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How To Make Blue Terracotta In Minecraft

Ever wonder how to craft a Blue Terracotta in Minecraft? Either for building or decorating purposes, Blue Terracotta can do it all. We will show you how!
How To Make Blue Terracotta In Minecraft

Everything you need to make Blue Terracotta

Blue Terracotta is another variation of Terracotta block in Minecraft. While they look more purple, Blue Terracotta still can be good to build your base with. And you can also use them to craft colorful Blue Glazed Terracotta.

  • 8x Terracotta
  • 1x Blue Dye

How to craft Blue Terracotta in Minecraft


Collect 8x Terracotta

You can get Terracotta by smelting Clay in the Furnace. Each clay block yields 1x Terracotta.

clay to terracotta

You can find Clay pretty much anywhere underwater. Recommend biomes are Swamps, Rivers, Lakes, Oceans, and Beaches.

clay in river

If you want to collect a large amount of Clay, finding a Lush Cave is the best option!


Collect 1x Blue Dye

Blue Dye can be obtained by crafting Lapis Lazuli or Cornflower in the crafting grid.

lapis lazuli to blue dye
cornflower to blue dye

You can get Lapis Lazuli from breaking or smelting Lapis Lazuli ores. Mining it with a pickaxe will get you 4-9x Lapis Lazuli while smelting only gets you 1x Lapis Lazuli.

lapis lazuli ores

You can also go on an adventure to look for Cornflowers. They usually spawned in biomes like Plains, Sunflower plains, Flower forests, and Meadows.


Finish off crafting a Blue Terracotta

When you have 8x Terracotta and 1x Blue Dye, right-click the crafting table and place Blue Dye in the middle, then surround it with 8x Terracotta to craft 8x Blue Terracotta.

craft blue terracotta

You can find 1x Blue Terracotta in the desert pyramid.

blue terracotta

Mason villagers also sell 16x Blue Terracotta for 1x Emerald. They need to be at the Expert level to have this trade.

What is the give command to get a Blue Terracotta?

The command to give yourself a Blue Terracotta is: /give @p blue_terracotta 1

Now you have Blue Terracotta, let’s test out some floor patterns with it!

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