Is Divine Good? | Divine MMR | Dota 2 Ranks

Everything You need to know about the Divine Rank in Dota 2!

Updated on Sep 18, 2023
Is Divine Good? | Divine MMR | Dota 2 Ranks

What MMR is Divine?

Divine is the seventh tier of the Dota 2 ranking system, located between Ancient and Immortal. Many Divine players create their own teams and participate in the professional leagues. Most of the gamers on this level play Dota 2 every day, for 5 hours and more on average. The Divine tier goes from 4620 to 5420 MMR. Here is a breakdown of the Divine rank according to MMR:

Is Divine a good rank in Dota 2?

Divine tier is the second-best Dota 2 rank, with around 5.18% of all the players in this category. Playing Dota 2 in the Divine tier is an amazing experience, but it can also be an arduous one. The competition is strong, and you need to pay attention to every detail. Small mistakes will be punished, and if you lack consistency, you can easily revert to the Ancient category.


Divine players know almost everything about the game. Oftentimes, the main difference between Immortal and Divine players is in their focus and talent. You might have players who are mechanically gifted, but they cannot penetrate Immortal due to their lack of focus and commitment.


How many hours do you need to play Dota 2 to become Divine tier?

Like with the Ancient tier, you might need several years to get to Divine. Still, there is no guarantee that you will reach it. Some dedicated players are able to get to Divine 1 or 2, only to fall to Ancient. In some cases, a player would need to take a prolonged time away from playing Dota to watch more professional games, so he can try to reach the Divine tier at a later, more mature point.


Most players will need more than 3700 hours to reach the Divine rank (if they reach it). 

Ways to improve from Divine

After Divine, you can only get an Immortal rank, which is the highest tier in the game. Only a handful of players will get to it, and they’re regarded as the cream of the crop. These gamers are elite in every sense of the word, and for a lot of them, Dota 2 is a profession, not only a game

Getting to Immortal will be impossible for most of the players regarding their dedication. Oftentimes, getting to this tier has to do with talent and even age. Here are a few tips that might help you reach it:

  • Play every day, all day long.
  • You might have to prioritize Dota 2 as one of the main things in your life.
  • In your free time, watch professional games so you can learn more about the latest tricks and exploits.
  • Always pick meta and overpowered heroes.
  • Spam up to 5 heroes. 
  • Don’t play if you’re not 100% focused.
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