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CS2 (CSGO) Overpass [Map Guide & Callouts]

Overpass is a large map with lots to learn. If you want the best strats, nades, tactical options + callout map, you need this guide. ?️Free cheat Sheet

Updated on Oct 18, 2023
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CS2 (CSGO) Overpass [Map Guide & Callouts]

About Overpass

Released during the 2013 Winter Offensive update, Overpass was the first brand new Bomb Defusal map created for competitive play in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Valve themselves created this map and has mostly left it untouched since creation. So far, only a handful of minor bug fixes have been released in updates for this map along with the addition of the ability to play a 1v1 mode to warmup when playing Wingman.


The map is set at a canal overpass in Berlin, Germany with a park built above it as well. The theme is set around the Terrorists attacking a military shipment or attempting to destroy the Overpass itself with the Counter-Terrorists trying to defend it the area. While the map is new, it's similar to the older maps in CS2 (CSGO) due to the multi-layered structure and overall variety of types of spaces it utilizes.

Overpass Callouts (overview)

While the Overpass map looks quite large, it only has around 46 callouts due to the fact most locations have a single name without names for hiding spots or rarely used spots.

This can make Overpass a tricky map to learn at times as there can be a lot of describing involved for callouts to explain where you and the enemy are on the map. Despite this, Overpass does have quite a simple layout overall.


Overpass is split into an upstairs Park area and the downstairs overpass which looks more like a construction area.

Bombsite A is found upstairs which is more exposed and nest to the CT spawn while Bombsite B is downstairs along with the T Spawn area. Different stairs connect the two places however, most are small making them easy chokepoints.


The CT Spawn is also next to a ledge that allows sight down into Bombsite B. While it's possible to look down over the ledge from the upstairs Park area down into the Overpass for sniping, the person is also risking being shot by other players from other locations on the map. Here is an overview of the other CS2 (CSGO) Map Callouts:

There is no traditional “Mid” on this map where players need to control it to win. Instead, the Mid can be found upstairs in the Park and while it can be a fighting area, this is not typically a critical area to hold. Overpass also lacks a “Top Mid” and “Low Mid” unlike most maps and the middle area of this map isn't too clear which is why Mid might look a little strangely placed when looking at a layout of the map.

Bombsite A

This is the least popular Bombsite to take on this map due to the positioning of it. It's situated at the top of the Park and right next to the CT Spawn in a very open area. Different paths are leading to it, however, those are also quite exposed and while it's possible to come from behind Site A via the stairs that go into the Storage room, this involves going past Bombsite B to do.


While this is the most awkward Bombsite to take, it's still possible with the right tactics, strategies and tricks.

How to defend Bombsite A on Overpass

Bombsite A is a difficult place to attack due to the positioning and as the CT Spawn is there, it's reasonable to assume that most Attackers will be avoiding this one. Overpass typically has Attackers rush Site B instead since they are closer to that area and it's easier to place the bomb.


Due to this, most of the team will move to Site B but holding Site A is still important. A good location to set-up is at the Bank where a dumpster can be used for cover. The Bins behind Site A and next to Bank is also a good place to hide but snipers can also use it to watch Site B too. The Bank and Bins side connects to a staircase leading down towards Bombsite B and while those stairs could be a risk for flanking, it's unlikely to happen unless the Terrorists control Site B. Attackers would mostly come from the front and through the open pathways which are easy pickings, however, smokes and flashbangs would make it even harder for them to progress.


It can also be a good idea to have a player close to Mid so they can smoke out the Connector if they hear any players coming that way. The Connector is the main pathway upstairs into the Park that most Attackers will use.

How to attack Bombsite A

Site A has a lot of angles to clear since Defenders can hide using the different areas at the back, the boxes on the side itself and other objects there. To cut the Defenders on the site off from the rest of their team, Terrorists need to smoke grenade the back areas of the Bank and the back of the site as well. After doing this, the Attackers can rush onto the site to plant the bomb and planting it between the two green boxes opposite the site entrance when coming from Mid is the best location.


It is possible to go from Mid and into A Long to attack from that pathway instead, players can use the Bench there to throw a smoke to block the Bank area. This is tricky to do but works well in conjunction with another player on the other side throwing a smoke to block off the other part of the site. Once the site is suitably smoked, there are few hiding spots for Attackers to use other than the boxes on the site and the Van. It's best to plant and kill enemies as quickly as possible using the smoke as cover or by throwing in a flashbang as well.


The Connector is an important area that connects the Lower Tunnels to the upstairs Mid area close to the Toilets. Terrorists must control this area if they want easy access up to the Park portion of the map. While this is mostly a travel area there is usually some fighting here as Defenders typically try to prevent Attackers from pushing this area.


