The Best Bangalor Skins in Apex Legends that will make You stand out

Bangalore has a lot of skins at her disposal, and today we’ll show you her best ones.

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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The Best Bangalor Skins in Apex Legends that will make You stand out

Bangalore was among the first legends to ever appear in Apex Legends. Her military background is what inspired her default skin, and Respawn Entertainment expanded upon her upbringing and profession in numerous ways. The rise of Apex Packs gave way to the popularity of skins in Apex Legends, and with that came a whole pack of skins for Bangalore as well.


The Viceroy skin for Bangalore was released as part of the Grand Soirée Event in July 2020, and it’s a legendary rarity skin. 

The Viceroy skin is one of the most popular Bangalore skins out there right now. Many people choose this skin due to its clean and royal aesthetic. Now, the majority of the outfit is adorned in gold, and it’s the main color that accentuates the rest of the matt black on the outfit. What honestly sells this skin is the way the design and color pattern were paired, giving it an African royalty vibe. Not much can top this skin, and it is recommended if you want to become the Apex Legend in style. 

Crimson Queen

The Crimson Queen skin for Bangalore was released as part of the Season 8 Anniversary Collection Event in 2021, and it’s a legendary rarity skin. 

The Crimson Queen is another one of those highly sought after and liked skins in the Apex Legends community. This outfit screams raw and brutal, giving off a very distinct and unique look. The design plays into different aesthetics. First off, the main design plays into the survivalist/hunter cliche, with the top part being covered in a coat of thick fur. The other defining aspects of this skin can be seen in the form of the various claw patterns that cover most of the lower parts. Let’s not forget that the entire outfit is adorned with trophy skulls and teeth.

The Enforcer 

The Enforcer skin for Bangalore was not a part of any specific event, and it’s a legendary rarity skin. 

The Enforcer is one of the original legendary skins for Bangalore, and it manages to stay relevant despite the constant arrival of new skins for Bangalore. The name for this skin says it all. It’s much more similar to the default Bangalore skin in terms of design, but that’s also the reason why many players choose it - it’s a better version of the default outfit. The color pattern compliments the outfit, and the badass visors successfully complete the look. This skin is required for the Cherry Bomb. It’s also not the rarest Bangalore skin, but it’s still decent. 

Radical Action

The Radical Action skin for Bangalore was released as part of the Apex Legends Season 8 Mayhem Battle Pass, and it’s a legendary rarity skin.

This skin is our personal favorite on this list, and it doesn’t get too much recognition in general. First off, Bangalore’s hair is one of the main things Respawn changes when creating skins for her, and to be honest this wasn’t one of their best choices. But, it isn’t too bad and still fits the theme. The actual selling point of this skin is the army design that it drew inspiration from. The bandolier that she wears with this skin is a nice little touch, and the camouflage pattern also does a great job of cementing the authenticity of the design.

Apex Overdrive

The Apex Overdrive skin for Bangalore was not a part of any specific event, and is a legendary rarity skin.

The Apex Overdrive skin is by far the most iconic skin for Bangalore, and it’s not a new skin. Just like with The Enforcer skin, it has managed to withstand irrelevancy and become a very loved skin throughout the Apex Legends community. It’s no surprise why people prefer this skin over many others - it’s not too complex, yet still creative. We were debating on if we should’ve put the Super Soldier skin from the Apex Legends Bangalore Edition instead of this skin, but we concluded that this skin was better due to its general availability. 

Just like Bangalore, the starting legends like Wraith, Lifeline, Bloodhound, and Gibraltar also have quite a few good-looking skins under their belt, and sometimes it's nice just to stick to the basics. Post-launch legends are and will always stay viable in-game, and their legacy will hopefully never be forgotten. Lists like these are what we pride ourselves on, and we’re intent on not only showing you the best Bangalore skins, but also presenting you with the top skins in all of Apex Legends. With all of that being said, we hope you enjoyed our list of the best Bangalore skins in Apex Legends.

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