How to Get Battle Stars Faster In Fortnite

Here are the fastest ways to unlock the battle pass, and ear battle stars quickly.

Updated on Aug 27, 2023
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How to Get Battle Stars Faster In Fortnite

For Fortnite players looking to get battle stars fast in Fortnite, we have the best ways to level up quickly and get the battle stars you need to unlock all the rewards the battle pass has to offer.

If you want to unlock the entire battle pass's worth of content you're currently viewing in the Fortnite menu, players will need exactly 500 battle stars to your name.

Luckily, as of Fortnite Chapter 3 season 3 players are able to purchase specific items with battle stars from wherever in the battle pass they want. That means no more grinding through levels just for one skin!

What is the Best Way to Get Battle Stars Then?

XP is the name of the game. With the reintroduction of battle stars in Fortnite Chapter 3, the standard way to get battle stars is through levelling up. Players will receive 5 battle stars for every level they go up, making XP the key to the treasure chest of the battle pass.

Is There A Way To Get Battle Stars Without XP?

Other than purchasing battle stars in Fortnite with V-Bucks, (check our article here if you want free V-Bucks!) XP is the only way to gain Battle Stars in Fortnite. Unless of course your friend can lend you some V-Bucks! Read here to learn how to send friends V-Bucks to share the love, or maybe ask for a handout.

How Do I Level Up Quickly?


Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to earn XP rapidly and earn those battle stars fast. With 500 battle stars needed to unlock the entire battle pass, here are the quickest ways to level up and get those rewards!

In Fortnite chapter 3 season 3 you will need to earn 80,000XP for each level up, an increase of 5,000 XP from the previous season. Unfortunately this means those Battle stars have never been harder to get!

Challenges Give Huge XP!


There are hundreds of challenges in Fortnite, and a million ways to earn XP and get those Battle pass stars. The most reliable XP and battle star sources are your daily and weekly challenges, which you can view in your Fortnite menu.

To most efficiently get battle stars fast make sure to complete your daily challenges every single day. A single challenge will reward players 750XP. Don't forget that Fortnite will give daily bonuses of up to 15,000XP for each completed challenge, making them an excellent and consistent way to level up and get battle stars fast.

Weekly quests typically give 25,000 to 50,000 XP, while rewards for cumulative daily quests can reach up to 48,000 XP when all three are completed. Make sure to check our article here for more information on XP gathering in Fortnite.

What makes these even better as ways to get battle stars fast is just how easy they are! Daily quests are typically simple tasks to get battle stars, such as getting a certain number of kills.

Other types of quests can vary, from visiting certain locations to getting kills with specific weapons. It's clear that the best way to get as many battle stars in Fortnite as possible are the challenges.

Playing Well Gives XP - Obviously

Unsurprisingly, the game will reward you more the better you play. Ultimately, in XP earnt and battle stars gained, nothing can compare to quest completions, but Epic Games will always aim to reward playtime.

Every little action in Fortnite will give you small amounts of XP, but the best ways to accumulate large amounts to unlock those stars for the battle pass is to survive and kill.

Eliminations XP

Fortnite gives XP for every kill you get, snowballing with each elimination. One elimination will give you 50 XP, while 3 elims will reward players with 110 XP and 6 kills, a whopping 350! It sounds obvious, but better players will earn XP faster. Don't worry if you struggle amassing kills, there is still one time-tested tactic to try.

Survival XP

That's right, bush camping is indeed an efficient(ish) way to earn XP, and bring you one step closer to getting those items in the battle pass.

While winning the battle royale in Fortnite will give a tidy 300 XP by itself, simply finishing 2nd will give almost as much with 200 XP. Even just finishing 3rd to 10th place will give players 100 XP, so make sure to stay alive as long as possible to collect that XP!

Bring Your Squad to Get Battle Stars


Another way to get battle stars in Fortnite chapter 3 is through teamwork. Gaming with friends is always better, and when it comes to challenges you may find your XP flooding in as you happen to complete many of the joint challenges simply by playing.

Many of the daily and weekly challenges require teammates, and are usually things you will do anyway in game. Just playing with friends can land you mountains of XP, while you have fun you won't even notice the grind!

Save The World Gives Battle Stars?

For those willing to buy Fortnite's solo game, save the world can also provide your overall account with useful XP to unlock those all important battle stars.

That's right! Gaining XP in Fortnite save the world will also contribute to your battle royale level, although you will have to pay to get the Save The World game.

Unless you want to spend real money, XP is the way to get battle stars and unlock all those items on the battle pass you want. Luckily for you, there are plenty of ways to earn XP fast and get the best new skins and items in every new Fortnite season.

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