Everything You Need To Know About Hoglins

When traveling to the Nether, all creatures can be scary and unsettling. The hoglin is no exception, this guide will tell you all you need to know about this naughty warthog.

Everything You Need To Know About Hoglins
Everything You Need To Know About Hoglins

Where Can I Find A Hoglin?

Hoglins are found in crimson forests in the Nether only, and can’t come out into the overworld or the end (we’ll explore why later).

They are Nether exclusive creatures that spawn in herds of 3-4 and at any light level on most blocks.

These Minecraft mob groups are specifically found in bastion remnants inside the hoglin stables, and rarely in the bridge entrance.

5% of hoglin spawns found in game will be babies!

What Does A Hoglin Drop?

Hoglins drop the following items on death:

  • 2-4 raw porkchop (up to a max of 7 if killed with a weapon enchanted with looting III)
  • 0-1 leather (up to a max of 4 if killed with a weapon enchanted with looting III)
  • 5 experience points if killed by a player or a wolf in the Java edition of Minecraft
  • 1-3 experience points if killed by a player or a wolf in the Bedrock edition of Minecraft

What Are Hoglins Afraid Of?

Hoglins in Minecraft don't like warped fungi, nether portals or respawn anchors and will actively avoid, and even run away from them in the game.

Image showing two respawn anchors in Minecraft

This effect has a 7 block radius. You can craft warped fungus on a stick to easily repel hoglins.

Are Hoglins Hostile? Will A Hoglin Attack You?

Hoglins are a hostile mob in Minecraft, and they will attack you, and any other player within a 32 block radius in survival mode.

Even the baby hoglins will attack any player, however if the player attacks the baby hoglin, the mob will run away from them for a period of time.

An image of a hoglin in Minecraft

An adult hoglin will attack by knocking a target upwards and backwards with a powerful knockback attack, and Minecraft players (and other mobs) will be flung into the air even if they're using a shield.

How Can I Fight A Hoglin?

Hoglins in Minecraft cannot swim, so one of the easiest ways to fight one is to aggravate it and lead it towards water.

Deep water will cause a hoglin to sink, and it will eventually drown.

Image showing a hoglin taking drowning damage underwater

Leading the hoglin into the water with a lead is also a viable option, as hoglins can be leashed even if hostile.

Hoglins also sink in lava, so will take fire damage and die in this way too.

Image shows a hoglin taking damage in lava

While hoglins are 60% resistant to knockback, using ranged weapons are effective against them. 

Be sure not to aggravate one in the presence of other hoglins in the nether, as attacking a hoglin will provoke all nearby hoglins to attack the player.

An image showing 3 hoglins in a house

Leading a piglin to a hoglin may also work, as if a piglin attacks a hoglin first, their uneasy truce is broken and the mobs will kill each other as the hoglin becomes hostile.

Can I Bring A Hoglin Out Of The Nether?

You can bring Minecraft hoglins into the overworld or the end, but it won’t stay as a hoglin for long.

Hoglins that are spawned in via creative mode or transported out of the nether will violently shake for 15 seconds, before transforming and becoming zombified - they turn into  zoglin mobs.

An image of three zoglins ontop of a tree in Minecraft

If a player leashes a hoglin and leads it out of the nether, the lead will break on transformation.

Can You Breed Hoglins? How Do You Do It?

Despite being hostile, hoglins are breedable in Minecraft (they’re the only hostile mob apart from the killer bunny actually able to be bred in the game) and they are bred in much the same way as other creatures are.

An image showing two hoglins breeding

To breed hoglin mobs, you first need to find some crimson fungi:

  1. Gather some crimson fungi from the crimson forest biome
  2. Find two hoglins close together but don’t aggravate them
  3. Approach one hoglin slowly holding the crimson fungi
  4. The hoglin will follow you
  5. When you're closer to the other hoglin, press “use” to feed the first hoglin
  6. Then feed the other hoglin in the same way

Using a pen to do this may help as breeding hoglins is more difficult due to their hostile nature.

Once each hoglin has been fed, they will enter love mode and be ready to breed.

They will automatically path-find to each other and will come together to mate, producing a baby hoglin.

An image showing two adult hoglins and a baby hoglin

A baby hoglin will stay close to its parents and after around 20 minutes, the baby hoglin will mature to an adult. 

The player can give a baby hoglin crimson fungus to speed its maturation up by 10% of the remaining time per feed.

An image showing two hoglins in love mode with a baby piglin in the background

Hoglins cannot be bred when around things they’re afraid of.

How Do You Tame A Hoglin?

While hoglins in Minecraft cannot be tamed in the traditional sense, they can be pacified.

Holding crimson fungi when around hoglins will placate them temporarily, and will allow you to walk around them relatively unscathed.

An image showing crimson fungus in Minecraft

This method only works when not around objects hoglins are afraid of.

Can You Ride Hoglins?

Players cannot ride a hoglin in Minecraft, but hoglins are often ridden by piglins.

Baby piglins can ride baby hoglins when the piglin runs up and jumps on the hoglin to ride it.

Up to 3 piglins can be stacked on top of each other on one hoglin, making a cute (if slightly terrifying) tower.

Other Fun Hoglin Facts

  • Hoglins can hit players through shields
  • Hoglins can also hit players through walls and fences
  • If a hoglin is killed in fire or by lava, it will drop cooked porkchop
  • Hoglins are the main source of food in the Nether, as most other mobs don’t drop items that can be cooked as food
  • Minecraft hoglins are passive on peaceful game difficulty, but don't despawn
  • Adult piglins can sometimes hunt and kill hoglins
  • Baby hoglins are the only mob to grow up and drop experience orbs when killed
  • Hoglins don't like warped fungi because of the smell
  • Hoglins don't like nether portals because of the noise they make (they think its annoying)
  • Baby hoglins don't ever grow up when they’re changed into baby zoglins