[Solved] How to Fix Lag In Rocket League

Lag issues ruining your Rocket League experience? We've got you covered, Here are some of the best solutions to reduce lag in Rocket League.

Updated on Aug 21, 2023
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[Solved] How to Fix Lag In Rocket League

What causes lag in the first place?

Lag issues can occur for multiple reasons. It may be simply because your PC does not have the specific requirements for the game, making it prone to frame skips or another common reason could be that your internet service provider does not have a stable connection. This applies to most games you play, especially online games. There are some exceptions and if you're sure that the problems mentioned above are not the reason for your Rocket League lag issues, then keep on reading!

Update Graphics Card Driver and Network Driver

This is a very simple yet ignored problem with a lot of PC players. An outdated graphics card driver or network driver can cause issues such as FPS drops and also lag issues that can disrupt your gaming experiences.


In order to update your drivers, you can do so by visiting the manufacturer's website and updating or installing the latest version of the driver to your windows system.

Repairing/Verifying Game files

Often times when you install various mods and plugins into your games it can sometimes corrupt your game files causing issues such as lag in the game. Fortunately, there is a fix for this as you can repair and verify your game files in your Steam or Epic Games Launcher.


Follow the steps below to repair your Rocket League Game files:

  1. The first step is to navigate to the game in your Library and click on the three dots or right-click on the game icon.
  2. Click on the drop-down navigation and click on "Manage"
  3. Next click on "Verify" from the list of options shown to you.
  4. Launch your game after the verification process and check if your issues are solved.

Check the status of Rocket League Servers

Rocket League servers may sometimes experience downtime due to maintenance or some other issues. This is common not only for Rocket League but a lot of other online games too, resulting in packet loss, lag spikes, fps drops and other lag issues.


Make sure to keep a lookout for the Rocket League server status by following Rocket League updates on social media.

Close all Tabs and Running Applications on your System

Another way to fix lag in Rocket League is to make sure you're running only Rocket League, either on your console or PC. Too many games and other applications, especially Chrome tabs if you're playing Rocket League on PC, take up a lot of RAM on your system, causing your game to perform badly.


This is a very common issue, especially for PC players cause we think it's the graphics settings, in game settings, network drivers, internet speed/connection issues and so on that cause lag issues that ruin the Rocket League experience, but actually, the solution can be as simple as mentioned above.

Play on the lowest-in-game settings

If none of the things mentioned in this article work, then the next step is to try and lower your in-game settings to the lowest possible. This is because playing on the highest graphics settings, for example, can reduce your frame rates making Rocket League lag very badly.


This is a sacrifice some players take in order to fix lag in Rocket League, but it also serves its purpose by making the game run a lot better. Your game might look worse, but you can try to make it look better with some amazing paint jobs!

Change your Server Region

A major reason why players experience lag problems or high ping is that they're playing in a faraway server region from their own. Unless you have a strong VPN service that can smoothly run your game (NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost) in other regions, make sure to select the server closest to your own location.


Hope you this article solves your lag issues in Rocket League and helps you improve your gaming experience. If you enjoyed this article make sure to check out our article on how to pinch in Rocket League.

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