Robux Prices In Roblox: Everything You Need To Know

How much does Robux cost? How much money is a 100 Robux? Find out the latest Robux prices in Roblox!

Updated on Dec 28, 2022
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Robux Prices In Roblox: Everything You Need To Know

Roblox simply cannot be fully experienced without having all the extra benefits that come with Robux, which is why many players decide to invest in this in-game currency and significantly improve their gameplay experience.

Robux was not the first in-game currency used in Roblox; it actually came instead of Roblox points back in 2007. Despite certain modifications and changes in Robux cost, Robux remains the main currency of Roblox, and all the premium items can be bought exclusively using this currency. 

So if you're keen to purchase Robux and wondering about how much Robux cost, this article will show you all the latest Robux cost and various ways you can purchase Robux.

Ways Of Purchasing Robux And Robux Prices

Here are all the available ways of buying Robux, including the Robux cost as of this moment, as well as how much do Robux cost when buying them through various methods. While on the subject, it's worth noting that cost of Robuxt may vary slightly over time, so if you purchase Robux now, its price may increase somewhere later.

If you really want to experience Roblox, then you need to purchase Robux.

Purchasing Robux Directly

There are two “official” ways this can be achieved; either through a website or through Robux in-app purchase. The mobile app supports minor purchases, while the web browsers on PC, macOS, and Xbox consoles support huge packs.

Even if you don't own a PC, you should definitely buy Robux through Roblox website rather than an app.

In any case, here is the Robux cost per pack:

40 Robux (Exclusive to the mobile app)$0.49
80 Robux (Exclusive to the mobile app)$0.99
160 Robux$1.99
240 Robux$2.99
320 Robux$3.99
400 Robux$4.99*
800 Robux$9.99*
1700 Robux$19.99*
2000 Robux$24.99
4500 Robux$49.99
10000 Robux$99.99
22500 Robux$199.99
75000 Robux$399.95

* - Available for first purchase only. Subsequent purchases are available after the first purchase.

Furthermore, you can also buy (and sell) Robux from third-party services for a discounted price, but it's a bit involving process because you'll need to create a game pbutt or VIP and link it, after which a seller will buy your listed item and therefore grant you Robux. 

Needless to say, Roblox's commission of 30% is not covered with this method. 

Purchasing Robux Through Roblox Premium Subscription

Roblox Premium is a monthly subscription membership in Roblox, which gives members various benefits and advantages. There are three available perks, each with a different price and features, but they share one thing in common: Free Robux (10%) when buying Robux directly.

These perks include:

  • Premium 450 ($4.99 a month, guarantees 450 Robux monthly) 
  • Premium 1000 ($9.99 a month, guarantees 1000 Robux monthly)
  • Premium 2200 ($19.99 a month, guarantees 2200 Robux monthly)

In addition, here are Roblox Premium bonuses when purchasing Robux:

80 Robux + 8 extra$0.99
160 Robux + 20 extra$1.99
240 Robux + 30 extra$2.99
320 Robux + 40 extra$3.99
400 Robux + 40 extra$4.99
800 Robux + 80 extra$9.99
1700 Robux + 170 extra$19.99
2000 Robux + 750 extra$24.99
4500 Robux + 450 extra$49.99
10000 Robux + 1000 extra$99.99
22500 Robux + 12500 extra$199.99
75000 Robux + 25000 extra$399.95
This is an excellent investement, which you can get through Roblox website or an app.

But other than getting free Robux monthly, depending on the perks, premium members will also receive:

  • Additional 10% when purchasing Robux
  • Discounted Robux cost
  • Ability to sell and trade items
  • Gaining access to DevEx
  • Ability to sell merchandise, plugins, and limited items
  • And many more benefits.

Purchasing Robux Through Roblox Gift Cards

There are several ways you can get Robux through gift cards, and it doesn't necessarily need to be through official means, such as buying from the Roblox website or an app. In fact, you can also get free Robux or even buy Robux through third-party websites and retailers. 


This is how much Robux cost actually.

Furthermore, there are two types of Roblox gift cards: digital and physical. However, physical gift cards are always a bit more expensive due to the printing, shipping, and other costs, so the digital version is more cost-effective.

The prices of Robux gift cards are:

800 Robux$10
1200 Robux$15
1600 Robux$20
2000 Robux$25
2400 Robux$30
3200 Robux$40
4500 Robux$50
6000 Robux$75
10000 Robux$100
12000 Robux$150
16000 Robux$200

Stay Away From Free Robux Generators

Lastly, we'd like to conclude our article with one significant warning: stay away from so-called free Robux generators at all costs! You've probably been able to visit websites that offer Roblox gift cards and free Robux using their generators, but 100% of these websites are fake, without exceptions.


Yeah, you can even get one million Robux this way.

Not only can you compromise your data and lose your account forever, but you can also lose even more than that, depending on how advanced the "generator" is. Even though they all offer free Robux, you should know that it's a trap that you don't wanna fall into.

Hence, the most reasonable thing you can do is use the legit methods, consider the Robux cost and buy Robux or get free Robux through alternative methods. If you're experiencing issues buying Robux, check out our guide on how to quickly fix the error.

Also, check out our articles on the top-rated sites to buy and sell Robux, and the best giveaways, where you can get Robux for free.

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