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Will Apex Legends ever bring back Battle Pass Skins?

Did you miss catching up on any old Battle Pass Skin in Apex Legends? Find out whether you could see them again in the in-game store!
Will Apex Legends ever bring back Battle Pass Skins?

Same as any other free-to-play, battle royale game, Apex Legends Battle Pass rewards unique cosmetic items, trackers and more exclusive for each season. But you have to purchase Apex Coins in order to buy the Battle Pass and level up on the Battle Pass prize track to unlock the rewards.

Why are Battle Pass rewards exclusive?

If you purchase a seasonal Battle Pass in Apex Legends you can simply own all the rewards exclusive for the current season. This means generally you have no options to acquire them again nor will reappear in the Store again in future.

But what if you've missed one of the best Wingman skins of better iron sights from a previous Battle Pass and waiting for it to reappear in the Store again? However, want to explore more Skins in-style? We have compiled a list of the best Skins in Apex Legends for you!

Battle Pass skins may come back in future!

The Apex Legends community was continuously raising controversial feedback on certain exclusive cosmetic rewards like Skins from previous Battle Passes to be available again in future seasons. Because they considered the Battle Pass Skins rare as they are a limited commodity for a particular season.

Unfortunately, Respawn Entertainment officially stated previously that all seasonal Battle Pass rewards excluding the content dropped from the Apex Packs, would never come back in future until the Season 11, Escape.

You can easily find such an announcement published on the Season 1, Wild Frontier from their official page.

However, the good news is, EA has finally decided to change this restriction by changing certain terms of the Battle Pass FAQ section in their official FAQ site.

Thanks to developers of EA, now you can grab your favorite past Battle Pass Skins that you missed, in future limited-time events or promotions. None of the old Battle Pass rewards have ever returned to the game before Season 11. Having said that, were you able to acquire the rewards of old Battle Passes after Season 11? Let's find out!

Has any Battle Pass Skin ever come back in Apex Legends?

Spending a few dollars to obtain the Apex Legends Battle Pass is definitely worth your effort as you have bragging rights of owning unique Legendary original Battle Pass Skins to play in style.

Though Respawn Entertainment has officially stated that they may come back in the future, there were only a few occurrences where recolored versions of Skins appeared in time-limited events after Season 11, proving that they are still rare. However, in this way, old Battle Pass Skins can still remain unique and distinct from the new skins.

The Golden Week Sale vs Legacy Battle Pass Skins

The Golden Week sale which was a minor event during the Season 12, was such an example for an occasion that featured some of original Skins from the Battle Pass and Genesis Collection Event during Season 9 as coming back. However, they are not just recolored versions of originals but certainly look alike from each other being retouched along with a few modifications to preserve the uniqueness of the original Skin.

You can consider this as the first appearance of old Battle Pass Skins in a limited-time collection in Apex Legends. So, keep a note about the items available in limited-time events to catch what you missed in old Battle Passes while they last.

Let's comprehend how the comeback of Skins differs from its original Battle Pass Skins of Season 9, called Legacy!

"Demon's Whisper" Wraith's Skin

One of the Legendary Skins from the Legacy Battle Pass was Demon's Whisper Skin of Wraith.

The demon mask of the original Skin of Wraith has been moved to the face in the comeback version, "Demon Within" which was featured in the Golden Week Sale. Other than that, you can notice the identical features of both Skins while the colors and some textures are slightly different.

"Crafty Kitsune" Rampart's Skin

This is the other original Legendary Skin of Rampart, Crafty Kitsune, from the same collection of seasonal Battle Pass Skins in Legacy.

"Sly Fox" Legendary Skin of Rampart in the Golden Week Sale is the comeback of original Skin from the Legacy. The major difference that you can notice is the fox mask being moved from the shoulder of Rampart's Crafty Kitsune skin to the face in the Skin that returned to the event.

However, just like the comeback of Wraith's Legendary Skin, some details of the Rampart's Skin have also been modified to keep the prestige of the original Skin.

Horizon's Skin, "Rising Storm" is also a reshaped version of the original Legendary Skin, "Galactic Guardian" that was featured in the Genesis Collection Event during season 9. The mask which is on the original Skin of Horizon was closed in the comeback version, while other details of the Skin have been recolored.

So, keep your hopes up about your favorite Skins to feature in future events of upcoming seasons, and make sure to check the rotations of the direct-shop store often.

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