How to Equip Titles and Banners in Rocket League

Here's a simple guide for you on how to how to equip titles and banners in Rocket League.

In Rocket League, cosmetics are arguably just as important to a player as scoring crazy goals. The game plays host to a number of great car models, decals and other cosmetics. However, there are certain cosmetics that are specific to your profile which can really enhance your online presence. We are of course talking about banners and titles in Rocket League.

How to Equip a Banner in Rocket League

So, you might have acquired quite a few of these cosmetics if you have played for a while. However, you may be unaware of how to equip these items. Well, we are here to help you jazz up your Rocket League profile. Here is a quick guide on how to equip a banner in Rocket League:

  1. Navigate to the main menu screen and select ‘Profile’
  2. When in the profile menu, select ‘Choose banner’.
  3. When in the following menu, simply choose the banner you want from your collection and this will equip your banner.
  4. If applicable, beside the ‘choose banner’ option there will be an option to change your banner’s colour. So change this to suit your preference if needed.

How to Equip a Title in Rocket League

Then here is a quick guide on how to change a title in Rocket League:

  1. Navigate to the main menu screen and select ‘Profile’
  2. Beside ‘Choose Banner’ there will be a fill colour icon and a tag icon. Select the tag icon.
  3. Select the title that you wish to use and this will equip the title to your profile.

What are Banners and Titles in Rocket League?

As mentioned, these are online cosmetics that allow you to change how your profile shows on screen when in lobbies and during goal replays. A banner is essentially a custom graphic showing some cool artwork alongside your name. These come in both static and animated varieties. Then a title is a tagline that appears beside your name. For example, this might be a word like ‘Maestro’ or ‘Rocketeer’ for example. These are great ways to express yourself online and if you get a chance to equip a fancy or stylish banner/title, we would urge you to take it.