How to Get Free Kits in BedWars Roblox [4 Working Methods]

Kits are exclusive bundles in Roblox BedWars that cost 399 or 799 Robux. However, there are ways to get them for free as well.

Updated on Feb 19, 2023
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How to Get Free Kits in BedWars Roblox [4 Working Methods]

Roblox, the insanely popular gaming platform, continues to develop and improve new game modes and games to tailor the experience of the millions of players that log in on a monthly basis. One of those games is called Roblox BedWars.

Roblox BedWars kits (bundles) are exclusive to this BedWars game, which is influenced by things like the ability players get when they purchase a kit, along with the option to use that skin. However, the average kit is 399 Robux, while others are as high as 799 Robux. All in all, it takes 9976 Robux to purchase all non battle pbutt kits.

With that in mind, what if we told you there were ways to get free kits without spending any Robux? Well, no Robux that you yourself have bought. However, if you do want Robux, then there are definitely ways to get free Robux in Roblox instead of buying it.

Get Kits for Free By Using

The first and most effective method is using the offer wall website Freecash (formerly known as freeskins) to get free kits. Don’t know how offer wall websites work? Well, it’s easy

  1. Go to

  2. Sign up with a new account if you don’t already have one made

  3. Complete featured offers and surveys to earn coins

  4. Cash those coins out for rewards that include Roblox gift cards that you can redeem and use to buy BedWars kits.

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Freecash is an entirely safe and legal offer wall and get-paid-to site that offers various payout options and a really attractive coin exchange rate compared to its competitors.

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And it’s that simple! Many players recommend you purchase Robux with Microsoft or Xbox gift cards to get more Robux on average. If you think the same, then Freecash allows you to trade in coins for those as well! Of course, there are other offer wall websites around that offer similar services, but there are many reasons why Freecash beat them all.

freecash webfront
  • The featured offers at Freecash are always straightforward and easy to complete as opposed to other websites.

  • If you need to ask questions, then there are actual humans waiting to help you while other websites have bots that send automated unhelpful messages

  • Their leaderboard system makes it like a friendly competition, with players getting rewarded with coins for climbing higher.

  • Redeeming coins to get rewards is a quick and seamless process when compared to other websites that have you wait hours or sometimes days.

  • 1000 coins roughly equal to $1, and by using code TGG you’re able to earn up to 250,000 almost instantly!

Taking Advantage of the Free Kits Rotation

If you're wondering how to get free kits in BedWars Roblox, this is the first way. Every week, there are three kits that are made usable for players completely free of cost until the next rotation (which happens exactly seven days later). While players do lose access to those kits in a week, that doesn't take away from the fact that they're able to use them freely until then.

As for when the rotation takes place, while in the past it used to be every Monday, based on past activity it seems like they changed it so that the rotation takes place every Friday instead. Additionally, there used to be only two skins added in the rotation before.

Take Part in Limited-Time Events

Around certain times of the year, (such as Halloween, Christmas, and other celebratory holidays) there might be events held with limited time modes. By completing these modes, chances are you might be rewarded with free kits.

For example, around Halloween time the Bed Wars Halloween event took place, which brought with it the limited-time Crypt's Trials game mode. Players that completed this game mode were rewarded with the Crypt kit, a kit that would otherwise have cost them 399 Robux.

Crypt kit

Have a Friend Gift You a Kit

If you have a friend or friends that also play BedWars, then you could try asking them to gift you a kit. If they choose to accept, simply ask your friend to follow the steps given below. If they choose to reject, however, then move on to the next step.

  1. Go to the Kit Shop in a game of Roblox BedWars, the shortcut key of which might be different depending on your settings.

  2. Select whatever kit you want to gift your friend

  3. At the bottom right, you'll see a small gift icon. Click on itkit shop roblox
  4. Select the friend you want to gift the kit to (Either by searching for them by username in the search bar or scrolling down in your friend list until you find them)

  5. Finally, write a message to the recipient if you want, and click on the green gift button at the bottom.

Grind the Battle Pbutt

Finally, the last way of getting free kits is by grinding the Roblox BedWars battle pbutt. Similar to many other games, the BedWars battle pbutt has both a free tier and a premium tier, with the premium tier only getting unlocked for those who purchase it using in-game currency.

However, the free tier also occasionally puts up different kits as rewards for reaching specific tiers. For example, the first battle pbutt free tier alone had the bounty hunter and jade kit for players that reached tier 16 and 30 respectively on the free battle pbutt.Additionally, it's also possible to have a friend gift you the premium battle pbutt by clicking on the gifting button in the shop. It costs 799 Robux, and also grants players 20% XP. If you want more Roblox information that's similar to the content you're currently viewing, then check out how to get free Roblox gift cards.

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