How to Easily Get Free Steam Games [5 Working Ways]

Getting free Steam games isn't all that hard. Doing tasks with Freecash and waiting for limited free releases are 2 ways to get paid games for free on Steam!

Updated on Dec 22, 2023
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How to Easily Get Free Steam Games [5 Working Ways]

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Get Steam Games That are Already Free to Play

First and foremost we have to mention that Steam already has a lot of good free games already. There's a dedicated section in the Steam store under "Categories" for free-to-play games. From there on, you can find free games that interest you and play them to your heart's content!

Steam Store Free To Play Games Category

If you think that the free games on Steam are boring, you'd be shocked. Even some of the best Steam games are totally free to download and play! But if you don't like those free-to-play games all that much, then even paid games can be gotten on Steam for free.

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Follow Limited Releases Where Paid Steam Games Become Free

Every once in a while for a limited time, some paid titles become free-to-play games on Steam! So what you can do is follow what games become free on Steam on a weekly or daily basis. Then you can get those free games in your Steam library to keep them on your account. There are sites or subreddits like FreeGameStuff that often post a limited free-to-play game on Steam

Steam Free Games for Limited Time on GX Corner

The best way I'd recommend you follow limited free games on Steam though is through the OperaGX browser. In the GX Corner menu, there's a section included for free games that are available on Steam or some of the other best Steam alternatives for a limited time.

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Do Easy Online Tasks on Freecash for Free Steam Games

If you can't wait for limited games or get free-to-play games, then consider doing online tasks and surveys for free Steam keys and wallet credit. There are lots of services and apps that offer these kinds of things, like Freecash! There you'll be doing tasks that pay coins which you can exchange for Steam gift cards to redeem on your account and get free games.

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Freecash is an entirely safe and legal offer wall and get-paid-to site that offers various payout options and a really attractive coin exchange rate compared to its competitors.

Payout Options
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There are other services that offer you to do tasks for free Steam keys and gift cards, though you won't go wrong with Freecash. But if tasks don't suit you, maybe you can get free Steam games and redeem gift card codes by playing even more games!

Steam Games for Free By Doing Task Offers on Freecash

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Play and Boost People in Games for Steam Wallet Credits

When it comes down to how to get free Steam games, being very good and strong in other games can actually help you out in easily getting a free game. That's because there's an option to coach and boost other players in games for free games, Steam keys, or even money! You can use a site like PlayerAuctions to offer your boosting services to get some free Steam games.

Steam Free Games by PlayerAuctions Boosting

You can also create and sell accounts on games you're strong at to get yourself a free game from Steam. Besides free Steam games though, this way you can also get and download DLC content on your Steam account!

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Participate in Online Steam Game Giveaways

Finally, one of the harder ways to play Steam games for free is by participating in giveaways. There are many Discord communities and sites like FreeSteamKeys that offer giveaways for free Steam keys, a free game, or even Steam wallet credit! The hardest is the chance of winning the giveaway since a lot of other people already participate in them to play games on Steam for free.

Steam Free Games for Keys in Giveaways

And that's everything you need to know on how to get free Steam games. Once you get some Steam keys to play games for free, they'll remain in the Steam library forever. So don't worry about uninstalling Steam games, or even any other free-to-play game, as you won't lose them on your Steam account!

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