How to Change Your Name in Fortnite

We'll show you exactly how to revamp and change your username.
How to Change Your Name in Fortnite

For PCs, Nintendo and mobiles, you will be going into your Epic games account to change your display name. For Console players, your Epic Games account does not determine your username, so you will need to change your console gamer tag.

How to Change Your Fortnite Name on PC

For those on PC using the Epic games launcher, changing your display name is a free and simple process. 

  1. The first thing you need to do is login to your Epic Games account which you can access quickly via the Epic Games website.
  2. In the top right of the Epic Games website you will find the "Sign In" button. Click on this and enter the relevant details to login to your full Epic Games account. Once in, you will need to head to the general section to access the relevant account settings.
  3. In the general tab you will find your account info and personal details below. At the top of your Fortnite account will be your Epic Games display name, under your Epic account information.
  4. After you select account information, click on the blue pencil icon besides your Epic Games display name box. This will allow you to change your Fortnite username to whatever you like, so long as it won't get you banned - check our article on how to get unbanned if you get in trouble!
  5. Before you leave the Epic Games website and log out, make sure you scroll down past the display name section to the bottom of the page and click save! Otherwise you may have to go back into account management to change your username again.

How Do I Change My Fortnite Username On Mobile?

The process for Mobile is almost exactly the same as for PC

  1. When accessing your Epic Games account via the web, do the exact same as above to change your Fortnite name, simply replacing any clicking with a tap of your finger.
  2. If you are starting in the Mobile Epic Games launcher, then you will first need to tap your account icon at the bottom left of your screen where a pop-up menu will appear. Just tap the option of Manage Account.
  3. This should take you to the exact same screen as the PC method. Simply tap the blue pencil button beside your display name, which will cause a pop-up to appear.
  4. Enter and then re-enter your new Fortnite name to confirm, and tap the box that says you understand you can only change your username every two weeks. Once you click confirm, that is job done! Your account name should visibly change, and you are ready to face the battle royale with an awesome new name!
How to change your Epic Games display name

How to Change Your Fortnite Name on Xbox

Unfortunately for console players, changing your Epic Games account name is not enough to switch up your battle royale gamertag. This is because for console, Fortnite will display your general console profile in game.

Because of this, players on Xbox and the Playstation network all have to change their usernames via their console, rather than their Epic Games online id.

For the Xbox gamertag, the process is fairly simple, though you may wish to think carefully about your new name. If you are changing your Xbox profile name for the first time, you will be able to do this for free.

If, however, you have already changed your Xbox profile name, there is unfortunately a fee for changing your account info. Though this amount may change over the years, you can expect to pay up to $9,99 for a new display name on your Xbox account.

There are two ways to change your Xbox gamertag, depending on whether you want to do so directly through your console, or via your Xbox web account.

Change Your Gamertag Via Your XBOX

  1. To Change your username via your console, simply press the Xbox button in the centre of your controller. 
  2. With the details now on a side box on the left of your screen, scroll to your profile image at the top left of your screen and select.
  3. Next, select "My Profile" and then "customize profile". From here you can change your gamertag, and thus change your Fortnite name. If the option is greyed out, this may mean you will have to pay in order to change your display name.

Change your gamertag via the web

Changing your gamertag (and thus your Fortnite username) on the web is super easy. 

  1. First, go to and sign in to your account. Here you can check the availability and suitability of the name you want.
  2. If the gamertag is available, go ahead and claim it! The name is yours, and you can load up Fortnite with a brand new display name to go by.

How to Change Your Fortnite Name on Playstation

For those on Playstation, you will need to change your PSN display name in order to get your new Fortnite name.

  1. Once logged into your Playstation home screen, press up on the D-pad to access your icons.
  2. Next, select the settings page. This will be on the far right of your screen, and will appear as a toolbox icon.
  3. From here go to account management, and then account information.
  4. You will then need to select your profile 
  5. Then "online id". Once accepting the terms and services, you will be able to change your PSN id, and thus your Fortnite username.

Just like with Xbox, you may face a small fee if you have already changed your PSN pin, otherwise the first change is free. You can also revert back to previous pins for free if needed.

Changing your name in games can be confusing and frustrating, but luckily for Fortnite we've got you sorted. Check out our articles for other games like LoL, Rocket League, and PUBG to learn how to change your name.

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