Best Places To Find Gravel in Minecraft

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Best Places To Find Gravel in Minecraft
Best Places To Find Gravel in Minecraft

Guess it! This block is mostly used in Minecraft and you can't easily find it. Yes, Gravel - is hard to find but has numerous uses as it is the basic source of concrete. As we all know, Minecraft is not Minecraft without concrete. We use it to build houses, kitchens, farms, bridges, and whatnot.

The main reason you read this article is that there is only one way of getting gravel - and that is mine in the overworld and find it on your own. That is pretty exhausting without this guide! So, we cover the exact places that can get you a lot of gravel. 

(When we say, a lot of. We mean it!) Now, let's go to the places that have a lot of gravel!


This is the very first option that came into mind when you heard the word “mining”. And Minecraft is no more different than the real world. So, caves are the best places to find gravel in Minecraft. 


Cave mining is beneficial when you have a lot of time and you are collecting gravel for future purposes. As the gravels are uncommon to find in the caves. But also, it will get you a lot of other precious ores and blocks. but it's best if you are on the monthly mining trip.

Mining a cave is a sensitive play. Make sure there is no gravel block over your head to avoid sudden death.

Water bodies

Small water bodies like beaches and rivers can be good options for newbies who are insecure about their lives and don't want to take big risks.

Water bodies

Mine the bed of beaches and rivers and you can find a usable amount of gravel in it. No need to worry about the suffocation problem or breathing periods in these low-lying water bodies.

Gravelly mountains

What else can you expect from the mountains that have the word “gravel” in their name.

These are one of the best places that can get you plenty of gravel in a short period of time. 

Gravelly mountains

Gravelly mountains have a long range of gravel, stones, grass, and water bodies on them.

So, once you see these gravel mounties you will get a ton of gravel 

Ocean’s bedrock

Normal oceans, deep oceans, frozen oceans, and cold oceans are well known for carrying gravel treasures. You can go deep down in their basements and collect a ton of gravel.

Ocean’s bedrock

Nothing better than oceans, when looking for gravel in bulk, but there are some costs you should bear with it. First, mining in the ocean is slower and secondly, you have to take care of your breathing from time to time.

You can use a potion for night vision and weather breathing that can solve most of the problems that come with ocean mining.

Nether world

If there is any place that produces more gravel than a gravelly mountain - that is in the nether. We call it “Hellish biomes”, this is another place that supplies you gravel in bulk.


You can find gravel chunks near the lava ocean and mine them with your hands or shovel. While walking on them, take care not to fall into the lava - as some gravel blocks do not have any solid block to support, and walking onto them will make you fall into them.

Barter with Piglins

Piglins has been there for you since the 1.16 update, so don't forget to ask them for help. They reside in the crimson forest and nether waste looking to make a trade for you. You can get gravel in exchange for gold ingots with Piglins. 


Just hold the gold ingot near the Piglin. If the Piglins are drawn to you, this indicates that they are ready to barter. Then you drop the gold ingot near them and they will drop an item for it.

The probability of getting gravel is 8% to 10%. So, you can get 1 to 5 gravels in 10 to 12 attempts.

In conclusion, Gravel is, no doubt, the most used item on the list but unfortunately getting it is not easy peasy! Because the only method that can get you gravel is manual mining. So, to ease that hectic time for you, we compiled the best places to find gravel.

In the overworld, you can find gravel beneath water bodies and caves but there are some hazards attached to it.  Gravelly mountains can also be considered as bulk providers of gravel

In nether, you can get gravel near hellish biomes OR barter with Piglins. Your Choice!