Is Archon Good? | Archon MMR | Dota 2 Ranks

Everything You need to know about the Archon Rank in Dota 2!

Updated on Aug 16, 2023
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Is Archon Good? | Archon MMR | Dota 2 Ranks

What MMR is Archon?

Archon is the fourth tier in the Dota 2 ranking system, located between Crusader and Legend. Gamers who are in this tier can play almost all heroes on at least medium level. They can seemingly switch from a role to a role without losing a step in their game. Archons are able to dominate the lanes if they have favorable picks and are less prone to mistakes. Players who are in the Archon category will have between 2310 and 3079 MMR. Here is a breakdown of the Archon tier based on MMR:

Is Archon a good rank in Dota 2?

Archon is a very decent rank of the Dota 2, with around 23.69% of all the players in this tier. Archon players are able to adapt to various situations mid-draft and to change their picking decisions. They can also suggest to other players how to properly pick so that the composition is better.


Unfortunately, the players in this tier are still struggling to perform consistently. They usually make a lot of mistakes during the game, including missing the stacks, not warding according to necessity, starting bad team fights, going solo when their hero is ahead in farm and levels.


If you managed to get to this rank, you should feel good about yourself. It is one of the middle ranks showing that your game has improved significantly. At this point, you can regard yourself as an experienced Dota 2 player who can really play the game as intended.

How many hours do you need to play Dota 2 to become Archon tier?

Archon players are really solid at Dota 2. They are already starting to grasp advanced concepts and can do a lot of things properly in teamfights. However, their performance may vary significantly from day to day. They might also struggle when a new meta comes out because, although they might be acquainted with most heroes, they might not be able to adapt quickly to new meta picks.


Most players will need between 1200 and 1800 hours to reach the Archon tier. 

Ways to improve from Archon

Getting to the Legend tier can be an arduous path. To be honest, almost half of the players will never reach this tier. This is where things get really interesting and competitive. In Legend tier, most games feel like a unique experience and a real battle for MMR.

If you wish to reach this following level, you will need to step up your game even more. Here are some things that you should approve if you wish to get to the Legend category:

  • Start using a microphone. Although you don’t necessarily need one to progress (you might not even need it in some upper echelons of Dota 2), having a microphone will significantly improve your odds of success. But, make sure to use the microphone for the right things, not for ragging! 
  • Watch your games and assess performance. Make sure to focus on games where you played really bad, as well as some of your best games.
  • Find the role that suits you. Start limiting your hero pool to achieve more consistency. 
  • Try to limit all your mistakes, especially in late game situations.
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