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10 Best Pink Minecraft House Ideas

If you’re a fan of the pink color and want an awesome Minecraft house designed with pink blocks in mind, then you’re in the right place!
10 Best Pink Minecraft House Ideas

Minecraft is a very sophisticated game. Not only are you given the choice to survive and thrive, but you can also sharpen your creative skills by simply building new houses and structures. 

Creative mode is a godsend when it comes to discovering new ideas for house builds, but if you don’t feel like starting a house build from scratch, then we’ve got you covered. 

Today we’re going to go over some of the best pink house ideas sitting the best  best Girl skins in Minecraft perfectly. 


Modern Pink House

Modern Pink House in Minecraft

Modern homes are always a nice commodity, and being able to have a pink one in Minecraft is nothing short of awesome. Another great thing about this house build is that you don’t necessarily have to adhere to a specific color scheme. 

This link will send you to the original video tutorial of this house idea, where you can follow the tutorial step by step.


Modern Pink Kawaii Mansion

Modern Pink Kawaii Mansion in Minecraft

If you’re playing a world that is centered around a cute Kawaii aesthetic, then this house build is for you! This house build requires you to invest a decent amount of effort into it due to the detailed nature of every room. 

So, if you have a lot of time on your hands and you like this build, be sure to check out the video tutorial.


Pink Minecraft Castle

Pink Castle in Minecraft

This one might not be a proper home, but it can be if you put your mind to making it one. The build itself is nothing extravagant, and you don’t have to be an experienced builder in order to follow the video tutorial.

If you love detailed gardens, then this build will suit you just fine because of how much attention to detail was invested in the surrounding area of the castle.


Cute Pink Cottage

Cute Pink Cottage in Minecraft

Cottages have always had this sense of coziness that few of us can explain, and Minecraft has so many blocks and ways to make cottages feel even cozier than they do in real life. 

This build was made with blocks from a mod, and you can check out which mods were used in the description of the video tutorial.


Easy Pink Modern House

Easy Pink Modern House in Minecraft

This house design is as simple as a build can get, and you won’t really have to spend a lot of time building it in your game. 

A house like this is great for playthroughs where you don’t feel like building anything too complicated, but you still want a beautiful living space. As with every build idea in this article, the video tutorial will be linked here for you. Happy building!


Super Simple Pink House

Super Simple Pink House in Minecraft

Here we have another very simple build that is easy to follow. The design is based on nearly every other normal house design, but it obviously has its own unique flair. 

Although the layout isn’t anything special, you’ll see that a lot of detail goes into miscellaneous exterior and interior decorations. Taking a look at the build tutorial will help you get an idea of how you need to start.


Pink Moon Cottage

Pink Moon Cottage in Minecraft

This pink moon cottage takes a more unconventional approach, and to say it’s unique is an understatement. The main part of this build is the cottage, but the supporting structure is a beautiful pink moon. 

These two structures come together to make a cozy and endearing Minecraft build. The hardest part to build would most likely be the pink moon, but we trust in your building abilities.


Soft Pastel Pink House

Soft Pastel Pink House in Minecraft

This one is also a bit more unique than a regular house, as it’s meant to be designed with materials that accommodate a different climate/environment. 

Once in its finished state, this soft pastel pink house looks as cozy as a cottage, and you can’t deny just how nicely it stands out in the snow. 

The video tutorial on this build is easy to follow, and the creator made sure to explain the building process thoroughly.


Cute Little Pink House

Cute Little Pink House in Minecraft

As the name states, this next house is cute and little - two attributes that a house can never go wrong with. There’s something intrinsically adorable about cute little houses, whether that be in Minecraft or in real life. 

That’s why house designs like this are so popular in the Minecraft community.


Pink Waterfront House

Pink Waterfront House in Minecraft

There’s nothing like waking up to the view of a gorgeous lake, and you can easily make that a reality in your Minecraft world. This pink waterfront house was made with a modern design in mind, so if you’re into modern houses, then this is for you. 

The video tutorial is a bit difficult, but it’s nothing you can’t realistically handle.

That would be all for the 10 Best Pink Minecraft House Ideas and Builds. We hope you enjoyed our list, and that it helped you find your forever home!

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