Elden Ring File Size For Each Platform [Newest Update]

This is how much disk space you'll need to play Elden Ring on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Updated on Sep 18, 2023
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Elden Ring File Size For Each Platform [Newest Update]

Bandai Namco's highly anticipated star attraction was finally released on February 25th, 2023. It took only a couple of days to become the 6th biggest game based on the number of concurrent players on Steam, with mind-boggling 953 000 players! Despite the fact that this game is made in the vein of the Dark Souls series, it has managed to outshine all of the Dark Souls games. This situation is like when a student surpbuttes the master or Darth Vader surpbuttes Obi-Wan Kenobi. So, if you too wish to hop aboard the hype train, you'd probably want to know the download size of Elden Ring first. We are here today to show you the download size for every available platform, so keep scrolling, and you'll get the answers to your questions in the wink of an eye.

Where Can I Play Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is available for:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X/S

Unfortunately for the Nintendo Switch owners, Elden Ring won't be released on this console due to its limited hardware capabilities. Apparently, there is a workaround that makes the game available for Linux, but without official support. As for the macOS users - hard cheese, but they brought this to themselves when they decided not to buy a PC or console.

What Is The Download Size Of Elden Ring?

The download size of Elden Ring ranges from 45 GB on PlayStation consoles up to 60 GB for PC. Keep in mind that this size may undergo a change with new updates since every update brings various tweaks and additional features. Find out how many gigabytes Elden Ring requires for each specific platform in the table below:

You'll need to install Steam in order to play Elden Ring on your PC so that you can count on an extra 200 MB.

Where Can I Download Elden Ring?

You can download Elden Ring on Steam (PC), PlayStation Store (PlayStation 4 and 5), and Microsoft Store (Xbox One and Series X/S). In addition to the Elden Ring Standard Edition, you can also get the Digital Deluxe Edition, Collector's Edition, and Premium Collector's Edition (physical disk for consoles, activation code in a box for the PC). Each non-standard edition features some extras other than the game itself. For instance, depending on your selection, you can get a poster, stickers, hard-cover artbook, digital soundtrack, etc.

Formidable, Yet So Mesmerizing

Elden Ring results from a collaboration of geniuses Hidetaka Miyazaki, George R. R. Martin, and many others who allowed this game to see the light of day. Miyazaki contacted R.R. Martin and asked him for buttistance while giving him all the creative independence. After all, we all know who's responsible for the Game Of Thrones, and undoubtfully, hiring George R.R. Martin was the right call and a ticket to success.


This game isn't made for a broad audience since it's incredibly challenging, unconventional, and skill-based. Defeating even the most vulnerable opponent feels like an accomplishment, not to mention giant bosses. But even so, Elden Ring managed to sell 12 million copies in just three weeks from the release date.

Since this is a modern open-world game, many players habitually buttume it must take copious amounts of storage space. Luckily for all of us, these players are wrong, which you realized if you saw the table above. If you believe Elden Ring's size is huge, what would you say about Apex Legends download size then? All in all, large-sized games are a norm nowadays, and we can't even imagine how large the games will get in the future.

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