The Sexiest and Most Attractive Gods in Smite

Here are in our picks of the prettiest gods in Smite.

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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The Sexiest and Most Attractive Gods in Smite

Let’s talk the aesthetic beauty of some of the gods that are in smite. After all, some gods were renowned for their beauty, and it’s this beauty that drew swarms of believers to them.

To be fair to both sexes, we’ll separate the gods by their sex, that way everyone is satisfied.

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We have to start with the goddess which is renowned for her stunning beauty. Her visage is every definition of the term “godlike beauty”.


It’s pretty obvious then why the ancient Greeks considered her irresistible. I mean, just look at her. She’s beautiful, she’s rich, she’s got …huge tracts of land. Yes. Don’t look too long at her though - you just might find yourself falling in love as well.

Plus, she’s one of the best supports in Smite. What’s not to love about her.

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This next beauty comes to us from Egypt. Neith, the goddess of creation, weaving, wisdom, and war.


Such a venerated goddess, whose capabilities are only matched by her beauty. And she has beauty in great stores. From her proportions to the charming look she has, all the way to the way she moves. She’s a goddess who knows how to use what she has.

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Now, this might seem like a strange choice compared to the previous two entries but hear me out.


The beauty that Artio has isn’t an external one - but an internal one. That isn’t to say that she isn’t a bonny lbutt, she has that in ample stores. She just looks like a nice quaint girl who you can sit down and have a beer with. A lifelong companion, someone whom you can create many cherished memories with. And that, that is mess.

4 /11


I swear, blue-haired girls will be the death of me someday.


Discordia has that je ne sais quoi that makes her attractive. Like the manic pixie dream girl, a girl that superficially looks so attractive - but you know will ruin your life in the long run. So, will you go for it? Do you dare to put your hand in the fire and try something with Discordia? Hey, good luck, it’s your funeral buddy.

5 /11


This next goddess is really hot. Partially because she’s the goddess of volcanoes and fire, but mainly because of her looks.


She has an exotic elegance about her that is just so charming. With a style that is fierce - yet symmetrical. A powerful woman who will burn you if you dare to get close. She also has some pretty cool tattoos, and personally, I love a woman with tattoos.

6 /11

The Morrigan

The Morrigan is the textbook definition of the perfect gothic mommy.


Now that I look back, I can’t believe I said those words. But, let’s be honest - they’re not far from the truth. The Morrigan has a dark and mysterious air about her that makes her all the more interesting. And with piercing eyes that can intimidate all but the braves. Plus, she has some pretty sick tattoos.

7 /11


A man with an imposing stance is always attractive, and Olorun has his imposing stance perfected.


Olorun is the ruler of the heavens and looks the part. With an air of elegance and a dress code that blows everyone else on the list out of the water, he is sure to win over the hearts of a lot of ladies. And if his looks don’t win them over, then maybe being the god of practically everything will.

8 /11


We all know Achilles from his crucial role in the Trojan war, and although he isn’t a god - his beauty sure is godlike.


He has a smile that radiates confidence, and confidence is one of the prettiest traits a man can have. If that doesn’t win you over, then his chiseled abbs might. Come to think of it, his whole body is the pinnacle of human perfection. A body any man would kill for.

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Cu Chulainn

Cu Chulainn has the gall to match even that of Achilles, if not surpbutt it.


This charming young demigod comes to us from the tales of the Irish celts. In them, he is a mighty warrior known to take on entire armies single-handedly. And he knows that himself, just look at his smirk. And I have to say, I’m envious of his deltoids, I wonder what his training split is like?

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Women love a powerful man, and it’s hard to find a man who is more powerful than this mighty king.


The story of Gilgamesh is actually the story of the greatest bromance ever. His exploits with Enkidu can be counted among the most epic in all human storytelling and literature. But enough about his exploits, let’s talk about his looks. His physique is beyond impressive, with biceps the sizes of most people’s heads, he is truly an aesthetic figure to behold. On top of that add the regalia he is adorned with and you have yourself a truly irresistible man. It’s also a bonus that he’s one of the better warriors in Smite currently.

11 /11


Where would King Arthur be without his knights of the round table?


Lancelot is known as King Arthur's right-hand man - his finest knight. It’s rather sad and ironic then that his most capable knight also stole the heart of his beloved Guinevere. And it’s no wonder how he managed to accomplish that feat. With his dashing looks, and his knightly charm, why, he can have any woman he likes. Yet, since he is an honest knight (to an extent), his heart only belongs to one woman. So no luck there ladies.

That sums up the prettiest gods in Smite, but you know what else is mess? Knowing the little details about the game. The best SMITE players in Smite already know them. So why not read up on some Smite tips and tricks - They just might win you the game.

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