Escape to Victory — The Top 8 Fortnite Escape Room Codes

There are many good escape room modes in Fortnite such as Dungeon, High Tower and Stranger Things themed games. Check out the best of them!

Updated on Aug 04, 2023
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Escape to Victory — The Top 8 Fortnite Escape Room Codes

Fortnite Creative mode has breathed a new life into Epic Games’ Fortnite Battle Royale. Different game modes like gun game, escape rooms, squid game Fortnite codes have brought a new layer of playability to this Fortnite Chapter. Let’s hop into what the best Fortnite escape room codes are so you can find your way out!

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Dungeon Prison Escape Room - 0893-8977-9494

Dungeon Prison Escape Room is an escape room code that takes place in the dark depths of a dungeon. The muggy atmosphere of this Fortnite escape room will leave you with a phobia of dungeon prisons and haunted castles!


There are a lot of dungeon prison escape room codes, so be sure to use the correct one, 0893-8977-9494. Also, a fantastic skin for this atmosphere would be one of the Best Fortnite Knights Skins.

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Escape the Vampires - 9323-9190-5007

Escape the Vampires is a Fortnite Halloween dream. Combining the already terrifying nature of an escape game, with the further terror of vampires! This escape room code will make you feel like you’re right in Salem’s Lot. Oh, you better look like you belong with a Fortnite Halloween Skin.


The massive haunted mansion filled with vampires will strike terror into your heart! Thankfully, you won’t be worrying about the terror because you’ll be too busy deciphering clues to solve this massive Fortnite Creative mode puzzle. Escape the Vampires can be accessed with Fortnite escape room code 9323-9190-5007.

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Poseidon’s Maze Runner - 5709-3097-8273

This maze runner map combines exciting Greek mythology, with a strong will to escape. Poseidon’s Maze Runner Creative code is a little different than the rest of the maps on this list. Instead of being a single escape room, this maze runner map is an escape game, which is held in a larger Fortnite Creative map.


You’ll find yourself disoriented with no direction from the tall stone walls in all directions. Every turn will look the same, and by the end you’ll be begging to find a way out! Hop into Poseidon’s Maze Runner now with the Fortnite Creative code 5709-3097-8273.

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Farm Escape Room - 1422-5157-5731

Another one of the Fortnite best escape rooms is Escape The Farm, a farm escape room. Since you’ll be on a farm you might consider a Fortnite Animal Skin, in order to fully immerse yourself in this escape game.


This Fortnite escape room code will bring you through a haunted mansion farm house, and make you feel like a maze runner going through the terrifying corn maze! You may be going in as an animal skin, but by the end you might be a Fortnite Food Skin. Input code 1422-5157-5731 to add this farm escape room to your long list of Fortnite escape room codes.

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Agency Escape Room - 2300-3333-2968

Fortnite players can drop deep into the heart of the Agency HQ with the Agency Escape Room Fortnite Creative code. Whether you’re on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or Xbox Series X, we can all relate to the fear of the Agency in Fortnite Battle Royale.


Hop into the Agency’s haunted mansion HQ with the escape game code 2300-3333-2968. Also, you’ll want to blend in to the surroundings, so equip a Camo Fortnite Skin.

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The Yacht Escape Room - 2157-9440-2192

The Yacht Escape Room map will throw you into the middle of the sea and ask you to solve a complex puzzle to beat this escape room map. If you’re up for the challenge, we believe the Yacht Escape Room code is one of the most fun and challenging codes out there.


This Fortnite Creative map is pretty sunny, so you should dress for the weather with the Best Bikini Fortnite Skins on this Fortnite map.

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High Tower Escape 2 - 7459-0705-3637

Here’s a classic escape room code in Fortnite Creative. High Tower Escape, specifically High Tower Escape 2. The High Tower Escape rooms are a series of Fortnite Creative codes that players have been playing through since the dawn of Fortnite escape rooms.


Look at the sheer size of this escape room! You can easily see why players love this Fortnite code. Oh right the code, use escape room map code 7459-0705-3637 to hop into Fortnite High Tower Escape 2.

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Stranger Things Escape Room - 4716-8138-3171

Are you a fan of the hit series Stranger Things? Well, along with an awesome Chief Hopper skin in the item shop, you can play a Stranger Things Escape Room by using the island code 4716-8138-3171. I bet you don’t get that kind of map in Elden ring!


You’ll want to stick with the spooky theme if you use this Fortnite code, so equip one of the Scariest Fortnite Skins, to scare the pants off anyone this Fortnite Season.

What are you waiting for? Put down Genshin Impact and hop into the best Fortnite escape room codes today! Not in the mood for one of the best Fortnite escape room codes today? No worries, like we mentioned before, Fortnite Creative has plenty more to offer! You can check out the Best Practice Courses, and Best Aim Maps to up your skill. Conversely, if you’re after some more fun Fortnite Creative modes check out the Best Fortnite Creative Codes.

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