How To Make Firework Star In Minecraft

Want to explore your events? Here is a quick and easy guide on how to craft firework stars in Minecraft.
How To Make Firework Star In Minecraft

Everything You Need To Make firework star

To make a firework star, you have to put 1x gunpowder and 1x dye of your choice on the middle row of the 3x3 crafting table. This will get you a basic firework star. You can try out different variations of the firework star with different dyes and items. 

  • 1x gunpowder
  • 1x dye color
  • 1x Creeper head
  • 1x gold nugget
  • 1x feather
  • 1x fire charge

How to craft firework star

#1 Open crafting table

First of all, go near the crafting table and open it by right-clicking on it. This will open up a 3x3 crafting grid that we are going to use. 

Note: Make sure you get extra supplies of the materials as we are going to test all of them. 

#2 Place Items on the crafting table

There are 5 types of varieties that you can use and each one will get you different results. The basic items are 1x gunpowder and 1x dye. When you craft them on the table as shown in the picture below you will get a simple firework star. Place 1x gunpowder and 1x dye on the 2nd row of the crafting table.

You can replace the dye with any color of your choice. In the third box of the table, you can place one head, gold nugget, feather, or fire charge without changing the rest of the recipe. This will add more shapes to the firework.

You can also play by adding glowstone dust and diamond in the next boxes.

#3 Move Firework star

To move the firework star, you can just drag it into your inventory and select it from Hotbar.

What is the give command to get a firework star?

The give command to get yourself a firework star is “/give @p firework_rocket 1”. The firework star is a tricky item to craft but Minecraft always welcomes creativity. So, you can try what works for you.

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