How To Quit or Abandon A Quest in Genshin Impact

Not sure how you can abandon or cancel quests in Genshin Impact? We got you covered! Learn all you need to know about quitting a quest.

Updated on Sep 12, 2023
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How To Quit or Abandon A Quest in Genshin Impact

What Are Quests?

In Genshin Impact, quests are categorized into 4 distinct types:

  • Archon Quests resume with the ever-evolving main story of the Traveler and Paimon as they journey through Teyvat in search of the former’s lost sibling

  • Story Quests delve into the individual stories of all the playable characters the game has to offer, giving each their own distinct sense of personality

  • World Quests give insight into the world around you through exploration, which involves meeting new characters, solving puzzles, and uncovering lost treasure

  • Commissions which are akin to daily tasks that allow you to earn some quick rewards, particularly Primogems and Adventure EXP


Regardless of how you play the game, whether it be by only completing daily Commissions or grinding out some Archon quests, remember that progression will always be there.

Can you abandon a quest in Genshin Impact?

While playing Genshin Impact, you can not quit out on quests entirely, but instead can temporarily abandon them in the pursuit of another quest.

In this way, your progress will remain saved and you can pick that quest back up again later, exactly where you left it off.

How To Abandon Quests?

There are two ways of abandoning a quest:

Embarking on Another Quest

Whenever you take up a quest, you start navigating its objective automatically, and a waypoint emerges on the map to show you where to go next. As such, if you then take up another independent quest, you will automatically start navigating it instead.

Hence, in a sense, you have “abandoned” the prior quest and embarked on your new quest.

Stop Navigating Current Quest

To stop navigating your ongoing quest, simply open up the Paimon menu and head into the Quests tab. Here, find the quest you wish to abandon and select the “Cancel Navigation” option to remove any associated waypoints. There should be no active waypoint on your minimap except when you set out on your next quest.


When To Abandon a Quest?

There are various reasons why you may want to put a quest on the back burner in your Genshin Impact playthrough; you may have accidentally started it or even find it boring due to excessive dialogue.

Nonetheless, you are bound to find yourself in these three situations where taking a step back is the normal thing to do:

Time investment

Regarding time duration, quests come in all shapes and sizes, where their rewards usually scale with the time investment needed to complete them. Quests can be stretched out for several reasons, ranging from having too much dialogue to being composed of several sub-quests and requirements.

All in all, if you feel that a quest is getting too long, feel free to pick it back up.

Logistical Limitation

Sometimes you may take on a quest that, although doable, is extremely tedious and challenging at your level. For instance, an NPC may ask you to bring a specific material to advance the quest but said material may be hard to scavenge at your level. Thus, at that point, you would be better off abandoning the quest and resuming it later at a higher level when the required material becomes common.


The same goes for quests pertaining to faraway areas that you should ideally do once you’ve unlocked nearby fast-travel teleporters known as Teleport Waypoints.

Limited-Time Events

It goes without saying, but whenever there is a limited-time event, you should always leave whatever quest you are doing and dedicate all your energy to making the most out of it. In fact, a limited-time event is in full swing now known as Summertime Odyssey, which is taking place on the limited-time map of the Golden Apple Archipelago.

Although limited-time events require a certain adventure rank for participation, they are both very rewarding and fulfilling, particularly when experienced with the community.

What Are the Consequences of Abandoning Quests?

Genshin Impact is fairly forgiving as far as abandoning quests are concerned. Aside from the usual drawbacks you would expect from dismissing a quest mid-way, the game does not impose any worrisome penalties on its own.

If you’ve decided to put a quest on hold while you do some other stuff, there are two major things you’ll face with:

Unsaved Progress

If you back out from a quest and stop navigating before reaching the next checkpoint, all the progress you’d have made after the foregoing checkpoint will be lost. This counts as unsaved progress which would have otherwise been logged had you reached the next checkpoint.

Rejuvenated Enemies

It also goes without saying that if you stop navigating a quest in the middle of a fight sequence, you will have to redo it all over again once you come back to it. Thus, it is advised to finish off any remaining enemies lest they regain their health the next time you encounter them.

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