What Are Crowns in Fortnite? [All You Need To Know]

Victory Crowns in Fortnite are Mythic items that represent significant achievements, earned by winning, eliminating, or placing in the top 10.

Updated on Dec 30, 2023
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What Are Crowns in Fortnite? [All You Need To Know]

What is a Victory Crown in Fortnite?

In Fortnite Battle Royale, a Victory Crown is a Mythic item that represents a significant achievement within the game. Players can obtain a Victory Crown in several ways: by winning a game of Fortnite, carrying it over from a previous match, eliminating a player who holds one, or placing in the top 10 positions in Battle Royale.

Once you've obtained a Victory Crown, it will appear in your inventory. You can interact with it just as you would with any other item in the game. 

This means you have the option to remove the item from your inventory, pick it up off the ground, or even drop it. In the event that you're eliminated, the Victory Crown will drop along with the rest of your loot, ready for another player to pick up and claim

What Does a Victory Crown Do?

The Victory Crown in Fortnite serves two main purposes. The first, and perhaps the most appealing, is that it provides an additional XP boost for typical in-game activities, such as eliminating opponents and securing top positions. 

The other half of the Victory Crown abilities is it gives a ping of your location with a golden glow if you're wearing it when a new storm circle begins. 

This is a negative aspect of the Victory Crown, which is why pros like Edgey or Gronky may opt to drop their Victory Crowns in competitive play.

How to Get the Crown Achievement Emote

The Crowning Achievement Emote in Fortnite is a unique way to showcase your successes. This emote specifically highlights the number of Victory Royales you've achieved while wearing a Victory Crown. When you use the emote, it displays a crown icon accompanied by a number, which indicates your total count of crowned Victory Royales.

Each time you secure a new Victory Royale while donning the Victory Crown, the number shown in the emote will increase by one. It's important to note that this emote exclusively tracks Victory Royales achieved with a Victory Crown. 

Therefore, any Victory Royales won without having a Victory Crown equipped will not be counted in this tally. This distinction makes the Crowning Achievement Emote a prestigious indicator of a player's accomplishments in Fortnite, reflecting their success in more challenging scenarios.

How to Get the Crown Achievement Emote

What Game Mode Can You Get a Victory Crown in Fortnite?

You can get a Victory Crown in any Fortnite Battle Royale game mode. If you're the top team squads, teams trios, win a Solos, or top two in Duos you will get a Victory Crown.

Whether you're playing in Squads, Trios, Duos, or Solos, securing a top position can lead to acquiring a Victory Crown. Specifically, the criteria for earning a Victory Crown are as follows:

  • Top Team in Squads: If your squad emerges as the top team, you will be awarded a Victory Crown.
  • Top Trio in Trios: Achieving the top position in a Trios match secures Victory Crowns for your team.
  • Winning in Solos: A Victory Crown is your reward for securing a win in the Solos mode.
  • Top Two in Duos: If you place in the top two in a Duos match, you and your partner will earn Victory Crowns.

Additionally, there's also a chance to receive a Victory Crown by being a high-placing team in any of these game modes. 

For instance, if your team ranks as one of the top two in Trios, your team may receive Victory Crowns.

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