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The Best Apex Legends Reticle Crosshair Colors

This guide will talk about some of the best crosshair colors you can choose in Apex Legends to gain every competitive edge possible.

Updated on Nov 28, 2022
The Best Apex Legends Reticle Crosshair Colors

Sometimes tweaking the smallest settings to your liking in an fps game can have the most positive effects on your gameplay. Apex pros believe that changing the colors of your crosshair can greatly improve your ability to see and track targets in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends allows you to change the crosshair color settings in many different ways via the settings menu. Today, we are going to share some of the best crosshair colors in Apex Legends being used by players all across the globe. We hope one of these colors matches your playstyle and elevates your game to the next level!

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Neon Blue

In case you are wondering; how to get a blue crosshair in Apex Legends, we’ve got you covered. A very cool and light color that should easily be distinguishable in all color blind modes as well.

RGB Hex Code: 13 255 254

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Dirty Orange

Despite being a dark shade, orange easily pops up on your screen and can be used to easily track targets, even at longer ranges.

RGB Hex Code: 255 125 13

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Bright Yellow

A personal favorite, this shade of yellow is pleasing to the eyes and helps you easily follow fast-moving targets against any type of background.

RGB Hex Code: 255 227 13

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Baby Pink

This is probably the most bright crosshair color you can choose in Apex Legends right now and is widely used by streamers, pro players, and casuals alike.

RGB Hex Code: 255 49 193

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Bright Purple

A rather unique reticle color, that turns out to be quite good even when used with different Colorblind modes. Kandydrew has been seen using this reticle color off and on.

These crosshair color settings might not suit everyone as there are a lot of purple and blue tinted backgrounds in the game which make it very difficult to track enemies in certain situations.

RGB Hex Code: 191 94 255

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Parrot Green

A nice, vibrant neon green reticle that should be very easy on the eyes and pop even if you are aiming directly at green surfaces like grass

RGB Hex Code: 62 255 19

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Burning Red

This is a very safe crosshair color to fall back to and is often used by streamers like iitztimmy & Hiswattson. A bright red reticle that should be clear as day for everyone, under any fighting condition.

This red crosshair is slightly more bright compared to the default crosshair color settings which make it pop a bit more, making it easily visible.

Hex Code: 250 0 0

How to Make an Invisible Crosshair in Apex Legends?

Good news for Pc Users! If you want to take things even further and decide that you are too good to have a crosshair color, fortunately, there is a way for you to make an invisible crosshair.

Just follow the steps mentioned below and you’ll easily be able to make an invisible reticle. And no, this one doesn't involve the launch options.

[Save a copy of your original file, or remember its value in case you want to revert]

  • Navigate to C:\Users\username\Saved Games\Respawn\Apex\profile

  • Open the file

  • Scroll down until you can locate (reticle_color "value")

  • Change the value to "-5 -5 -5"

  • Now, close the file

  • Right click

  • Head to Properties

  • Tick the Ready Only box

  • Select Apply & Close

How to Make a Your Crosshair Glow in Apex Legends?

Respawn Entertainment has prevented players from adding glows to the outer edges of their custom crosshair by not allowing any color values above 255 to be entered into the Hex Editor. So, there is no way for console and PC players who don't want to mess with their launch options and config files to make a glowing crosshair in Apex Legends.

Invisible Crosshair

The only way to do it is by going to the launch options of your Apex Legends client [Either Steam or Origin] and entering +reticle_color “hex code”. Using this launch command will force the game to boot with whatever hex code you enter & then it can even be any number above 255.

The Firing Range

The best place to see how the selected crosshair color settings look and feel would be the firing range in Apex Legends. You can spend as much time as you want and try out all the different reticle color combinations mentioned above.

Firing Range

You can even test each crosshair configuration with every weapon in the game while sliding, jumping, and using your abilities. Practicing in the range ensures that you are fully ready as you jump into the Ranked Leagues of Apex Legends.

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