What Can You Get From Fishing in Minecraft?

Fishing can be a good source of food, treasure, and, sometimes, junk. This article will tell you all the items you can fish using a fishing rod in Minecraft.

Updated on Jan 23, 2024
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What Can You Get From Fishing in Minecraft?

A fishing rod is one of the early game tools that are very handy, especially in a survival world. You can use a fishing rod to get food, fishing rewards or treasure items, and, in some cases, junk items.

Advanced players sometimes go AFK fishing to farm treasure items in a single fishing spot. This method of treasure fishing involves the use of redstone contraptions.

How To Use A Fishing Rod To Catch Fish In Minecraft

First of all, you need to craft a fishing rod to start fishing in your vanilla Minecraft world. Follow the simple crafting steps below:

Crafting Fishing Rods

You only need these materials to craft a fishing rod:

  • 3 Sticks (2 Wooden Planks)
  • 2 Strings

The crafting recipe is as follows:

  1. Place 3 Sticks in a diagonal pattern on a crafting table. Start from the bottom left corner slot, then middle slot, and finally, in the top right corner slot.
  2. Place 2 Strings on the 2 blank slots on the right column of the crafting table grid.


  1. You now have a fishing rod.

After crafting a fishing rod, head to the nearest body of water and use the fishing rod by throwing (right-click) the fishing line with the red and white bobber or float.

Wait until the bobber sinks, then press right-click again to reel in the fish. The wait time is variable depending on the level of enchantments on your fishing rod.

Quick Tip: You can fish even in a 1-block source of water. Just make sure that natural sunlight can penetrate that water block by removing any block above it or replacing it with glass.

Complete List Of Items Obtainable By Fishing

The items in this list are categorized into 3 sets: Fish, Treasure, and Junk. Here is the complete list of items that are possible to be obtained via the fishing mechanic in Minecraft:

Various Fish


Most of the time, players will catch more fish than treasure or junk, especially if they are not using an enchanted fishing rod.

These are all the various fishes you can get in Minecraft:

  • Raw cod
  • Raw salmon

Raw cods and raw salmons are the most common type of fish you can get. These are good sources of food that you can cook and eat. Other than that, you can also use these raw fish to tame cats.

  • Tropical fish
  • Pufferfish

On the other hand, the tropical fish and pufferfish (item variants) are a bit rarer than the earlier two. They are mainly used for trading with fisherman villagers and feeding wolves. However, pufferfish can also be used for brewing potions of water breathing.

Treasure Items (High Value)


Then, treasure can sometimes be caught while fishing. The rate of finding treasure is drastically increased when your fishing rod is upgraded with the Luck of the Sea enchantment.

These are all the different treasures you can get when fishing in Minecraft:

  • Regular or Enchanted Bows

Aside from fish, bows can also be obtained from fishing. It can be a regular one or an enchanted one. They also have low durability. Nevertheless, you can combine these to create the best bow.

  • Regular or Enchanted Fishing Rods

These fishing rods will usually have random enchantments imbued into them. Though, you can also get regular fishing rods. Aside from that, these rods will frequently have low durability.

An example of this is a mending rod. You can combine it with other rods to have the best fishing rod possible.

  • Enchanted Books

These enchanted books will have a random set of enchantments available. It ranges from useful ones or ones with curses. One of the most prized treasures is a Mending enchanted book. You should look out for these since they greatly upgrade your armor into an automatically repairing one using only EXP orbs.

  • Name Tags
  • Nautilus Shells
  • Saddles

Finally, Name Tags, Nautilus Shells, and Saddles are some of the rarest items in the game. These treasure items cannot be crafted using other raw materials. However, you can also find these items in treasure chests using an explorer map and in chests found in dungeons or mineshafts.

Junk Items (Low Value)


This junk item list does not necessarily mean that the items under this are not useful. They only have low practical value since they are easily obtained or very basic to craft. In some cases, they are only used in specific situations. The only truly junk item on this list is the rotten flesh.

  • Lily pads
  • Bowl
  • Leather
  • Regular Leather Boots (with low durability)
  • Stick
  • String
  • Water Bottle
  • Bone
  • Ink Sacs
  • Tripwire Hook
  • Rotten Flesh
  • Cocoa Beans (Jungle Biomes)
  • Bamboo (Jungle Biomes)

You should note that in some biomes, specifically the jungle biomes, 2 distinct items are included in the loot table. Cocoa beans and bamboo can also be fished out of the water in jungle lakes or rivers.

How To Get Enchanted Fishing Rods

A good fishing rod is an enchanted one. Using an enchanted fishing rod greatly increases the chance of baiting something and fishing a treasure item compared to a regular fishing rod.

These are the following enchantments you can imbue onto your fishing rod:

  • Lure III
  • Luck of the Sea III
  • Unbreaking III
  • Mending

Enchant your fishing rods using an enchanting table and lapis lazuli. To enchant your fishing rod, follow these simple steps:

  1. Make sure you have the appropriate amount of bookshelves surrounding the enchanting table. Do not forget to leave a 1-block space on each side of the enchanting table.


  1. Open the enchanting table interface by right-clicking on it.
  2. Simply place the regular fishing rod on the slot within the enchanting table interface along with the required number of lapis lazuli.


  1. After which, choose which enchantment you want for your rod. You should look out for Lure and Luck of the Sea since they will make your fishing sessions a lot easier.


  1. You now have an enchanted fishing rod.

Lastly, you can combine enchanted books with the specific enchantments you need for your rod using an anvil. Aside from that, you can repair its durability by combining it with a regular one or by killing mobs when it already has the Mending enchantment.

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