How To Make Blue Firework Star In Minecraft

Ever wonder how to decorate your rockets with some blue colors? We got you! In this article, we'll show you how to craft some Blue Firework Star in Minecraft!

Updated on Jan 24, 2024
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How To Make Blue Firework Star In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Blue Firework Star

Blue Firework Star is another variation of a normal Firework Star in Minecraft. They contain a blue color and can be added to a firework to emit the blue light when exploded. Blue Firework Star has medium difficulty to craft since the material it required can be found easily.

  • 1x Gunpowder
  • 1x Blue Dye

How to craft Blue Firework Star in Minecraft

#1 Collect 1x Gunpowder

Gunpowder is the main drop of Creepers, Witches, and Ghasts. Ghasts and Creepers drop 0-2x Gunpowder on death, while Witches can drop up to 5x Gunpowder. And with Looting 3 enchantment, you can get up to 15x Gunpowder.


Gunpowder can also be found in looted chests in structures like Woodland Mansions, Shipwrecks, Desert Temples, and Dungeons. They have a high chance to contain 1-8x Gunpowder.


Alternatively, you can trade 1x Gunpowder with the Wandering Trader for 1x Emerald.

#2 Collect 1x Blue Dye

Blue Dye can be crafted by using 1x Lapis Lazuli or 1x Cornflower. They yield 1x Blue Dye per recipe.


You can find Lapis Lazuli by mining Lapis Lazuli ore underground. They drop 4-9x Lapis Lazuli per ore.


Cornflower is a common flower that spawns in some biomes like Plains, Sunflower Plains, Flower Forests, and Meadow.


#3 Finish off crafting a Blue Firework Star

When you have 1x Gunpowder and 1x Blue Dye, press E to open your inventory and put them in the crafting grid to craft 1x Blue Firework Star.


What is the give command to get a Blue Firework Star?

The command to give yourself a Blue Firework Star is: /give @p firework_star{Explosion:{Colors:[I;2437522]}} 1

Now you have a Blue Firework Star, let’s put it in the crafting grid with your rockets.

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