session, press the ESC key on your keyboard. This should be on the top left corner of your keyboard.

Upon pressing the ESC key, the game should pause, and you'll be presented with a menu. Locate the settings buttonwithin this menu and open it.

Step 4: Change Controls

Locate the Controls tab in the settings menu. Once here, you'll find different keyboard keys, each with its own binding.

Simply double-click on the binding you want to change and press the buttonyou want to replace it with.

Why Would You Want To Change the controls?

Due to the wide range of game genres on Roblox, there comes the need to change the input bindings to your desired control scheme. Basic Roblox controls may work for most games with a third-person perspective and simple actions like camera and movement mode. However, an adjustment to these basic controls becomes a necessity when more complex actions, like shooting, driving, etc, are a part of the game.

Roblox Change Controls

Some games have their own default settings for these complex actions. But most of the time, the player can make a better decision on which key binding works best for them. Hence, the ability to change Roblox PC controls for these games gives the players the freedom to pick their own preferred control scheme.

Maybe you're a southpaw and want to swap the right mouse buttonfor the left. Or maybe you use a certain action a lot more than others and would prefer it in a more accessible position. If you have a gaming mouse, the extra buttonson your mouse need to be bound to a specific action keybind in order to work. All this requires you to use Roblox PC controls for a more custom experience.

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