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Know how map rotation works in Apex Legends

Got favorite maps in Apex Legends? Then it's vital to know when you will land again on a specific map as per the map rotation schedule.

Published on Dec 08, 2022
Know how map rotation works in Apex Legends

It's no secret that Respawn Entertainment makes sure that each season in Apex Legends brings map updates or a new map to keep the momentum. Being unable to choose a specific map to enjoy the gameplay, players have to be on alert when their favourite map shows up in map rotations after a countdown.

Hop into your favourite map without wasting time or get to know which location your team is set to combat by figuring out how map rotation works in Apex Legends and we've got you covered.

What is map rotation?

Apex Legends does not let the players choose a map at any given time depending on their preferences. Instead, maps are in a rotation where each map is available for a specific period of anywhere from 30 minutes to one and a half hours in each game mode. Each map, visible in each mode displays a timer that runs down to show up the next map in the rotation.

Simply, if the current map in pubs or ranked is not your favourite, you have to wait until the timer resets to the next map in the line.

How to check the map rotation schedule?

Apex Legends map rotation is specifically varied for the two game modes, Battle Royale and Arenas. Click on the icon highlighted on the lobby screen to navigate to the game modes.

Apex lobby screen

You can view all the modes along with their active maps' names and their respective countdowns.

All modes

Battle Royale Mode

Play Apex

Respawn Entertainment has introduced four big maps for Battle Royale by the time of the dawn of season 14, Kings Canyon, Storm Point, World's edge, and Olympus. But only three maps are available in the map rotation of the mode while the other map is "vaulted" for Pubs and Ranked matches in a new season.

Having new map updates by transforming the classic map into a reforged Kings Canyon was the spotlight during the launch of Season 14 alongside the other two maps, Storm Point and World's Edge. So, the map receives various changes or new map features in the map rotation for the first one or two weeks in the current season to let the players be conversant with it. However, map rotation features only one map at a time which displays the time left to be swapped with another map. No map will ever be repeated again in a row.

Usually, each map rotates after a specific time, anywhere from one to two hours, more importantly, none of these time intervals nor the maps lineup are fixed in any given season.

Ranked Leagues

Each Apex Legends Ranked Leagues season has two splits where two Battle Royale maps rotate in each split. The updated map or the new map of each season is among these two maps. Kings Canyon is for the first split and Storm Point is for the second split for the Ranked Leagues of Season 14 in Apex Legends.

Since the duration that it takes to swap the other map depends on the split and usually takes days, unlike the Play Apex Mode, you have no choice but to wait longer if the current map is not your favourite.

Arenas Mode

Five maps, Party Crasher, Phase Runner, Overflow, Encore, and Drop-Off are in the map rotation schedule for Arenas. However, the two modes, Ranked Arenas and Unraked have different map rotation schedules where each map rotates after 15 minutes for Unranked while it takes 40 minutes for Ranked.

However, it's important to note that none of these map rotations makes you swapped into the next map scheduled if the countdown of the map you are in is over in the middle of gameplay.

Apex Legends map rotation tracker

If you are so obsessed with specific maps in Apex Legends it's quite frustrating to open the game and jump into the lobby, just to check which map is currently active. Unfortunately, even the Apex Legends official website or any in-game feature doesn't give a clue to determine which map is displayed for a given time.

Thanks to the Apex community, a map rotation tracker has been built to come out of all these odds. Though this awesome tool is widely used, we cannot determine how accurate the given information is.

map rotation tracker

The map rotation tracker helps to track down Apex Legends map rotation for pubs and Ranked, more importantly without requesting your identity. It's just one click ahead to access this website and you can acquire any type of information on scheduled maps that are in the rotation.

Core features

You can simply view which map is currently active, and its countdown until it gets replaced with the next map and upcoming maps for any given mode. Just click on the menu button displayed on the top right corner of the page to navigate to your desired mode.

Upcoming maps and menu

You can easily navigate through pubs and Ranked modes for Battle Royal and Arenas just by clicking on the "Ranked" or "Pubs" buttons displayed under the timer.

If you want to check which map is going to be active for a specific time in your desired game mode, the "Check Map" feature comes in handy to do your job in no time. Just navigate to the mode and click on the button "Check Map" and enter the date and time accurately to track the map which is active on the given timestamp. This feature is not available for Ranked Leagues.

Check map feature
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