The 15 Best Call of Duty Maps of All Time

One of the core components of the Call of Duty formula is the maps, and there have been some amazing ones. But from Rust to Shipment, which ones are the best?

Updated on Mar 25, 2024
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The 15 Best Call of Duty Maps of All Time

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Hunted | Black Ops 3

Introduced in Black Ops 3, this map is one of the best due to its ingenious use of the improved BO3 thrust jump mechanic, making it part of the map flow where to control mid you had to jump across a chasm.

One of the larger maps, this map had great flow, some cool mechanics, and a decent environment, with chasms, waterfalls, and more.

Hunted COD map

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Raid | Black Ops 2

Raid Call of Duty Map

Set in a luxurious mansion, Raid is one of Black Ops 2's best maps, while Black Ops 2 is one of the best Call of Duty games of all time.

Players will need to look out for snipers of course - peeking down the swimming pool, roundabout, or central courtyard without thinking could make you liable to a cheeky headshot.

But so long as you avoid being sniped, this map has a great deal of flow and fast-paced gameplay, making it one of the most fun maps to play in the Call of Duty franchise.

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Strike | Call of Duty 4

Strike COD map

Easily one of the best Call of Duty maps in terms of flow, this map for COD 4 may seem basic, with the classic shot-up houses and Middle Eastern streets.

However the excellent use of chokepoints and uniquely-placed high ground makes this map a blast, and one of the most fun to play.

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Slums | Black Ops 2

Slums COD map

Set in the slums of Panama, this map was introduced in COD Black Ops 2 and is one of the best maps in terms of balance, with opportunities for long-range, mid-range, and close-quarters gunfights.

A mid-sized map, there are plenty of chances to play both as a sniping role or as a run-and-gun player, and both are equally as fun.

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Hackney Yard | Modern Warfare Remastered

Hackney Yard Call of Duty Map

A new map released with the amazing 2019 reboot of Modern Warfare which features in our best COD games of all time list, Hackney Yard is the most reliably fun new map in the game.

Even while following the three-lane principle, this map offers tonnes of hiding spots, sniper lodges, side routes, and extra cover to create a truly memorable map.

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Express | Black Ops 2

Express COD map

All aboard the LA Express! This map, introduced in Black Ops 2, is one of the most intense maps there is, with lots of tight spaces for players to hide in, and lots of routes to run about the map.

Excellent for S&D, Express is easily one of the best maps for those who love that intense action and constant gunfighting Call of Duty is known for.

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Summit | Black Ops

Summit COD map

One of the most well-known and atmospheric maps, Summit is built for agile players will lots of mobility, with as many places to run as there are to be shot from.

With almost no opportunity for camping, this map is the best because of both its iconic winter theme and its fast-paced gameplay.

8 /15

Crash | Modern Warfare 2

Crash Call of Duty Map

Crash is many a COD veteran's favourite comfort map, and one of the most iconic maps there is. Not necessarily the most competitive, the flow on this map along with the number of awesome parkour spots takes it onto this list.

Whether it's running along the helicopter rotor blades, sliding in-between buildings, or raining down bullets from a rooftop, this map has some of the best multi-directional play of any COD map.

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Brecourt | Call of Duty 2

Brecourt Call of Duty Map

Originally created for Call of Duty but perfected in Call of Duty 2, the entire map is actually based on a real-life military engagement - the Brécourt Manor Assault. Make sure to read our article on some other real-life Call of Duty map locations if you like Brecourt!

Usually the bane of a COD player's existence, avoiding the constant sniper fire is what made this map so much fun.

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Cliffside | World at War

Cliffside Call of Duty Map

Unique in some ways due to the way this Call of Duty map uses elevation, this map is truly one of the best COD maps because of one word: trickshots.

While a very fun map to play with the challenge of assaulting up the hill with little cover, the trove of trickshot locations provided is really what puts this map on the list, with the infamous bounce glitch being infamous in COD communities.

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Nuketown | Black Ops

Nuketown Call of Duty Map

One of the more famous Call of Duty maps, and surprisingly one of the smallest (read about the smallest Call of Duty maps for a full list), Nuketown has been in almost every Black Ops ever released since its creation in Black Ops 1.

The bright, colourful aesthetic is something unique to Call of Duty, while it's limited areas for cover ensure that players have to be non-stop moving.

This creates an environment of constant, fast-paced gameplay, making it one of the best COD maps ever created.

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Hijacked | Black Ops 2

Hijacked Call of Duty Map

While there have been several ocean-based COD maps since, Hijacked from Black Ops 2 was the first, and almost unanimously considered the best.

This map is built for everyone, with its simple yet elegant level design providing opportunities for both snipers and methodical players, as well as rushers and quickscopers.

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Rust | Modern Warfare 2

Rust Call of Duty Map

By having great cover scattered everywhere, and the most advantageous spots atop the middle structure being horrifically exposed and vulnerable, this map is perfectly balanced and a great bit of fun in almost any game mode.

Whether you're challenging a friend or collecting dog tags, this map is a COD fan-favourite, and easily one of the best maps ever made.

14 /15

Terminal | Modern Warfare 2

Terminal Call of Duty Map

One of the bigger maps on the Call of Duty roster (more on COD's larger maps in our article on the biggest maps in COD), this map was torn straight out of the awesome campaign.

With loads of different areas to explore, sniping spots, and of course sneaky places to parkour onto - famously the wing of the aeroplane, this map is a blast to play. 

15 /15

Shipment | Modern Warfare Remastered

Shipment Call of Duty Map

Possibly the simplest, and almost definitely the best map ever made in Call of Duty, shipment is what Call of Duty is meant to be. Sure, large sprawling maps can be fun, but the chaos of shipment will never really be topped.

With multiple different lanes, elevations, and hiding spots all stuffed into a tiny square map, you are guaranteed to have a good time.

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