How to show your Ping in GTA V Online in a few clicks

Everything you need to know about displaying your Ping in GTA V

Updated on Jul 21, 2023
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How to show your Ping in GTA V Online in a few clicks

Can you Display your PING in GTA V Online?

If you want to know how you can display your Ping while playing GTA Online, we have bad news for you. You can’t display your Ping in GTA Online.

Why? The problem is that there’s no Rockstar server holding the player's connection, instead, the system makes one of the players the host of the game session. This network structure is called Per-to-Per, and basically makes an interconnected network between the players, establishing one of them as the game session's host.

So, the network latency of all the other players is based on their connection with that host. For you to have the information necessary to display your Ping in GTA Online, you would need to know the game session's IP address, and that information is given by the Rockstar server system.


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