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Legendary Eagle

Legendary Eagle (also known as LE) is the fourth-highest rank in the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ranking system.
Legendary Eagle

Is Legendary Eagle good?

Having the rank of Legendary Eagle means being in about the top 10% of all player, so out of 100 random CS:GO gamers you will statistically beat 10. It is really an outstanding rank, and it says about some truly above average skills. Even some pro players like shroud or Hiko had Legendary Eagle rank at the beginning of their competitive career.

Ways to improve from Legendary Eagle

Legendary Eagle is one of the best ranks, but if that's not enough for you, there’s still a lot of work to do.

Keep track of your weekly performance

Make sure you continue to play at a level worthy of your rank. Try to make your worst game this week better than your worst game from last week.

Take a break from the game if you need it

This grind on ranked games can be incredibly overwhelming. If you feel like you've had enough — take a break and do something else.

Practice headshots with a pistol on FFA HS-Only Deathmatch.

Pistol rounds are essential, so do everything you can to maximize your chances of winning it. Playing Headshot Only Deathmatch with guns may not be the most comfortable, but it will give you some good practice

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Play with a pre-made squad that also wants to win

Find a group of 4-6 friends who are also hungry to grow and advance to the next rank in CS:GO. Play together, and keep each other motivated.

Master your favorite maps. Have you got your favorite maps?

Take the time to discover how to be even more effective on them.

Try to come up with new smoke lineups yourself

Spend at least two hours a week practicing old smoke lineups and inventing new ones. You should know very well how many rounds one well-thrown grenade can win.

How many hours do you need to play CSGO to become Legendary Eagle?

Former CS 1.6/Source players will reach Legendary Eagle rank relatively faster, even below 300 hours. However, it's not so easy for the average player; you'll need to play for about 800-1000 hours on average. It requires some real dedication, Legendary Eagle is not for everyone.

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