To reach the Connector, Terrorists need to take the first left after leaving their spawn to enter the Upper Tunnels. Going to the far right gives access to a Ladder that leads into the Lower Tunnels and from there, a path into the Connector. Terrorists can also take the first left path in the Upper Tunnels which leads upstairs also to the Playground and Fountain area. Going up the Fountain stairs leads to Mid as well and on the right is the entrance to Connector. This other pathway can be useful for flanking any potential Attackers trying to hold the area.


Counter-Terrorists would need to go from their spawn at Site A using either of the main paths towards Mid. Taking the A Long route can use the Long Toilets to reach Mid faster while the A Short side can also cut through the Toilets to reach Mid faster.


The raised metal platform at Site B is known as Heaven and it overlooks the entire Site B area.


It can also provide some small glimpses of other areas as well due to the height and is usually controlled by Defenders due to their spawn location.


The area is connected to the CT Stairs leading to the back of Site A which also leads down towards the Walkway.

Bombsite B

Most fighting will take place around Bombsite B due to the layout of the map and there are various vantage points onto this area as well. Because of this, different areas are important to take control of if you want to defend or attack this area safely.


Site B is found on the bottom layer of the map and 'close' to Site A at the top end of the map. Site B is considered to be closest to the T spawn; though the CT Spawn is also quite close, Defenders need to rush down several flights of stairs and around more corners than the Attackers.


Coming from the T spawn is quite simple, follow the immediate path round to the Alley and through the door into the Tracks which leads to a narrow path known as Monster. The path opens into the Sewers and behind the Pillar is Site B in a wide-open area. From the CT Spawn, players need to go through the Bank or Bins to reach the stairs close to the Bins which eventually lead down towards Site B.

How to defend Bombsite B on Overpass

Different potential positions can be taken for defending this site but it's also possible to smoke Site B while still at Site A. While Attackers usually go for Site B first, it's still advised to have three players on Site A if possible. One player on site A can still help the team on the lower level with a strategically placed smoke to block off the Monster path to delay Attackers. Different positions can be used to do this but it does take practice to get it right.


On the site itself, however, it's a good idea to have a player on the Walkway/Graffiti area if possible due to the Boost point at Graffiti which should be protected. There is also a Boost point in the Water area next to the Walkway which can be used to climb up into the Walkway area. Attackers that can gain access through this would be able to potentially flank Defenders. Controlling Heaven is very important, the raised metal platform gives a full view over the site B area and losing this can change the game. It can also be a good idea to have someone positioned on here to make callouts, snipe enemies and use throwables. Heaven also has quick access to Site A which is useful but the platform is quite exposed. Attackers also have the chance to kill any player using that platform. Jumping down from Heaven will land the player in the Pit which is a dark area filled with water.


Closer to the site however, the Toxic Barrels towards the back of the area provides a good line of sight to Monster. It cannot see the Sandbags due to the Pillar being in the way but the Sandbags can also be a potential hiding spot for more aggressive players.

How to attack bombsite B on Overpass

When attacking Site B, it's important to bring smoke grenades and to keep an eye out for potential players on Heaven or for throwables that suddenly appear from above. It's a good idea to follow the path around to Monster and to use a throwable on the Barrels to force any player there to move. A Molotov can be useful for this as it also allows Attackers to get a quick kill sometimes. For the site itself, the aim is to smoke B Site so a player on Heaven or the Walkway cannot see the bomb being placed.


From Tracks, taking the first left will lead through a Short Tunnel and into the Water area. Once in that area, there is a Boost box in the far right corner that gives access to the Walkway. Alternatively, taking the right path leads to the Sandbags in B Short with immediate access to Site B. It's a good idea to also smoke the Walkway though it's also possible to use the Boost spot to throw a flashbang over into the middle of Walkway or even to Heaven if your aim is good.


The entire upstairs area is known as the Park and there are callouts for different areas there. There are two areas alternatively known as Lower Park and Upper Park, however.


Lower Park is the area going from between Mid straight to A Short which is close to Site A, it describes the area above where the Jungle/Graffiti on the lower floor.


For the Upper Park, it covers the area known as A Long leading up to the Cafe and coming from the left Fountain path.

Best Nades, Smokes, and Molotovs

Overpass allows for variety with throwable items however, smoke grenades are critical for Attacking both sites on this map. Both teams may find other throwables to be useful as well such as flashbangs or Molotovs for certain areas of the map. Grenade might also be seen to be useful here depending on the playstyle and strategy the team is planning to use.


It's also wise to consider what the plan is for this map since most teams will attack Site B first but it is possible to take Site A first instead. As a result, it can be hard to predict how this map will be played so if possible it should be planned out first. Defenders will find that a variety should be enough to delay Attackers or kill them when they try to push into spaces.Overpass is still a new map to the Counter-Strike series and very unique, not just due to the age but also the structure. While Overpass can have various approach options, it can become very limited depending on the playstyle of each rank tier and approach your team wants to use. There are a lot of places that need to be watched when attacking both Bombsites since there are a lot of angles that can be used against you.

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