How to increase FPS in Minecraft

Minecraft getting too laggy? Here are some tips to improve you FPS to enjoy your game at full capacity.

Updated on Jan 25, 2024
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How to increase FPS in Minecraft

How can you forget about the FPS rate when you are playing Minecraft. Minecraft is an FPS-dependent game as it needs constant rendering. Each block texture and game graphics depend on the available FPS. So to increase fps either you can change the video settings, and graphics settings or use the best hardware support. Here we will discuss the best methods to get maximum FPS in Minecraft.

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Explore Less


It is best to keep things simple and explore less in Minecraft overworld. If you explore the map, it will be generated into the game memory permanently and will consume the game resources leading to fewer fps issues. This works in both Minecraft java edition and bedrock.

To avoid this issue, limit your world by using the world border command "/worldborder set (SizeInBlocks)". It will allow you to render the limited blocks and once they are stored in your game’s directory, you won’t need to render them each time. Hence you will get the Minecraft FPS boost.

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Minimize Render Distance & Simulation Distance


Render distance determines the area around the player that has to be explored. Usually, 21x21 chunks load in a radius of a player. Rendering distance and simulation distance negatively affects the game FPS.

To minimise the render distance, chunk loading, and simulation distance which will ultimately increase the Minecraft FPS. in-game settings.

You can do it by accessing the video settings. Launch the game from the Minecraft shortcut, once you are in the main menu, open “Options” and then go to “Video Settings”. Here you will find the render distance, chunk, smooth lighting, fluid animation, and other graphic settings.

Render Distance
2 Chunks
Max Simulation Distance
5 chunks
smooth lighting
Max Frame rate
Entity Shadow

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Lower The Graphic Settings


The in-game graphic settings allow you to manually set the quality of individual textures. So, if you are constantly facing Minecraft fps drop or have a low-end PC, use this trick to boost FPS. These settings might debug screen several times.

  1. After launching the game, go to “Video settings” and then go to “Quality” settings.
  2. Here you will find the texture settings. Follow the below table to adjust the graphic quality to boost FPS in game world.
Mipmap Levels1
Mipmap Type
Anisotropic Filtering
Emissive Textures
Better Snow
Custom fonts
Custom colors
Connected Textures
Natural Textures
Custom Sky
FOV Effect


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Animation Settings

Animation like fluid animation, air, and fire also play important role in fps fluctuations. If you have a low-end graphics card or PC, you will get low in-game performance and you won’t b able to enjoy smooth gameplay.

So to change the animation settings, go to the game's options menu then video settings, and then open the animation settings. These animations can be turned off all at the same time or selected manually. So, select the animations you don't want to include in your game.

Water AnimatedOff
Lava Animated
Fire Animated
Portal Animated
Redstone Animated
Explosion Animated
Flame Animated
Smoke Animated
Void Particles
Water Particles
Portal Particles
Sain Splash
Potion Particles
Dripping Lava/water
Terrain Animated
Textures Animated
Firework Particles

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Install Optifine Mod


Optifine is Minecraft’s optimized mod that allow you to run minecraft with much more better textures. It also allows you to enhance the game power manually. It doubles the FPS, make your game smooth by decreasing the lag spikes, enables HD texture support, and enables fast rendering.

By using the optifine, you can configure the important video settings like texture settings, animation settings and debug settings.

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Close Unnecessary Applications


We often don’t know about the running background application. These unnecessary background applications cause an uncertain load on your processor which causes the FPS to drop.

To remove these applications, go to the task manager and look for the background application like other game resources, unwanted Windows programs, etc.

You also have to disable some of the unnecessary startups from the task manager. This is the best way to empty the occupied RAM space and release the extra stress from the processor. You will surely get some Minecraft FPS boost.

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Java Executable Set To "High Priority"


Java is the base platform to run Minecraft. Always set the JavaW file to the highest priority so it may get maximum resources from your PC. To do this, open your task manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc).

Now switch to the “Details” tab and find the file name “Javew.exe” and right-click on it. Once the file is popped up, go to “Set priority” and select “High”. Giving high priority to JavaW will surly increase your in-game FPS.

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Increase PC Performance


Always run your PC at its full potential. If you are using a laptop, follow these simple steps to optimize the power settings to get maximum performance from your hardware. This performance boost might help you get more Minecraft FPS in the game.

  1. Go to the windows search bar and type “Edit Power Plan”.
  2. Here select the “Change advance power settings”.
  3. Now go to the power option file and select the maximum power.

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Overclock Hardware


Overclocking is the ability to run the hardware at its maximum capacity while keeping safety measures. You can use the overclocking techniques for your processor and graphics card. This will allow you to get maximum performance in Minecraft.

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Keep The Drivers Updated


Always the graphics drivers and other video drivers updated. Outdated graphics driver results in low performance and gaming experience. Always check for the graphics drivers if you are facing any FPS drop. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Go to the Windows search bar, search for the “Device Manager” and open it.
  2. Now go to “Display Adapter”.
  3. Select the graphics drivers and press update.

You can also download the latest version from the official GPU manufacturer's website. They provide an automatic driver updater that installs the driver according to pc settings or you can use third-party applications like Driver Easy.

Driver easy helps you in detecting, downloading, and installing the drivers that your computer need. It works for Windows 7, 10, and 11. You just have to download it and run the scan.

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